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The average cost of moving homes

from the Gumtree Team

3 Nov 2016 4 mins read

From start to finish, there is a range of costs involved in changing addresses.

Before you put your feet up at the new place you need to think about:

  • Moving services
  • Packing materials
  • Professional cleaning
  • Rubbish removal
  • TV, satellite, telephone and internet set-up

Moving services start from a daily rate of $100. Or if you’re moving interstate or beyond, costs start from $3,500 and up. This setback will depend on furniture type and the number of rooms to get through.

According to Money Saving Guide, most people move on Friday through Sunday. That means you’ll be spending more if you move on the weekend. Moving mid-week will mean more flexible time slots, and saving money. You will also save if you move in the middle rather than the beginning or end of the month.

Professional cleaning services start at $30 and boxes from $50. The more you do yourself the more you can save here . As for clearing out unwanted furniture, you’re looking at around $80-150. Or place your unwanted furniture on Gumtree under the ‘Free’ category. Altogether the average cost of moving homes starts from $200 at a minimum.

Here are some key tips to making your move more affordable:

  • DIY – the more you do, the more you’ll save on services.
  • Car space –  play Tetris in your car, fitting in as many smaller bits as you can. While movers focus on bigger pieces like furniture, you’ll save time and money.
  • Be flexible – be open to moving mid-week, mid-month, and outside of summer to avoid higher rates due to demand.
  • Spring cleaning –  to sell any unwanted clothing, furniture, and more on  Gumtree.
  • Buy on Gumtree – if you’re looking to redecorate the new place, save by finding furniture and other home living items on Gumtree.

Leather & Fabric Chaise Sofa Set – $1,990                                                                                                        Image credit: Gumtree User


Find quality pieces of furniture for your new home – like this sofa set.

IKEA Hemnse Shelving Unit – $55                                                                                                                               Image credit: Gumtree User


Need some where to put the smaller bits and pieces? This IKEA shelving unit can help, and would look good in any room.

Cushion Cover – $30                                                                                                                                                  Image credit: Gumtree User


Gumtree can help when it comes to the finer details too. This grey and gold cushion cover would be a great finishing touch in your new living space.

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