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Average Landrover price: $20,122

This chart shows the average price of a used Landrover for sale over the past 90 days. The current average price for a Landrover for sale is $20,122. This has decreased by 0.43% since the previous month.

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Landrover models

Landrover models review

  • Pros
    • Historic
    • Groundbreaking vehicle
    • Proven track record
    • Sector leader
    • Practical
    • Newer models are very stylish and comfortable
  • Cons
    • Production issues with older models
    • Underpowered on earlier vehicles

Landrover history

Land Rover's History

Land Rover initially started out life as a vehicle range produced by the Rover Group after World War II. Massive bombing of Coventry had left them without a factory in the city, so the group moved to a large complex at nearby Solihull. It was here that plans were drawn up for a new vehicle that took account of post-war needs and heavy rationing of raw materials that was prevalent at the time.

Before the war, the company had produced luxury saloons but now decided to branch out into agricultural-based vehicles and use the American Willys Jeep as the model. Steel was in short supply, so Rover decided to build the new car using an aluminium/magnesium alloy, brought in the Willys chassis, and installed the drivetrain and gearbox from the Rover P3 saloon cars. Paint was another commodity in short supply, so they utilised vast quantities of army surplus paint, leading to the many shades of green options for the Land Rover.

Although the Land Rover has existed as a vehicle since 1948, the company took on its own separate identity in 1978. The Rover Group had been taken over by British Leyland, and in the 1970s entered a period of industrial strife. The success and popularity of the Land Rover range led to the decision to set up a separate company under the Leyland umbrella.

In 1980, Land Rover produced its first independent model: the five-door, Range Rover. T his was later followed in 1983 by the Land Rover 90, which was renamed the Discovery in 1990.

When the Rover Group was privatised in 1994, German car manufacturer BMW jumped at the chance to acquire the famous brand. By 2000, BMW had decided to break up the Rover Group, and Land Rover found itself a part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group. In 2008, with Ford in trouble and slimming down its portfolio, Land Rover was on the move again. This time, along with Jaguar Cars, it became part of the Indian company, Tata Motors.

Overview of Landrover models

Overview of Land Rover's Models

The initial models that Land Rover inherited in 1978, the Model III models, were popular vehicles, ideally suited for the rigours of the outback. They featured excellent four-wheel drive, responsive suspension, and powerful engines, capable of getting uphill or over creeks. The 1980s saw an increasing desire for personal off-road capability, and Land Rover used its considerable skill in this area to create more refined and comfortable vehicles. These were still able to perform commercial tasks but better equipped with the luxury of a family car.

The first Land Rover model was the traditional sturdy, boxy but very capable Mark III vehicle. This was upgraded with the Land Rover 90/110 series, and later renamed the Defender. To compete against increased competition, a more powerful 3.9L V8 Isuzu engine was fitted, and better quality was ensured. Here, the Army ordered their own spec Defender, which was given the name the Land Rover Perentie.

While the Defender still remains the workhorse of the Land Rover stable, as the market for soft-roaders and 4x4s took off, they responded with the brand new 1980 Range Rover. This was followed 9 years later by the Discovery. Over the years, these models have been updated and given facelifts. They now physically match the lines of their competitors and include the gadgets and technology of modern cars.

The Freelander came out in 1997, with the Range Rover Sport introduced in 2005. The Indian buyout by Tata saw the latest in the Land Rover range to be released in 2011 with the modern Range Rover Evoque hitting the showrooms. This low-slung 4x4 with its 21st-century body shape draws on all the expertise and skill of the Land Rover designers over 60 years of construction. Legend has it that of all the Land Rovers ever built 70 per cent are still running.

Landrover's competition

Land Rover's Competition

Land Rover is the second oldest 4x4 manufacturer, after Willy Jeeps. They have been building sturdy, reliable, and rugged vehicles for decades. While many car manufacturers have forced them to re-evaluate their place in the market, they continue to produce interesting and practical vehicles capable of taking on anything Mother Nature can throw out.

The Toyota Land Cruiser was probably the first real challenger to the Land Rover range, though over the years, most major car manufacturers have entered into the fray. The Japanese market seemed to relish the 4x4 sector, and Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Susuki, and Honda have all produced varying qualities of off-road cars. As the requirement of style and panache increased, the luxury manufacturers joined in with BMW and Porsche launching 4x4s.

There have always been the mainstay cars around and the likes of the Nissan X-Trail, Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, and Jeep Liberty have made their mark. Whenever anyone is looking for a serious off-road 4x4, Land Rover is a must-consider option.

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