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Average Mitsubishi price: $2,533

This chart shows the average price of a used Mitsubishi for sale over the past 90 days. The current average price for a Mitsubishi for sale is $2,533. This has decreased by 104.86% since the previous month.

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Mitsubishi models

Mitsubishi models review

  • Pros
    • Strong offerings in most car segments
    • High safety ratings
    • Impressive build quality
    • Exciting racing and motorsports legacy
  • Cons
    • Exciting racing and motorsports legacy
    • Prices can be fairly high
    • Needs to keep pace with technology

Mitsubishi history

Mitsubishi‘s History

Mitsubishi is one of the oldest automakers in the world. The Mitsubishi Group was founded in 1870 and began its first automotive operations in 1917 with the Mitsubishi Model A in Japan. Yataro Iwasaki was the founder of the three-pointed star logo, reflecting the name Mitsubishi itself, which means ‘three diamonds.’ In 1965, Mitsubishi made its first major appearance here with the imported Mitsubishi Colt. Mitsubishi formed a long and prosperous relationship with Chrysler and began offering vehicles under the Chrysler badge from the early 1970s.

Notably, Mitsubishi Motors of Japan acquired Chrysler Australia in 1980. Subsequently, the Mitsubishi badge superseded the Chrysler badge in Australian-made vehicles, and Chrysler was retired. This marked the formation of MMAL, or Mitsubishi Motors of Australia. The company released its first Magna sedan in 1985, followed by the Nimbus in 1992. The same year saw the introduction of the Magna Wagon and the Verada Wagon V6 as well.

Also important is Mitsubishi’s long involvement in motorsports. It has an entire division named Ralliart dedicated to motorsports vehicles. The company has enjoyed prestige and success on the speedway, with repeat victories on the rally and four-wheel drive circuit. In fact, the highest ranked driver in the Australian Rally Championship is associated with Ralliart. Aside from the competitive scene, both amateur and professional racers are enthusiastic about Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution and Pajero.

The MMAL plant manufactured the Mitsubishi line from 1980 until its dissolution in 2008. After restructuring, the company’s headquarters shifted to the site of the manufacturing plant where so many Mitsubishis were built over 28 years. Mitsubishi has long enjoyed success in the automotive market in all kinds of segments, including luxury vehicles, family cars, and rugged 4x4s.

Overview of Mitsubishi models

Overview of Mitsubishi Models

Mitsubishi has had a long and fruitful relationship with buyers. Throughout its long history, Mitsubishi has released several important models. The Magna/Verada was a wide success in the mid-size luxury sedan class upon release in 1985, garnering a Car of the Year award from Wheels magazine and racking up sales. Another important release was the Mitsubishi Colt, a car competing in the subcompact space that drew attention away from Honda and Mazda with its exceptional value as a budget car.

Over several decades catering to the market, Mitsubishi has developed a line of vehicles for most niches. Ralliart is Mitsubishi’s highly successful racing division, which produces racing vehicles that continue to rank well in the motorsports scene. Perhaps the most successful Mitsubishi of all time is the Lancer, which has seen 9 iterations in its long production run and enjoyed the highest sales of any Mitsubishi.

The Lancer is a family-friendly sedan with a flawless five-star ANCAP crash test rating. It has faithfully filled many buyers’ need for a quality small to medium vehicle. Also successful is the Lancer Evo variant, a high-performance sedan with loads of luxury extras. The rugged Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4 has done very well among city drivers with its impressive off-road capabilities, while the Mitsubishi 380 was an award-winning successor to the beloved Mitsubishi Magna/Verada models from 2005 to 2008, after which Mitsubishi changed to a full import strategy.

In addition to the Lancer and the Pajero, the modern line-up of Mitsubishi vehicles consists of a new, volume produced electric car called the i-MiEV, as well as the Triton, Mirage, ASX, Challenger, and Outlander.

Mitsubishi's competition

Mitsubishi's Competition

Mitsubishi sees stiff competition from Nissan and Toyota, as well as Subaru. Back when the Magna/Verada was released, the model was MMAL’s answer to rivals like the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore, both of which were successful in the mid-size luxury car segment. The same applied to the Mitsubishi Colt, which saw the fiercest competition from the Honda Jazz and Mazda2. Clearly, each vehicle in Mitsubishi’s line-up faced different leading brands, but as a Japanese automaker, Mitsubishi faces off against its fellow Japanese rivals.

What generally distinguishes Mitsubishi cars from the competition are its value and build quality. Mitsubishi strikes a fine balance between competitive pricing and providing the bleeding edge in terms of luxuries and features. Most of its offerings are solid and worth the money, but they largely don’t provide the same customisation options or the prestige as brands like Honda, Volkswagen, or Ford. On the positive side, Mitsubishi vehicles tend to be more affordable and cater to buyers who are looking to get a lot for their money.

If you’re looking to make a bold statement about your success in life, most of Mitsubishi’s cars probably won’t do that for you, with the possible exception of the Lancer Ralliart or i-MiEV. Instead, Mitsubishi wins favour as the vehicle that is higher quality than most budget cars, while being more affordable than most other quality vehicles. From motorsports to family cars to luxury vehicles, Mitsubishi tends to get it right.

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