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The Best Cold Press Juicer to Buy for Your Home

The Best Cold Press Juicer to Buy for Your Home.

from the Gumtree Team

17 Jun 2021 3 mins read

Juices are a quick and easy way to get lots of your daily nutrients, especially on the go. Cold-press juicers have surged in popularity with generations of health and fitness fanatics and online shopping options. If you’re sick of spending money on bottled juicers or want to get healthier but don’t know which model to choose, then browse our guide to the best cold-press juicers.

The Trusted One

1. Breville the Big Squeeze

Breville appliances are quality Aussie kitchen staples, so it goes without saying that you can trust the Breville cold press juicer to do basics and do them well. Although it doesn’t come with extra features like many other models, it easily makes all your go-to juices. This is great for someone who wants the plain functionality of a juicer without all the fancy extras. Grab yours today on Gumtree!

2. Russell Hobbs Luxe Cold Press Slow Juicer

Another quality cold press juicer made by a reliable brand, the Russell Hobbs model is more compact than others but still powerful enough for its size and super easy to clean. Because it’s smaller, that means fewer millilitres per use, but you get value for money with a Russell Hobbs cold press juicer.

The Stylish Model

3. Devanti Cold Press Slow Juicer

This cold press juicer model focuses on its look as well as functionality. Coming in three different colours and with a modern design, the Deviant cold press slow juicer has a quiet function and a reverse function. This model also comes with its own cleaning brush, perfect for those narrow, hard-to-reach parts of the machine.

For Functionality

4. Eurochef Cold Press Juicer

The Eurochef Cold Press Juicer is a model that boasts impressive features, with a powerful motor, wide chute and reverse function to prevent clogging. The Eurochef model also has the ability to make frozen fruit sorbets; it can do lots more than your average cold press juicer. It can also automatically expel dry pulp, leaving nothing but clean, fresh juice. If you think this is the perfect juicer for you then browse the listings on Gumtree.

The Premium Buy

5. Mod Cold Press Juicer

This model not only has a sleek and modern appearance but great features, too. The Mod Cold Press Juicer has a wide feeding shoot—perfect to fit your favourite fruits and vegetables—and a strong motor to go with it so that you can juice without fear of ingredients getting stuck. This model can also make sorbets and ice cream for those who want and a cold press juicer plus and a little extra.

6. Hurom H200 Cold Press Juicer

This Hurom cold press juicer is one of the bulkier options out there, but it is so for a reason. Unlike most cold press juicers, this model has a built-in pip container, which means less mess on your benchtops. It boasts a wide chute and is one of a few models that incorporates a complete juicing system of chopping and juicing—less work for you! If you’re set on a more premium cold press juicer the browse Hurom listings.

If you’d like to browse more of the best cold press juicer models you can continue your search on Gumtree Australia.