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Ninety six thoughtful gifts under $100

from the Gumtree Team

9 Feb 2016 17 mins read

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be scrambling to think of a gift for that someone special. We’ve put together a list of 96 thoughtful gifts under $100 that are sure to inspire some love. There are countless unique and creative ways to show someone how much they matter. Whether you’re looking for a romantic gift for someone who makes your heart beat faster or something that shows your affection for a loved one, we’ve got you covered. Start your search on Gumtree using the following helpful categories to find gifts that impress while staying within your budget:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Gumtree, the ideas below might just spark your imagination:


Sometimes the most romantic gifts are those that are hand made with love.

1. Picnic
Put together one of those old fashioned picnics; a basket full of her favourite goodies, a bouquet of daisies, some wine and chocolates. Take your valentine to her favourite beach or park, spread the blanket, and just enjoy each other’s company.

2. Recreate a special day
Whether it’s the day that you met, the day you proposed, or some other day in between. Recreate that special day with a scent or a flower or a song that reminds your special someone why they fell in love with you.

3. Record his/her favourite song
You may not be the winner of X-factor, but you can still be a star in your partner’s eyes. Head to an online “studio” and make your own recording of his or her favourite song.

4. Music “playlist”
Nothing makes us more nostalgic than hearing our favourite song. Make your gift extra special by putting together a playlist of sentimental favourites.

5. Love letter
Write him a letter, spray it with your favourite perfume, and post it in the mail. He’s sure to hold on to it forever.

6. Bake a cake
Bake your valentine a cake. Not one of those modern cakes with a glaze or edible flowers. Bake a big moist double layered cake with waves of chocolate frosting on top. You’re sure to be the recipient of lots of sweet kisses in return!

7. Engraved cheese board
Add a personal message to your wooden cheese board and enjoy evenings together with a nice cheese platter with your own personal touch.

8. “52 things I love about you” card deck
Show your partner just how much you love and admire them by giving them a very special deck of cards. On the back of each one, write something that makes them special. It could be their smile, the way they play with the kids, or the goofy things they say.

9. Make a time capsule
It is easy to lose track of the time that you’ve spent together; to remember how you looked or felt and what used to be important. Make a time capsule together and add to it each Valentine’s Day. Each year, take the time to look back and appreciate your time together.

10. Work survival kit
A busy work day means most of us rarely get a chance to speak to our partner during the day. So send them off with a work survival kit that includes some soothing tea, a favourite snack and a love note. They will definitely know how much they’re loved even if they don’t get a chance to speak to you.

11. Spice mix
If your sweetheart loves exotic tastes, fill her pantry with some unusual ingredients from faraway lands. Spice things up by filling little glass jars with star anise, juniper berries, nigella seeds and saffron. She will love your creativity!

12. Kindle book “library”
Load up a kindle with a collection of his or her favourite books. A thoughtful and clever gift.

13. Hand-knitted scarf
This might be an old fashioned gift, but a hand-knitted scarf says just how devoted you are. You would have to be, to spend the time to knit him something to keep him warm.

14. Potted plant
A sweet smelling rose or an elegant orchid could be a sure sign that your love has roots and is here to stay.

15. Write a poem
It seems like such a simple thing, but writing a poem can be very hard work. Don’t go for “roses are red, violets are blue…” Write something from your heart and you will be rewarded with theirs.

16. Scrapbook
Most of us save little mementos from concerts, and shows, travels abroad. Fill a scrapbook with tickets, maps and receipts of all the times and places you’ve experienced and take a walk down memory lane.


A decadent present is not always budget-friendly, but we think these ideas might fit the bill.

17. Hot stone massage
Show them your appreciation by treating them to a relaxing hot stone massage.

18. Silk PJ’s
There is nothing like the look and feel of soft silk PJ’s for looking glam while lounging around.

19. Breakfast in bed
This is definitely one of those treats that no one gets enough of. Surprise him with some French toast, freshly roasted coffee and fresh berries for a great start to your Valentine’s Day.

20. Sheepskin slippers
A pair of incredibly comfortable sheepskin slippers are one of those little luxuries that we don’t realise we need until we have a pair.

21. Mini makeover
You love them no matter what, but a little sprucing up can make anyone walk a bit taller. A new hairstyle for her or some man scaping for him and you’re both ready for a night out on the town.

22. Foot spa
Who wouldn’t love to soak their feet in a foot spa at the end of a long day?

23. Neck massager
A great gift that will leave him feeling calm and relaxed after a long day at work. He might even let you borrow it from time to time.


Form lasting memories with these ideas for things you can do together. You might even learn a new skill.

24. High tea for two
Spend the afternoon window-shopping; then take your valentine out for high tea at a posh hotel.

25. Spanish cooking “lesson”
Learn to cook the perfect paella. Gather all the ingredients, buy a perfect paella pan, find a recipe online and spend some quality time together.

26. Take a waltz dance class
Forget Zumba and Hip Hop, take a lesson or two and learn to do an old fashioned waltz. What a lovely way to get close.

27. Lie down cinemas
Forget uncomfortable seating, enjoy a date at the movies with reclining seats at Gold class, movie beds at Gonvindas boutique cinema or bean bags at outdoor cinemas.

28. His & hers tattoos
Whether you choose to flaunt your love or keep it secret, a matching tattoo will bind you to each other.

29. Fun caricatures
With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, this is the perfect opportunity to hit the markets. There’s sure to be a caricature artist who will bring out your fun side and give you a keepsake of the day.

30. Perfect knit throw
It seems like a simple gift, but a good knit throw is something to be appreciated. Not too warm, not too light, just perfect for cuddling on the couch together.

31. TV/Movie box set marathon
Surprise him or her with a box set of their very favourite series or movie; then spend the whole day in a movie marathon. Add some popcorn, that perfect knit throw and the sheepskin slippers for a perfect day in.

32. Astronomy date
You could do the standard dinner and a movie date, or you could book a session at the local observatory and go star gazing. Much more romantic!

33. French lesson
Get a little taste of the most romantic language in the world. Download an online course or buy a book and CD set. It’s a great way to learn the language of love together.


While the one you love might love you most of the time, there are probably a few other things that hold their affection. So feeding their hobby might score you some points.

34. Mixology set
Let them shine at your next gathering with a mixology set that will make them the cocktail superstar.

35. Calligraphy kit
Does your valentine have particularly good penmanship? Gift them with a calligraphy kit and let them practice their skill. They might even write you a love letter.

36. Canvas and paints
Bring out their inner Rembrandt with a personal canvas and beautiful paints. Or paint a beautiful portrait of your loved one.

37. Tool box for the handy ”person”
A racy red toolbox for the handy person in your life is like the knives for a professional chef. It’s a great way to show how much you appreciate their handiwork.

38. Travel guides
Give your favourite world traveller a guide or two for places they’ve never been. Then plan the perfect trip together.

39. Whiskey and cheese appreciation class
Invite your significant other to a Whiskey and cheese appreciation course to refine their knowledge and experience tasting sessions of their favourites.

40. Personalised BBQ tool set
Gift the man in your life with his very own engraved BBQ tool set. And let him think that he did all the cooking.

41. Home brew kit
Someone who appreciates a good beer will love a home brew kit for crafting their own boutique beer at home.

42. Gelato making class
What better way to celebrate a special day than with lots ice cream with your special one

43. Telescope
A telescope is a great gift for someone who has their head in the clouds. Let them explore the constellations, the rings of Venus, and the shadows of the moon without leaving your side.

44. Noise cancelling headphones
It’s a distinct possibility that you and your other half have very different tastes in music. A set of noise cancelling headphones is a brilliant way for them to enjoy their favourite tunes.

45. Golf iron
You may not understand this elite game, but you’ll surely impress the golf enthusiast in your life with a brand new golf iron.

46. Bluetooth speaker
If your love likes to “dance like nobody’s watching”, then a Bluetooth speaker will make a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. Hook it up to their favourite music device and dance the night away.


Let’s face it, the way to anyone’s heart is through food and these ideas are sure to get their taste buds singing.

47. Flower fruit bouquet
Pick up a bouquet of fruit “flowers” for your valentine or make your own. Put some sweet strawberries, cherries, or rockmelon on skewers and arrange them in a vase. What a sweet way to say “I love you”.

48. Date night fortune cookies
If day to day life has made date nights extinct, bring the fun back with a jar full of date night “fortune cookies”. Have your partner choose a date and spend some quality time together. It can as simple as a moonlight walk or an afternoon drive through the countryside.

49. Box of Turkish Delight
A spin on the traditional box of chocolates, this little confectionary is a perfect representation of Valentine’s Day.

50. Cheese making kit
Just about anyone can make artisan cheese at home these days. Give your sweetie a cheese making kit and whip up some Feta, Haloumi or mozzarella. Add some crackers, a glass of wine, and settle in for your very own wine and cheese party.

51. Chocolate dipped fruit
Don’t be daunted by this delicious creation. Stir some chocolate, dip some lush fruits and nuts, and arrange them on a pretty plate. Your valentine will be duly impressed.

52. Herb garden
A handful of fresh herbs can turn a great recipe into a gourmet dish and your significant other will appreciate popping into the garden for some fresh rosemary or thyme. Grab some pots of herbs from the local nursery and plant a little herb garden.

You can’t go wrong with some bling. But instead of the usual earrings or bracelet, here are some not-so-traditional ideas for something shiny and baubly that is sure to be treasured for a long time.

53. Antique collectable
People collect all sorts of things from die cast cars, tea cups, to antique brooches. You could scour the antique shops and Gumtree to find something meaningful or rare.

54. Wind chimes
Playful and whimsical, wind chimes are a sweet little addition to any porch or garden and a subtle reminder of the one they love.

55. Beautiful vase…filled with flowers
Don’t just buy her flowers. Buy a gorgeous vase and fill it with flowers. Even when the blooms are no longer there, the vase can be a beautiful decorative piece and a constant reminder of the one who gave it.

56. Locket
One of the most romantic gifts of all time, a beautiful locket is sure to make her gasp. Fill it with your photo and you’ll be close to her heart always.

57. Whiskey stones and wine pearls
These clever little jewels are reusable “ice cubes” that keep drinks cold without the watered down effect of melting ice. And they look very stylish.

58. Kaleidoscope
Made of brass, wood, steel, even plastic, these ingenious little cylinders turn colourful shards into ever-changing stained glass windows. Give someone you love this beautiful magical object and let their imagination soar.

59. Gorgeous compact
Gone are the days of the simple round compact. You can find compacts of all shapes and sizes, gothic or romantic, studded with pearls or sleek and polished. There are even compacts for men. So surprise him or her with a compact that perfectly matches their personality.

60. Trinket box
Perfect for holding little treasures or love notes, a beautiful trinket box is always a well-received gift.

61. Crystal decanter
For the man or woman who appreciates good wine, a decanter is a must. Pioneered by the ancient Romans, a beautiful decanter can turn an ordinary wine into something really special.

62. Custom cufflinks
They come in many shapes and sizes and feature beautiful designs. Find some that suit his personality or get them monogrammed with both your initials and he will proudly wear them.

63. Bud vase with a perfect rose
It’s nice to get a huge bunch of flowers, but sometimes it’s even more special to just get one flawless rose. Make sure you put it in a perfect bud vase.

64. Sterling silver candle holders
Nothing sets a romantic scene as well as candle light. Go for a tall elegant holder or an ornate carved holder, drop in a candle and set the scene.

65. Custom earrings
Show her how much you care by designing earrings for her, to match that elegant gown for that special night.

66. Fairy lights
Make a wonderland with fairy lights under the branches of an old tree and watch her look of wonder as she walks through.


You don’t have to splurge too much for a truly unique gift that some might consider a little bit quirky. But we’re sure they’ll be remembered for a long time to come.

67. Buy a piece of rainforest
For the greenies among us, the opportunity to secure the future of some native rainforest could be just thing to show you care this Valentine’s Day.

68. Name a star
Wouldn’t it be cool to look to the heavens and actually mean it when you say, “I love you to the stars and back”?

69. Message in a bottle
Conjure up romantic visions of being shipwrecked on a desert island together with this heartfelt message in a bottle.

70. Personalised scent
Custom blend a scent that captures your partner’s essence, and you’ll have a gift that’s uniquely theirs.

71. Pet rescue
Extend your love to an animal that needs rescuing and give them as much care and attention as you give each other.

72. Bonsai tree
Proving the saying that ‘good things come in small packages’, a beautiful little bonsai tree is the ultimate artistic expression of love and care.


Nothing says love more than finding something that touches the heart, sparks a memory, or promises a future.

73. Favourite old movie
You can’t go past the old romantics to make a great impression. Put together a collection of classics including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Casablanca, and Roman Holiday.

74. A favourite old book
They may not necessarily read it again, but a favourite old book will bring back childhood memories of a cherished time.

75. Journal
As children, we call it a diary, but as we get older, it becomes a journal. Either way, a special place to write their thoughts would probably be very much appreciated.

76. Charm bracelet
Start a charm bracelet with a trinket representing the time you met, or something you love to do. Add a new one for each special event or place you visit.

77. Wooden memory box
A beautifully carved wooden memory box is like an old chest waiting to be filled with treasures.

78. Monogrammed bathrobe
A plush monogrammed bath robe makes a great gift to remind them how much you love them..

79. Custom calendar
Give a gift that lasts all year. Customise a calendar with photos of loved ones, favourite things and holidays.

80. Engraved keychain
Turn an everyday item into something special by engraving it with a message, your significant other will see every day.

81. Photo collage
A beautifully framed photo collage of special moments is priceless. Or frame up a few photos and make a collage on the wall.

82. Favourite recipes book
Gather up all the recipes ripped out of magazines, collected on cards from the farm market, written on scraps of paper and have them bound into a beautiful recipe book.

83. Word art
Make an art piece out of all the special sayings, first words, and nicknames by putting them together into a wordle.

84. Photo jigsaw puzzle
Blow up a special photograph, mount it on cardboard, and cut creatively to turn it into a jigsaw puzzle.

85. Favourite wine with custom label
Add a personal flourish to his or her favourite drop by ordering a favourite bottle of wine and adding a custom label.

86. Personal wine glass
Perfect at parties, buying them their very own personalised wine glass will ensure they never lose their drink.

87. Wall art – initials
Intertwine your lives and your initials to create a very personal piece of wall art.

88. Monogrammed stationery paper
It may seem old fashioned, but monogrammed stationery truly makes even a simple note special. So give your other half some beautiful personalised stationery for the home or office.

89. Personalised paperweight
Made famous by the Bohemians and the Venetians, a stunning paperweight will be a statement piece on any desk.

90. Monogrammed cushion/pillow
Everyone needs a personal cushion for naps on the couch or as a headrest while reading. Make it extra special with a personal monogram.

91. Motto wall art
Create a distinctive art piece for your home by celebrating your favourite personal sentiment.

92. Wax seal
A very unique gift; a personal wax seal will help your valentine make a lasting impression on everything from thank you cards, to invitations.


While we all appreciate the modern world we live in, there is something romantic about going retro.

93. Fondue set
Popular decades ago, this retro trend is back again. Just about anything dipped in cheese or chocolate would taste good!

94. Polaroid camera
What a fun little gift; a camera where the photo is delivered into your hands. A little shake and you have an “instant” photo.

95. Board games
Gift your favourite pastime board game and spend the night playing old school Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble &

96. Retro turntable
While we all appreciate the crystal clear sounds of today, there is something magical about the scratchy sounds of an old 45. And these days you can find retro turntables and even records to go with them.