Chevrolet Models

Chevrolet Models Review

Chevrolet Review


  • Iconic brand
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable ride


  • Not many fuel efficient options
  • Unappealing designs
  • Lower quality finish and interior
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Chevy's History

The name Chevrolet is synonymous with the American automobile and was first found in the United States in 1911; the year the first Chevrolet car was built by namesake Louis Chevrolet. Louis Chevrolet was an immigrant to the United States from France and was a well-known race car driver in the U.S. who set many racing records at every major track where he raced.

The first Chevrolet auto was assembled in conjunction with partner William Crapo Durant, who was also an auto builder known for bringing to popularity the Buick car brand. Unfortunately, Louis Chevrolet had little faith in the Chevrolet cars and he sold his interest in the company to Durant in 1915. Louis Chevrolet would later come back to his namesake working as mechanic as an employee and died penniless after the Great Depression. Chevrolet merged into the General Motors corporation in 1918 (GM was a company that Durant also started) and subsequently became a well-recognized global brand name; today it is the world's fourth largest. The brand has been successful due to the affordability of the autos as well as performance and the company was a pace setter in the small block V-8 engine.

In modern times, Chevrolet is a pioneer in electric car development introducing the world's first mass produced all electric vehicle. The "Chevy" as it is affectionately called, leads the way with new innovations in car design and alternative fuel development.

Overview of Chevrolet Models

Many of Chevrolet’s cars operate and are manufactured on a global scale, including in Australia. Some of the most well-known Chevrolet brands are manufactured in Australia.

The Chevrolet Volt is a long range electric car, one of the very first electric autos in Australia. The Volt is known for its aerodynamics and three drive modes, including a sports mode that gives the driver a more aggressive feel and performance.

The Chevrolet Malibu is one of the most popular brands. Generally, this vehicle operates with a 2.4L 4 cylinder petrol or 2.0 turbo diesel engine. Other Malibu features include automatic headlights, dual zone climate control and a premium 9 speaker audio system.

Another fuel efficient Australian model Chevrolet is the Cruze. Known as "Australia's Small Car" the Cruze features include MyLink technology, a various range of engines sizes available and several safety features that earned it a five star ANCAP rating. The Cruze comes in three available models: Sportwagon, Sedan and Hatch.

Known as the Barina Spark, this auto stands out for its sporty looks and safety features. Drivers can expect features such as Bluetooth MP3 sound system, a trip computer and plenty of storage space to stow belongings.

Over the years, Holden has sold many of the same models as Chevrolet carries in the United States such as the Sonic, SS, and the Colorado truck. By manufacturing these model cars in Australia, General Motors is able to keep the price highly competitive which appeal to a wide variety of consumers in the country. Holden carries its brand by offering a wide variety of vehicles and also exports some of the most famous American vehicles such as the Chevrolet Caprice PPV (Police Patrol Vehicle). The Caprice is only sold to police agencies in the United States, but this particular model is produced and assembled in Australia.

Chevy's Competition

The General Motors brands have plenty of competition in the Australian market. Ford, Toyota and Hyundai are major competitors for models such as the Malibu. The lineup of Ford vehicles is similar in value and price but lack some of the visual appeal and features of the Holden models.

Major players of late in Australia also include Mazda and Nissan. Recent Australian Bureau of Statistics numbers show that Holden placed fifth in new car sales in the country.

The largest factor facing Chevrolet Holden in terms of competition are the vehicle choices and prices to manufacture the vehicles. If Chevrolet can continue to innovate with vehicles such as the Volt, only time will tell what will happen next.

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