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Average BMW price: $13,500

This chart shows the average price of a used BMW for sale over the past 90 days. The current average price for a BMW for sale is $13,500. This has decreased by 48.42% since the previous month.

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BMW models

BMW models review

  • Pros
    • High-quality German engineering and a long track record
    • Plenty of badge appeal and strong resale values on the forecourts
    • A wide range of models to choose from
    • M series cars in particular are a popular bucket list addition
  • Cons
    • BMWs don’t come without a significant price tag
    • Some styling and trim question marks on recent models such as the X3

BMW history

BMW History

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, or BMW as the brand is better known, is a German car manufacturer that was founded in 1913 in Bavaria, Germany, originally to focus on aircraft engine manufacture. With aircraft production prohibited in Germany following World War I, BMW turned first to railway brake manufacture and then to motorcycle design before building their first car in 1927. A refocus during World War II saw BMW turn once more to aircraft engine design, producing over 30,000 engines during the course of the conflict, before finally taking shape as the high-quality car manufacturer for which it has earned its fame over the past 6 decades.

The year 1952 saw BMW’s first post-war passenger car. The Frankfurt motor show in 1961 saw the introduction of its popular 1500 sedan, which spawned a series of successful models in its wake including the 1600, 1800, 2500, and 2800. By 1970, BMW was the brand of choice for many new car buyers, offering a compelling combination of quality engineering and build, reliability, performance, and styling.

The last decade of the 20th century saw BMW extend their grip on the car market, taking ownership of Rover and its well-known Rover, Mini, and Land Rover brands as well as a number of dormant names such as the Austin, Triumph, and Wolseley. After a decade of difficulties in positioning the Rover brands alongside their own, BMW eventually disposed of the company but retained the rights to the brand names, including Mini which has gone on to be extremely successful in its new incarnation.

With a wide-ranging offering of model designs, BMW has remained at the forefront of vehicle sales for some time. It is a trusted brand with plenty of badge appeal, and prospective buyers with the budget to do so are very likely to add at least one BMW model to their shortlist.

BMW has a distinguished history in motor racing. Partnerships with Williams, McLaren, and Brabham have seen significant Formula One success. BMW has won the World Touring Car Championship and Le Mans 24 Hour Race and, further back in time, the Mille Miglia and RAC Rally.

Overview of BMW models

Overview of BMW Models

BMW models are designated with an ‘e-code’ for each generation, which in turn is combined with the relevant ‘Series’ number in order to identify individual models. Past models of note include the M1, a sports coupe that enjoyed significant success in the 1970s, which was the result of a partnership with Lamborghini. The Z1 and Z3 were also popular compact 2-seater roadsters. The New Sixes were the predecessors to today’s 7 Series cars while the New Class models are acknowledged as the first sports sedans, which initiated the rise of the enduring popular 3 Series that now forms the core of the BMW offering.

Current models include the 1 Series, launched in 2004, which is currently BMW’s smallest car and available to the used car market in a hatchback and coupe convertible format. The 3 Series is BMW’s most successful model, which dates back to 1975, and is available in a station wagon, sedan, and coupe format. The 5 Series is a mid-size car aimed at the executive market and comes in station wagon and sedan format. There is also a 5 Series Gran Turismo, which came to market in 2010 and is aimed at a market niche somewhere between the station wagon and 4x4 crossover.

The flagship executive car in sedan format is the 7 Series, which features a number of engineering innovations, while the new 6 Series is a grand touring luxury sport model based on the 5 Series platform. BMW now denotes all sports models with an even number, with the 6 Series and X6 sports activity coupe joined by the Z4 sports roadster.

X Series BMWs are all aimed at the 4x4 market, ranging from the X1 and X3 through to the X5 and X6. High-performance models are denoted as the M Series, which includes the M1, M3, M5, M6, X5M, and X6M, and they are developed by their motorsport subsidiary.

BMW's competition

BMW's Competition

There is some competition between the different BMW branded models, though which you choose largely comes down to budget. Many other manufacturers give BMW a run for their money across a range of models, with their German counterparts Volkswagen and Audi competing strongly from compact models through to 4x4s. At the top end of the market, Jaguar and Porsche pose strong competition while further down the line expect to find Alfa Romeo, Lexus, and Volvo as well as a raft of other major household names.

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