Mercedes 320 Review and Specs

Mercedes 320 Review


  • Multiple options across several years
  • High-end luxury exterior and interior
  • Older models have more than stood the test of time


  • Still very expensive for 10+-year-old models
  • Repairs can be costly
  • Early generations of features now standard in many mid-range vehicles
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Overview, Look, and Feel of the Mercedes 320

The name of the Mercedes-Benz 320 has a long history, dating back to some of the earliest vehicles produced by this German car manufacturer. That same name has been revived several times throughout the years, and it has most recently been applied to several different models to differentiate distinct variations among its line of high-end luxury cars. That can make it a little difficult for consumers to figure out exactly which Mercedes-Benz 320 they are looking at when they look at vehicles, which is why it’s important with this car to look closely at the year and the specs to know exactly what you are getting.

The name Mercedes-Benz 320 has been applied to some of their highest luxury models, which means that even older vehicles can be expensive for buyers. Fortunately, these cars have held up extremely well over time, in every way from the interior and exterior appearance to the options that are included with the vehicles. In fact, the interior and exterior are simply beautiful. While many luxury cars appear dated after a short while — several models of BMW spring to mind — the Mercedes-Benz is hardly distinguishable from a new luxury car in terms of its exterior. It is classy and timeless, making even older models extremely popular. While they are more or less in line with other luxury cars when it comes to driveability, they are extremely comfortable; this is the sort of ride you want if you spend a lot of time inside your vehicle.

It handles like a dream, which is one of the biggest things you can say about this line of cars. The technology used to steer, accelerate, and brake these vehicles was already top of the line when it was first introduced in 1993, and subsequent versions of the car only improved on what Mercedes had already accomplished with its previous versions. In fact, it’s so ahead of its time that it hardly feels dated. A 20-year-old car may feel like a 10-year-old car, and a 10-year-old car feels fresh enough to have come off the line in the past couple years.

Mercedes 320 Engine Specs and Performance

The Mercedes 320 came in several different years and models, but they almost universally contained an impressive 3.2L 6-cylinder engine that offered 160kW of power and a very impressive 315Nm of torque — enough to make you really feel the get up and go when you accelerate from 0. Newer models are even more impressive, with the 2008 release of the Mercedes-Benz 320 offering an engine that had 165kW and a torque of 510Nm from 2800rpm. In fact, it’s the push of this car that continues to impress, even with older models of the vehicle. Mercedes-Benz was ahead of the game when it started to include this engine with its Mercedes-Benz 320 line, and it remains a car that is fun to drive.

Mercedes-Benz put a lot of attention into the shocks, the low-profile tyres, and the undercarriage of this car, which makes it easy to control and handle, even on the toughest roads. While it may fit right in around the city, this car can handle on the rough roads of the outback with few problems. Particularly impressive is the braking. Several of the vehicles feature a braking assist program that can brake far more quickly, and with much better control, than the driver is able to. Overall, it’s a great car with a lot of features that make it easy to control.

Standard Equipment and Options for the Mercedes 320

This is a luxury car, through and through, and one quick look at the standard features is enough to prove that. Even the older cars from the late 1990s come with sunroof, power seats, and cruise control. By the early 2000s, many models were already coming standard with satellite radio and satnav. The standard model comes with the basic luxury features, while the Avant Garde is a step up from that trim. The Elegance is the highest, featuring every factory option that came with the vehicle at the time of its production. Older models include the sedan, wagon, and cabriolet, while newer models include the sedan, cabriolet, and a 4X4 model that also goes under the 320 name.

Mercedes 320's Competition

It’s difficult to name a competitor for the Mercedes 320, as so few of the luxury cars released in previous years have held up as well as these cars have. The BMW 320 manages that task pretty well, though it is not nearly as attractive as the Mercedes 320.They are comparable in price, with the BMW 320 offering a 4-cylinder 2.0L engine model and a 6-cylinder 2.0L engine model in both a coupe and convertible trim. You’ll get 320Nm of torque at 1750rpm, and 135kW from its engine, which means it has a bit less of the get up and go you’ll find with the Mercedes-Benz 320, but it is possible to find the BMW 320 at a lower price point, especially with older models.

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