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Average Mazda price: $5,871

This chart shows the average price of a used Mazda for sale over the past 90 days. The current average price for a Mazda for sale is $5,871. This has decreased by 51.69% since the previous month.

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Mazda models

Mazda models review

  • Pros
    • Innovative mechanics
    • Reliable
    • Good performers
    • Comfortable ride
  • Cons
    • Underpowered on certain models
    • Rotary engines can cost to run

Mazda history

Mazda's History

The history of Japanese car manufacturer Mazda stretches back to 1920 when company founder Jujiro Matsuda began making cars. The company was initially trading as Toyo Kogyo, producing machine tools, then changed over to building cars, with the release of the Mazda-Go in 1931. Manufacturing switched to guns during World War II when they built the Type 99 rifle. The Mazda name was only taken up by the company in 1984, but all the vehicles they ever produced were all badged as Mazda cars.

During the 1960s, the company threw its weight behind developing a usable rotary engine, and the Mazda Cosmo Sport in 1967 became one of the first cars to employ this totally different concept in engine design. Mazda found that the rotary engine was a lot lighter than their piston-driven rivals and produced the same power output as a conventional V8 engine. They were also the first company to produce the four-wheel drive car.

Due to a combination of the thirsty, rotary engines, the fuel crisis of 1973, and massive debts, Mazda experienced massive financial problems in the 1970s. They were eventually saved by Sumitomo Bank and refocused production so only the sports lines carried the rotary engines, and the mainstay cars were fitted with standard piston engines.

There has been a long association between Mazda and Ford going back to 1979 when Ford bought a 7 per cent stake in the Japanese manufacturer. At the partnerships height, Ford owned 33.3 per cent of Mazda, but over the last couple of years, they have divested themselves of these interests. They shared a number of cars between them, most notably the architecture of the Capella, used in Ford’s Probe and Telstar cars. Mazda also produced the B series pickups, which led to the development of the Ford Courier line.

Over the years, both Mazda and Ford have saved considerable amounts of money in research and development by joining forces. Even after the 2008 sale of Ford’s interest in Mazda, the two companies still worked together on projects.

Mazda’s operations here go back to 1959 when they first marketed their three-wheel truck, the K360. In 1960, engineers sent their new Mazda R360 over here for road testing, and this has continued since. By 2009, Mazda was the greatest exporter of cars here for the fifth straight year, with the Mazda 3 proving to be the top-selling car of 2010.

Overview of Mazda models

Overview of Mazda's Models

The R360 two-door coupe proved to be the stand-out car for Mazda in 1960, and it was being imported here in great numbers by 1962. The 1960s were when the Familia 800/1000 compact cars, in sedan, estate and pickup came here, along with the B1600 Proceed ute and E2000 truck. The revolutionary Cosmo 110S came out in 1967, and the E360 mini pickup at the end of the decade.

The start of the 1970s saw the very successful Mazda Capella, which came with the option of the Wankle rotary engine. The car remained in production for 30 years, finally being retired in 2002. The Savanna RX7 sports car, the Mazda 121 coupe, and the Mazda 323 series all hit the roads in the 1970s.

Financial struggles, Ford buyouts, and restructuring led to the start of a more diverse range of Mazda cars. The 323 gained front-wheel drive, as well as the 626, while the 929 was fitted with a V6. What would become iconic sports cars, the MX6 turbo coupe and RX-7 convertible, were released. They produced early MPV people carriers, the Bongo minivan, and the first versions of the MX-5.

The 1990s really saw Mazda pull out all the design stops, with the Sentia, Navajo 4x4, Cronos, and B-series Bravo coming into the line-up. At the turn of the millennium, Mazda was gaining lots of traction here. The Tribute 4x4 and the Premacy space hatch were launched to record-breaking sales figures. Mazda 3 continued the success story, and the MX5 Roadster, CX-5 and CX-7 crossover vehicles, and Mazda 2 and RX-8 continue to raise the profile and production bar even higher.

Mazda's competition

Mazda's Competition

Mazda rivals have always been first and foremost their Japanese competitors. The rotary engine was a way for Mazda to distinguish itself from Honda, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi. Their market dominance here is naturally going to take them up against Holden’s cars, and Ford are an ever precent figure on the automotive scene. The Germans constantly come up against the MX-5 and RX-7 sports cars, while the family cars like the Capella and Mazda 2 face off against Fiat, GM brands, and Hyundai’s offerings.

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