Audi Allroadquattro Review and Specs

Audi Allroadquattro Review


  • A well-behaved, easy-to-handle car
  • Extremely spacious interior
  • Large boot resulting from an extended wheelbase
  • An incredibly fuel efficient 4X4 option


  • Minimal off-road capabilities
  • Can be an expensive option for 4X4 customers
  • Not as stylish as the alternative 4X4 Audi Q Series
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Overview, Look, and Feel of the Audi Allroadquattro

The Audi Allroadquattro was the result of the German car company’s attempt to merge the styling of its A6 with the off-road capabilities of a 4X4. It was introduced in 1999 as an off-shoot of its A6 line as the nameplate for its A6 Avant, and in subsequent generations it added the additional title of “Quattro”, as all models within the line came with the four-wheel drive capabilities the company is famous for. The Allroadquattro name was also added to a later line of A4 vehicles based on the Audi A4 Avant.

The result of the combo is a streamlined 4X4 that isn’t nearly as big or stylish as their counterparts in the Q series from Audi and has limited off-road capabilities, but it more than makes up for that with its incredible fuel efficiency and its pristine handling in less-than-ideal road conditions. Don’t expect to take it that far off-road, but do expect it to handle beautifully on the harshest dirt and gravel roads. The advanced air suspension system allows for greater ground clearance.

It’s a relatively smooth and quiet ride, with exceptional and very responsible handling. The inside is spacious, due to an extended wheelbase, and there’s a vast amount of room in the boot for storage. Passenger room is limited in comparison to some 4X4s, but the extra room from the size and scope of the car itself more than makes up for it. Overall, it’s pretty spacious and offers a lot of convenience for a smaller 4X4, which is another reason it holds a special place for fans of the model.

It’s a pretty expensive option, but fans of the Audi Allroadquattro would be hard pressed to find another car like it. It holds a unique position between a standard Avant and a 4X4, and that has kept it in the range despite the popularity of other Audi models. The A4 version offers a little bit less but is more affordable. With the car’s excellent fuel economy you can expect to save a little on petrol, which might be a draw if you can find an affordable used Allroadquattro.

Audi Allroadquattro Engine Specs and Performance

Early models of the Audi Allroadquattro based on the A6 line feature a 2.7-litre V6 engine and turbo compressor with a multi-point fuel injection system, providing an impressive 186kW of power and 310Nm of torque. It would later offer the 4.2-litre V6 with 225kM and 400Nm of torque. Since 2009 the Audi A4 Allroadquattro Quattro has been offered, with a 2.0 turbo-boosted engine capable of delivering 155kM and 350Nm. It’s incredibly fuel efficient, with a fuel economy ranging around 6L/100km in most models. All Allroadquattros come standard with Quattro four-wheel drive, which contributes to the vehicle’s handling in tough road conditions.

Standard Equipment and Options for the Audi Allroadquattro

The Allroadquattro series doesn’t offer quite as much as some other Audi lines—only one of the currently available new models offers a fully-loaded package—but a wide variety of standard kit is still available, such as power windows, remote keyless entry, electrically-operated tailgate, sunroof, and heated front seats. Other possibilities include sat nav systems. The newest models include options for the Audi 360 Parking System, as well as lane and side assist with adaptive cruise control, although it adds a hefty extra cost to include these extras to the already expensive Audi Allroadquattro. The low-range option available with manual transmission can be chosen at the push of a button in some models.

Audi Allroadquattro's Competition

There’s really nothing comparable to the Audi Allroadquattro. It’s unique among 4X4s in general because of its melding of the standard Audi Avant with off-road capabilities. However, it’s expensive, and those looking for an 4X4 might be more tempted by the Audi Q5, which is a more classic 4X4 that offers a little bit more in off-roading capabilities than its little brother. There’s a hard choice between the A6, which is a little more expensive but can do a little bit more, and the A4.

Buyers looking for a luxury 4X4 may also look at the Volvo XC70, which is also a little bit more of a classic 4X4, offering 400Nm torque. It’s more easily comparable to the Q-series, and its main similarity to the Audi Allroadquattro is a lack of bulk, though it’s not as streamlined as the Audi by any means.

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