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Hi Frank Hauptle, I'd like to know more about finance options for your "Repair your Territory or Falcon BA..." on Gumtree. Please contact me. Thanks!

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Only trade with sellers who you can meet in person and never send or wire money. Find more helpful hints here.

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If you turned your BA or BF falcon or Territory ignition key recently and nothing happened and there was no resistance when you did.. you need to read this.

The back has popped off your Bosch ignition and most likely sprayed the contents of your ignition into the plastic shroud... It's not all bad news though.

Assuming your spring stop is ok, you probably don't need a new Ignition / Steering column and it's possible you may not even need to pull your column out to fix it.

I have some special leads you can borrow that will allow you to start and drive your car (they come with very easy instructions containing pictures) and if you bring me the car once it's running, I will modify the back of the ignition and reassemble it in the car if possible and I will guarantee that they back will not come off. (I guarantee for 12 months, but really there is no way they can ever come off by themselves the way I change them)

Judging by the tips and hugs and stuff I have many estatically happy folks I've helped. So don't pay ford or others big dollars if you don't have to.. It's worth a shot right? Even if your spring stop is broken or heading that way, it's still way way cheaper to have it refurbished than pay for a new one.

I prefer people TXT or email/message me because it helps me keep track of who is were needing what, but you can call me too if need be on 0404...... 787......072. (I keep getting emails saying people couldn't get my ph number, so I thought I'd best add it myself.

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Safety and security tips

Only trade with sellers who you can meet in person and never send or wire money. Find more helpful hints here.

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