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  • Pest Control
  • Rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants & fleas
  • Permanent Rodent monitoring program - SMART
  • Timber pest management (termites, borers & fungal decay)
  • Bed bug control programs
Flick Anticimex is AEPMA Certified. Our technicians are fully trained and qualified.

Flick technicians are required to attend pest industry based courses which are arranged by Flick and which are usually conducted in house by industry and product representatives. External pest industry based courses and seminars are also attended by Flick technicians.

All Flick technicians attend internal company training courses which are provided by the company and conducted by the Flick Technical Team.

It is mandatory for all Flick technicians to enrol on the Flick Training Portal and complete all training modules & assessments allocated to them over a given period each year. The training modules are structured around specific pest habits, lifecycle and taxonomy, along with the various eradication and management methodologies and descriptions.

Additional training is also received by technicians in the form of monthly Toolbox Talks.

Flick also have in place a dedicated training program for trainee technicians which involves completing all training modules successfully, along with in-field practical training under direct supervision of experienced, qualified pest control technicians.

All training activity is documented and recorded, both at individual and branch levels.

Pest control is a long-term commitment, and maintenance must be carried out regularly to stop smaller infestations from escalating into full-blown infestations

Pests can thrive in any environment where there is water, food and warmth. Thorough knowledge of the conditions in which they thrive and the way they behave is vital.

We are serious about offering friendly, dependable and prompt service, and as such, offer Australian businesses the highest level of pest control available.

Flick Pest Control Sydney  

Address: 9/145 Arthur St, Homebush West NSW 2140

Phone: (02) *****2400 + click to reveal 


Common Pests in Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful place to live, with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Blue Mountains drawing tourists from around the world. Its’ moderate climate has meant it’s also one of the most popular places to live. Yet with high population and urban density, comes unwanted pests.


Termites as they are sometimes called are commonly found in Sydney homes, hidden in timber wall frames and roofs. They eat the timber and cellulose found in and around your house.

Subterranean termites can be difficult to detect in the early stages of infestation and require an expert to perform a termite inspection and subsequent treatment on your home. Getting a pest inspection done before purchasing a property is a must, as infestations can mean structural damage to the house that can be costly to fix if proper termite control steps have not been put in place.


One of the most infamous spiders in Australia is the Sydney Funnel Web spider. Its lethal bite can be fatal to humans. Found mostly in residential back yards, particularly where homes back on to bush reserves, funnel webs will sometimes seek shelter inside the house or a pair of boots on the veranda to avoid the rain. Red backs are also venomous and are commonly found in the Sydney region.

Call our Sydney team for effective spider control to protect your home.

Rats & Mice

Sydneysiders love the café culture. If your home is within a few blocks of restaurants or other food related businesses, there is a higher risk of rat infestations. Rats can cause an enormous amount of damage as they chew through everything looking for food and nesting sites, and leave droppings that can be a health hazard. Flicks Sydney pest control team deals with both rats in the home as well as provide commercial rodent control for restaurants and related businesses.

Other Pest Control Services

Our Sydney team offers a range of pest control services to deal with many other household pests

Additional info

Accredited by HACCP Australia, Qualified Service Technicians

Safety and security tips

Selecting a Business for Hire? Double check the validity of the businesses ABN and relevant licences. Go to Australian Taxation Office to verify an ABN. Find more helpful hints here.

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