Honda Accord Euro Review and Specs

Honda Accord Euro Review


  • A great-looking and safe four-door sedan
  • An attractive interior finish
  • Nice value for a premium car at its price point
  • Smooth, refined handling and ride condition


  • Rear passenger space is restrictive
  • Second generation’s bigger and heavier size sometimes dampens performance
  • The space saving spare wheel in earlier models is disappointing
  • Luxury options can be pricey
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Overview, Look, and Feel of the Honda Accord Euro

The Honda Accord Euro first arrived in Australia in 2003. Since then, the Japanese-made vehicle has carved out a place of its own in the mid-sized segment. It’s a 4-cylinder petrol sedan with a more sports-oriented focus, packing a powerful engine and a gorgeous interior. It’s important to note that the Honda Accord Euro is distinct from the Honda Accord, which has a big market in the United States. Where the US-based Accord was bigger and bulkier, the Accord Euro brought a European sleekness and style that resonated in the mid-sized market.

The Honda Accord Euro has seen two generations. The first lasted from 2003 to 2007, while the second generation has had a run from 2008 onward. The first-generation Accord Euro sold well and was a special favourite among many because it redefined the market with its combination of performance, features, and keen price point. Careful not to mess up a good thing, Honda made some small adjustments for the second-generation update in 2008, but left it largely the same. Second-hand Honda Accord Euros were in high demand as soon as new models of the second generation become available.

Honda Accord Euro Engine Specs and Performance

The entry-level, 2003 Honda Accord Euro was a four-door sedan with plenty of power under the bonnet. It featured a 2.4L, 4-cylinder engine with power of 140kW and torque of 223Nm that provide an average fuel consumption of 9.1L/100km. The two original models shared the same engine, plus a 6-speed manual transmission, with an option for a 5-speed tiptronic automatic transmission.

Honda Accord Euro’s second-generation model featured an improved 2.4L, 4-cylinder engine with 148kW of power and 230Nm of torque, plus average fuel consumption of 8.9L/100km. Despite the fact that it’s a sedan, the Honda Accord Euro has the feel of a sportier hatch, with an engine that loves to rev. Because of its more than 1500kg weight, though, it doesn’t have quite the same raw performance of cars in other classes.

Standard Equipment and Options for the Honda Accord Euro

The kit in the Honda Accord Euro was one of its most attractive features. In the first-generation, 2003 Accord Euro models, standard equipment included traction control, six speakers, fold-down rear seats, alarm, climate control air conditioning, adjustable steering wheel, ABS with brake assist, 16in alloy wheels, and front and side seat mounted airbags. The Luxury added a sunroof, wood finish, leather trim, heated seats, curtain airbags, and rain sensing wipers. Aside from these features, the Accord Euro’s interior itself was exquisite, including quality materials chosen for the fabrics and plastics, plus an intuitive and pleasant looking dash.

All models of the second-generation, 2008 Accord Euro came standard with dual-zone air conditioning, eight airbags, ABS braking, ESP electronic stability control, power windows, heated mirrors, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, alloy wheels, and a full-sized spare. On the high-end Luxury model, it was kitted out with a sunroof, leather trim, powered front seats, rain-sensitive windshield wipers, fog lamps, and parking sensors.

This extensive list of standard equipment was a standout feature in the Honda Accord Euro, which clearly packed in a lot of kit for the money. Few cars in the mid-sized segment had the winning combination of quality equipment, performance, and affordability that the Honda Accord Euro boasted.

Honda Accord Euro's Competition

The Honda Accord Euro did a great job of finding a home in the market. Particularly in the second generation, it was a class leader in nearly every category, leaving its rivals in the dust. In fact, its fiercest competition was actually the financial crisis, which hurt sales of cars in the mid-sized segment for a time.

In terms of car rivals, one of the Honda Accord Euro’s main competitors in the mid-sized sports sedan segment was the excellent Mazda6. It had a different exterior design aesthetic, and outshined the Honda Accord Euro in country driving, but on the open road and in the city, the Honda Accord Euro’s smooth handling and engine power puts it in a league of its own.

Other viable competitors included the Toyota Camry Altise, the Holden Vectra, and Hyundai i45 Active. The Honda Accord Euro also had less impressive rear-seat space than many of its competitors, but generally, it was the leader in almost every area and succeeded in capturing the hearts of the mid-sized sedan buyers.

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