Twelve types of Australian drivers, which one are you?

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Would you believe there are studies conducted overseas to identify the types of drivers on the roads? In fact, psychologists have studied driver personalities to identify and classify certain driving traits.What’s been discovered is that most people own cars that not only fit their needs, but their personality as well.

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While our research is not quite as scientific as the studies conducted overseas, we think you might be familiar with some of the drivers below. You might even recognise yourself.

 1. The Sunday Drivers
There are those who always travel just under the speed limit, oblivious to the line of traffic behind them. No matter what time of day, or where they’re going, they think they’re out for a Sunday drive in the countryside.

1sunday drivers
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2. The Sophisticates
They turn heads with their shiny cars, dark sunnies, and leather driving gloves. And sometimes they claim more than their share of parking space to protect their investment. Whether you’re a sophisticate driver or other, you’ll also need to protect your investment with car insurance.

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3. The Rock Stars
You can usually hear them before you see them. When they pull up next to you, they’re head banging and playing air guitar, completely oblivious to the audience around them.

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4. The Special People
For some people, rules are meant to be bent or even broken. They forget to indicate, overtake on the inside, or ride in the bus lane.

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5. The Sharks
There are times when it seems the same car is circling around you. These drivers sit on your rear bumper, drive right next to you, or zip in front – making things a bit uncomfortable.

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6. The Road Ragers
Let’s face it, some people undergo a personality change when they drive. It’s best to avoid them if possible.

6roadrager bostonbiker-org
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7. The Rulers
They follow every rule to the letter of the law and sometimes more! They don’t sneak through yellow lights, kindly let in cars from side streets, never barge into a roundabout, and always follow the speed limit.

7rulers theodyssey-com
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8. The Anti-Navigators
Sometimes you know you’re stuck behind someone who clearly needs directions. But they keep driving aimlessly along when they should really look at a map or stop and ask for directions.

8antinavigators dailymail-co-uk - Copy
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9. The Pack Leaders
It could be a host of children or animals, but these drivers always seem to have their hands full with other passengers in the car.

9packleaders dailydoge-org
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10. The Rise ‘n Shiners
Some people don’t seem to be able to finish getting ready at home. You’ll see them shaving the weekend stubble, eating breakfast, or touching up their makeup as they drive.

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11. The Over Stuffers
They might have a couch precariously hanging out the back of the SUV, or a piece of lumber slotted diagonally through the car windows; some people forget the laws of physics and gravity.

11overstuffers rantcars-com
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12. The Back Seat Drivers
We all know them. They’re not actually driving, but they sit in the passenger seat and pass judgement and commentary on someone else’s driving!

12backseat peterhudspith
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