Use Gumtree to Maximize the Winter Months!

Female skier preparing to go cross-country skiing on a sunny winter dayLike it or not, winter is definitely here! And while some grumpily shiver through, buried under a pile of jackets, others enjoy the crisp winter air and cold rainy days. Either way, whether you plan to hide away till summer or embrace the chill, you can find the gear you need for your favourite winter activities on Gumtree.

How do you prefer to spend the cooler months?

If plunging temperatures give you the blues you’re probably going to hibernate for the next few months. No reason to step out into cold if you can stay warm and cosy cuddled up inside! If you’re feeling the chill it’s time to invest in a few things to keep you toasty this winter. Go to Gumtree to stock up on heaters, Snuggies, and electric blankets. And maybe even some board games and DVDs to keep you entertained. Frozen and Happy Feet make for some excellent winter viewing!

You may not be winter’s biggest fan but even the iciest winds can’t keep you indoors! If you prefer to rug up and brave the winter chill, Gumtree’s the place to find the outdoor gear you need; from gumboots, windbreakers, thermals and beanies. And don’t forget to nab yourself a thermos so you’ve always got hot coffee at the ready!

Ever since the Sochi Winter Olympics you’ve been champing at the bit for ski season to arrive. This year you’ll be showing off your gold medal moves and shredding every slope you can find. Before you head to the snow, check out Gumtree for any extra ski gear you need. You can find skis, boots, goggles, snowboards and even snow chains for the drive up the mountain.

If you’re in search of an endless summer, now’s the time to escape! For road trippers heading north, you can find hundreds of campervans and caravans on Gumtree. And for those in search of summer overseas, why not treat yourself to a new set of suitcases for your travels? Bon voyage and we’ll see you back here in September!

With so many ways to pass the time there are lots of things to like about winter. So whether you’re cuddled up indoors with a cup of hot chocolate or out dancing in the rain, take the time to enjoy it while it’s here. Because spring is just around the corner and we’ll be warm again before you know it!

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