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Discover Gumtree Beach Essentials for the Perfect Day by the Sea

from the Gumtree Team

20 Dec 2023 4 mins read

There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach, where the sun gently warms your skin and the soothing sound of waves creates a tranquil atmosphere. It’s a place where cherished memories are made and worries seem to fade away. But, to ensure each beach day is as blissful as it sounds, being well-prepared is key. 

In this blog, we’ll explore summer essentials available on Gumtree that ensure your trip to the beach is not only fun but also safe. From sun loungers to surfboards, we’ll provide you with everything you need to soak up the sun in style and comfort.

Sun Protection Essentials 

Sun protection is an indispensable part of any beach trip, ensuring you enjoy the sun’s warmth safely. These items are non-negotiable:

  • Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen: A must-have in your beach bag, sunscreens range from high-SPF, water-resistant formulas to lotions suitable for sensitive skin, providing essential protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Remember, reapplication is key, especially after a dip in the ocean.
  • Stylish Sun Hats: Browse through a variety of sun hats, from wide-brimmed options for ample shade to trendy caps, adding both fashion and function to your beachwear.
  • UV-Protective Clothing: For extended sun exposure, opt for UV-protective clothing items, including rash guards and cover-ups. These items provide an additional layer of defence against UV rays while keeping you stylish and comfortable.

By incorporating these sun protection essentials into your beach day preparation, you ensure a safe and enjoyable experience under the summer sun. 


Comfort and Relaxation Gear

For a truly relaxing day at the beach, comfort is paramount. The right relaxation gear, such as portable beach chairs, can make all the difference. Available in a range of styles, from lightweight and foldable designs for easy transport to more luxurious loungers for those who crave a bit of indulgence, a beach chair is your perfect companion for sitting back and soaking in the beach ambience. 

Along with comfortable seating, protection from the sun is equally important. Spacious umbrellas and beach tents come to the rescue, offering ample shade and easy setup to shield you from the midday sun. These beach accessories are designed with both style and comfort in mind, ensuring your beach experience is as pleasant and relaxing as possible, allowing you to fully embrace the joys of a day by the sea.

Recreational Gear for Fun in the Sun

Beach days are a perfect balance of relaxation and entertainment, with a variety of activities that cater to all ages, especially kids. Here are some key recreational items that can add excitement and enjoyment to your day at the beach:

  • Beach Games and Sports Equipment: Equip yourself with a variety of beach games to keep everyone engaged. This can include everything from classic frisbees, perfect for a casual toss on the sand, to beach volleyballs for a more energetic game with friends or family. 
  • Waterproof Speakers: Music enhances any beach setting. Portable, waterproof speakers are essential for playing your favourite tunes without the worry of water or sand damage. Look for speakers with long battery life and Bluetooth connectivity to easily stream music from your device.
  • Surfboards and Snorkeling Gear: For those who love the water, a range of surfboards can cater to various skill levels, from beginners to more experienced surfers. Snorkelling gear, including masks, snorkels, and fins, can open up a world of underwater exploration, especially if you’re visiting a beach with rich marine life.
  • Beach Kites and Wind Toys: Beach kites can be a visually stunning and fun way to spend time at the beach. Wind toys, like windmills or spinning windsocks, can also add a playful and colourful touch to your beach setup.

With these items, your beach day can transform into an adventure-filled outing. From the thrill of riding waves to the simple joy of a game on the sand, having the right recreational gear ensures that every beach visit is both enjoyable and memorable.

Food and Refreshment Solutions

Enjoying a meal by the seaside is an important part of the beach day experience, and having the right food and refreshment solutions can elevate this to a delightful culinary adventure. Portable BBQs and cooking gear have become increasingly popular for beachgoers. Compact and easy to transport, these BBQ sets enable you to grill your favourite foods right on the beach.

In addition to the BBQs, keeping your food and drinks cool and fresh is crucial, especially on a hot day. This is where coolers and picnic baskets come into play. Available in various sizes and designs, these items ensure that your prepared meals, snacks, and beverages maintain their freshness throughout your day at the beach. Whether you’re packing a simple lunch or an elaborate feast, a well-chosen cooler or picnic basket can make all the difference.

With these practical and convenient solutions, managing your dining needs at the beach becomes effortless, making your day not only fun but also a refreshing and delicious experience. 


Efficient Packing Strategies and Transport Solutions

Proper packing and transportation are key to a hassle-free beach day. Gumtree provides several options to help you manage your beach essentials effectively:

  • Smart Packing Techniques: Begin by placing larger items like folding chairs or umbrellas in your vehicle, and then fill the gaps with smaller items such as towels and beach bags. This strategic approach maximises space and ensures everything fits.
  • Collapsible and Compact Items: Opt for beach furniture and accessories that are collapsible and compact. These space-saving designs make packing, transporting, and setting up at the beach much easier.
  • Utilising Beach Bags: A spacious beach tote is a must-have for carrying smaller items. Look for bags with multiple compartments to keep your sunscreen, snacks, and beach toys neatly organised and easily accessible.
  • Transportation Solutions: Consider using car roof racks for bulkier items to save space inside your vehicle. For those walking to the beach, a foldable trolley can be invaluable, allowing you to transport heavier gear effortlessly.

These packing and transportation tips ensure that you can carry all your beach essentials comfortably and efficiently, making your trip to the beach as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

Tips for Sustainable and Budget-Friendly Beachgoing

Opting for a sustainable and budget-friendly approach to beachgoing is becoming increasingly popular and accessible. Here are some tips for an eco-friendly and sustainable trip to the beach:

  • Choose Reusable Over Disposable: Opt for reusable beach items like cloth towels, water bottles, and food containers. This reduces waste and the environmental impact associated with single-use products.
  • Carry a Trash Bag: Always bring a bag to collect your trash, ensuring nothing you bring to the beach gets left behind or ends up in the ocean.
  • Avoid Plastic Bags: Use fabric totes or baskets for carrying your beach essentials. They are durable, reusable, and much kinder to the environment than plastic bags.
  • Participate in Beach Clean-Ups: If you come across litter on the beach, take a moment to pick it up. You can also participate in organised beach clean-up events.

As we wrap up, remember that a perfect beach day is a combination of fun, sun, and smart preparation. With Gumtree, you have access to an extensive range of beach gear, from the practicality of a water bottle and towel to the fun of a waterproof speaker and beach games. So pack your beach bag and head out for a day of relaxation and joy by the sea!