Vintage vehicles to buy that don’t depreciate

1967 Ford Mustang

When you think of classic cars, you probably picture the ones from old black and white movies. But in reality, cars have been around since the late 1600’s when the first steam powered transport was presented to the Chinese Emperor. Though they were once a plaything of the rich and famous, just about anyone can afford a car these days.

Despite the fact that for most of us, cars have become a necessity of day-to-day life, there are some cars that are special. In fact, they can be an asset that increases in value, like property, fine art, or a rare wine. You can find vintage vehicles to buy that don’t depreciate in value.

Some can be worth millions, like the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta which sold for over $50 Million at auction in 2014. European cars such as the Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Lamborghini have their place in history as the classic collectibles, but with Australian car manufacturing set to end by 2017, the humble Fords and Holdens could be the collectibles of the future.

While you may not have millions to throw around on a car, you’d be surprised at the affordable vintage vehicles on Gumtree that are likely to appreciate in value over time. If you’re looking to pick one up as an investment, or you’re just a lover of old cars, be sure to look for one that is in good condition, has original parts, and a documented maintenance history. Here are some that are sure to catch your eye.

1973 HQ Holden Monaro Coupe $48,000 
Image credit: Gumtree user

1973 Monaro

This beautiful Monaro is a piece of Australian history that has been lovingly restored.

1977 Chrysler Charger Coupe $35,000 
Image credit: Gumtree user

3-1977 Chrysler Charger Coupe

You can see why this popular muscle car was an award winner in its day.

1980 Holden HDT Brock VC Commodore $55,000 
Image credit: Gumtree user

1980 Brock Commodore

This Tuxedo Black Brock Commodore is truly a rare gem.

1965 Honda Ute $25,000 
Image credit: Gumtree user

4-1965 Honda Ute

This Japanese import made its mark by being longer and stronger than others of its time.

1972 Porsche 911 $92,500 
Image credit: Gumtree user

1972 Porsche 911

Distinctively sporty, the German made Porsche 911 was no stranger to the racing circuit.

1965 Datsun 320 $14,200 
Image credit: Gumtree user

1965 Datsun 320

This sweet little flatbed was popular around the world but rare in Australia.

1967 Ford Mustang $59,800 
Image credit: Gumtree user

1967 Ford Mustang

Straight from the sunny state of California, this hot rod was lovingly restored after being found in a museum.

1956 FE Holden Special $30,000 
Image credit: Gumtree user

1956 Holden FE special

Lovingly nicknamed Lucy, this little beauty was meticulously returned to its former glory.

1993 Mazda RX7 FD $27,999 
Image credit: Gumtree user

1993 Mazda RX7 FD

This cherry red sports car for sale has enough custom inclusions to keep you going all day.

1962 Volkswagen Kombi $83,888 
Image credit: Gumtree user

1962 VW Kombi

Hit the road with some friends in this special piece of motoring history.

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    1. I have a 1977 HX coupe ute. 308 auto.
      Kept in shed last 20 years waiting to be restored but have not got around to it yet.
      May sell at the right price.

  1. My interest is Holden 1975 to 1977 GTS monaro / ute,s / station wagons / panel vans ? I live in Tasmania , the closer the better

  2. I’m currently looking for 1969/70 Ford Mustang fastback may consider a coupe. If the car is right I’m ready to buy.

  3. I have the shell of a 1972 Charger VH Coupe… Unsure of it’s value, would anyone be able to give me a rough idea please…

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