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Electric & Battery Powered Lawn Mowers—Your Guide to the Latest Technology

Best cordless and electric lawn mowers

from the Gumtree Team

29 Jun 2021 3 mins read

They’re better for the environment, including your little patch of the world. They’re also better for your neighbours because at 75 decibels they’re much quieter than their rowdy petrol-powered cousins. Today’s electric and cordless, battery-operated lawn mowers are lightweight, virtually maintenance-free and easy to use. Here are a few reasons why you should go green on your green grass.

Electric lawn mowers

Because they’re always running on full power, a corded electric lawn mower is great for medium-sized lawns. In fact, they’ll go as far as your extension cord takes you and because they don’t have a heavy petrol motor or weighty batteries, they’re light and nimble as well.


With a 10-m cord you can cover a lot of lawn with the Bosch ARM 37. This lightweight (only 12.5 kg) unit packs a powerful 1400 W motor and a big grass catcher. It has a great height adjustment range from 20 to 70 mm and its inbuilt grass combs give you professional looking precision for the fiddly bits around flowerbeds and borders.

Black & Decker

The icon of the Black & Decker electric range is the bright orange “hover” lawn mower that literally rides on a cushion of air. This manoeuvrability is enhanced by its incredibly light weight of only 7.5 kg, making it easy to fold up and pack away. B&D also has a range of electric garden tools including the Whipper Snipper and Hedge Trimmer to round out your garden shed’s armoury.

Cordless lawn mowers


Ryobi is a leader in battery-powered tools and its One+ Lawn Mower is a great example of that. Incredibly powerful, this cordless electric lawn mower can do a 400 sq m lawn with ease. The battery will power the height-adjustable single-bar blade for about 40 minutes and if the going gets tough you’ve got a second battery waiting to kick in as well.


With two batteries to keep you going and a really broad (430 mm) cutting width, the Makita 18V cordless battery operated lawn mower will cover a lot of ground in less time than its narrower rivals. It boasts 13 different height settings so you can wade through the thick stuff or give the croquet lawn a prim and proper trim.


With load-sensing technology that automatically adjusts power as the lawn conditions vary, the AEG 58V 18-inch cordless mower will get you through the rough patches and back onto smooth undulating lawns. The brushless electric motors are powerful, low maintenance and wonderfully quiet.


It’s a brand as synonymous with Aussie gardens as the Hills Hoist and it’s just as sturdy and durable. The 82V Victa battery-powered lawn mower is made tough with a steel chassis and swing-back blades that will shred twigs and sticks to mulch. The rapid charge batteries take just 30 minutes to reload so the spare will always be there for you.

As simplistic as it is, the sight of a freshly mowed and manicured lawn is immensely satisfying. If you’re looking for a more automatic lawn mower, try browsing the range of robot lawn mowers on Gumtree.