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Kid-friendly Bathroom Designs on a Budget

from the Gumtree Team

20 Dec 2023 4 mins read

Embarking on a bathroom renovation can be a thrilling adventure, especially when it’s about crafting a kid-friendly bathroom that doesn’t compromise on style and luxury. The good news is, you can accomplish this kind of fun renovation even on a modest budget. 

In this blog, we’ll explore innovative, budget-friendly ways to revamp your child’s bathroom. From the playfulness of bathroom walls to the functionality of the bathroom vanity, every element will contribute to creating a space that’s both practical for children and aesthetic for the entire family. 

Designing with Colour and Creativity

Transforming your child’s bathroom on a budget is an artistic journey that blends practical needs with vibrant creativity. This process offers a chance to inject personality and whimsy into a space that’s often overlooked, making the bathroom a delightful part of your child’s daily routine.

Vibrant and Timeless Paint Selections

Choosing the right paint for your child’s bathroom calls for a thoughtful balance between vibrant appeal and enduring style. Here are some colour ideas that can breathe life into the space while maintaining a timeless charm:

  • Soft Blues: Ideal for creating a serene and calming atmosphere, soft blues are reminiscent of clear skies and gentle seas. They’re perfect for a bathroom where relaxation is key.
  • Cheerful Yellows: Bright and sunny, yellow shades can energise the bathroom space. They are perfect for adding a dose of cheerfulness and warmth, especially in the morning light.
  • Earthy Greens: Green hues, particularly in muted tones, bring a touch of nature indoors. They evoke a sense of freshness and tranquillity, ideal for a space where cleanliness and rejuvenation are focal points.
  • Gentle Pinks: For a touch of playfulness, consider various shades of pink. From bubblegum to more vibrant fuchsia, pink tones can add a sense of fun and creativity.
  • Lavender and Lilac: Soft purples, like lavender or lilac, can lend a whimsical and dreamy quality to the bathroom. These hues are soothing and imaginative, creating a space that feels both comforting and inspiring.

If you’re considering a feature wall, select a hue that complements yet contrasts the rest of the room. This could be a bolder or deeper shade of the existing palette or an entirely different colour that stands out as a focal point. For example, a vibrant teal feature wall in a predominantly soft blue bathroom adds depth and interest, transforming an ordinary wall into a captivating element of the room.

Injecting Creativity with Unique Accessories

Introducing unique and playful accessories is an effective way to elevate the bathroom’s charm and functionality. Each accessory not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a burst of creativity and joy to the space. Here’s how you can infuse fun and flair into your bathroom:

  • Whimsical Hardware for Cabinets: Choose cabinet knobs and pulls with unique designs, such as animal shapes or colourful patterns, to add an element of surprise and delight. This simple change can significantly alter the look and feel of your bathroom vanity and storage areas.
  • Fun Hand Soap Dispensers: Select dispensers in vibrant colours or shapes that appeal to children, such as their favourite animals or characters. These dispensers can make the routine task of handwashing more engaging for kids, encouraging good hygiene habits.
  • Colourful Bath Mat: Opt for a bath mat that is bright and cheerful, adding warmth and colour to the bathroom floor. Ensure it has a non-slip backing for safety, especially important in a child-safe bathroom.
  • Neutral Shower Curtains: Balance the playful elements with a neutral-toned shower curtain. This helps in maintaining a stylish, cohesive look. Neutral colours can be easily matched with other bathroom decor, allowing for flexibility in future updates.

By thoughtfully selecting the colour of the walls and choosing the right accessories to update existing furniture pieces, you can create a bathroom environment that is not only kid-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the overall luxury and enjoyment of the space.


Functional Elements for Convenience and Safety

Designing a bathroom that is both luxurious and kid-friendly involves striking a balance between convenience, safety, and style. Here’s how you can integrate functional elements that cater to the needs of children without sacrificing sophistication:

  • Step Stools for Accessibility: A step stool is a simple yet essential addition for helping children comfortably reach the bathroom vanity and sink. Opt for stools with non-slip surfaces to ensure added safety.
  • Low-Hanging Hooks and Bars: Installing towel hooks and bars at a child-friendly height encourages independence and keeps the bathroom organised. These accessible fixtures enable kids to hang towels and robes easily, contributing to a tidier space.
  • Child-Friendly Shower Heads: A shower head suitable for children, like a detachable gentle rain spray model, can make bath time more enjoyable and less daunting. 
  • Non-Slip Bathroom Floors: Safety is a top priority in kid-friendly bathroom designs. Choose non-slip flooring materials, such as textured vinyl or tiles with a matte finish, to prevent slips and falls. These practical flooring options also contribute to the bathroom’s overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Well-Planned Bathroom Lighting: Adequate lighting is crucial for safety and ambience. Bright lights ensure safety during bathroom use, while softer lights or dimmer switches can create a relaxing atmosphere, particularly beneficial during evening routines.

By incorporating these practical and safe elements, your bathroom design successfully meets the needs of a family with children. The space remains not only functional and kid-friendly but also exudes luxury and comfort, making it an ideal setting for families seeking a stylish and practical bathroom.

Enhancing Your Bathroom with Functional and Stylish Furniture

Renovating a child’s bathroom offers a unique opportunity to blend practicality with imaginative design. The furniture should cater to the needs of children while creating a space that is both fun and appealing.

Child-Friendly Vanity Choices

Selecting the right vanity is crucial in a child’s bathroom. It should be accessible, with consideration given to height for younger users. A double vanity can be particularly effective in a family bathroom, providing ample space for multiple children to use the bathroom simultaneously without crowding. In terms of style, opt for a vanity that is not only durable to withstand frequent use but also features a playful design to make the space welcoming and engaging for kids.

Mirrors That Spark Imagination

Mirrors in a child’s bathroom should be functional but can also be a source of fun. Consider mirrors with unique shapes or colourful frames that capture a child’s imagination. In a small bathroom remodel, integrating a recessed medicine cabinet with a mirror can add functional storage without taking up extra space. A well-placed bathroom mirror can also make a small space feel larger and brighter, adding to the room’s sense of space.

Bath and Shower Tailored for Kids

The choice between a bath and a shower can significantly affect the bathroom’s usability for children. A bathtub may be more practical for younger children, providing a safe and contained space for bathing. If space allows, a combined shower-bath is the best option, offering flexibility as children grow. However, safety features like non-slip surfaces and temperature-controlled taps are important considerations, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for kids.

By focusing on child-friendly designs, furniture, and safety features, you can craft a bathroom that meets the needs of your family and provides a delightful space for your children.


Finding Great Deals on Gumtree for a Budget-Friendly Kid’s Bathroom Makeover

When using Gumtree to find items for your child’s bathroom makeover, knowing how to navigate for the best deals is key. Here are some tips to help you find budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on quality or style:

  • Set Up Alerts: Utilise Gumtree’s alert feature to get notifications when new listings that match your criteria are posted. This can help you act quickly on good deals.
  • Be Specific in Your Search: Use specific keywords related to the items you need for your child’s bathroom. For instance, search for “wall tile”, “non-slip bath mat” or “pedestal sink” to filter results more effectively. 
  • Compare Prices: Before making a purchase, compare prices of similar items on Gumtree. This will give you a sense of the market rate and help in identifying a good deal.
  • Haggle Wisely: Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price, but do so respectfully. Sellers are often open to reasonable offers, especially if they are looking to sell quickly.
  • Bundle Items: If you find a seller with multiple items that suit your needs, ask if they’re willing to offer a bundle price. This can often lead to better deals and simplifies the buying process.

By following these tips, you can make the most of Gumtree to find affordable and appropriate items for your child’s bathroom makeover, ensuring you create a delightful and functional space without overspending.