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🍂 Indian Almond Leaves Catappa IAL R A▷ █▬█ █ ▀█▀ 4🦐&🐠 = 🛌=🍼

📢 If you’re an aquarist, you’ve probably heard of 🍂 Indian Almond Leaves (also known as "Catappa leaves". These leaves are especially popular in the betta and shrimp hobby ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O'RLY? They are a great water conditioner and source of food for 🦐 shrimps, 🐠bettas, 🐟 guppies and any other soft water 💕 loving 🐡 fish. 📌100% 🌞 Sun dried, natural & organic, nutrient rich.......COST: 10 Leaves for 💰$10 👉 Advantages of Almond Leaf in Aquarium: ಊ Natural Water Conditioner ಊ Natural addi

Trott Park, SA

13 hours ago

Lombardoi cichlid

Selling a grown male Lombardoi cichlid. He’s roughly 13cms, close to 2 years old and is desperate for a girl to mate with. My girl wants nothing to do with him so he’s been moved away from her so he doesn’t kill her. I have enough males I can’t put him them so he needs to go. $15, pick up in Murray Bridge. Please text or email instead of ringing due to work. Fish will be bagged up and ready for collection at the front door.

Murray Bridge, SA


Feeder fish

Elias Green Garden & Aquariums 61A David terrace Woodville Park SA -5011 Feeder fish in stock now ! Size varies from 3cm to 5 cm Price from $1 - $2 Also sold in small lots of $10 approximately (20-30 fish) Good for feeding turtles, arowana, rays, bass, cichlids and many other carnivore aquatic animals. Availability varies from - uncoloured goldfish, uncoloured barbs, guppies or gudgeon These live feeder fish are farmed and they are quarantined prior to sale. They act as good source of l

Adelaide CBD, SA


African Cichlids 3 - 6cm

Electric Yellows and Tangerine cichlids range from 3-6cms for sale Electric yellows are $12 each all sizes Tangerines are $8 each all sizes First in gets the biggest ones. Please call or text only. Pick up blakeview, can arrange drop offs for exrta cost depending on location. Fish will be ready to go just bring your bag or bucket. Cheers

Blakeview, SA


Malawi Hawk/ peacock cichlids

Big 15cm gentle giant. I have too many fish in my tank and he is the outgrown my 4ft. Very submissive to others in the tank. Hard fish to find $100 Two male, Dark blue/ purple 10cm peacocks. $30 each

Greenwith, SA


Cynotilapia Afra ‘Cobue’

9-10cm in length. Display male. Pick up only. Message through Gumtree. Would also be interested to do a swap with another African Cichlid Mbuna from Lake Malawi of 9cm or more. #AfricanCichlids #TropicalFish #Freshwater #Mbuna #aquariums #tanks

North Adelaide, SA


Juvenile African Cichlids

Bulk buy discounted price. Juvenile prices range between $15 to $30. The length of the fish are between 4-6cm. Labiochromis Sp. Perlmutt (Perlmutt) $20 4-5cm Pseudotropheus Sp. Elongatus Mphanga (Mphanga) $30 5- 6cm Maylandia Estherae Red (Red Zebra) $15 4-6cm Cynotilapia Zebrodies (Cobue) $30 5-6cm #AfricanCichlids #TropicalFish #Freshwater #Aquariums #Tanks #Mbuna

North Adelaide, SA


Baby convict cichlids

5-8mm roughly, roughly 6 weeks old. Convicts (black & white) $3 Pink convicts $4 Bulk amounts of fish - price negotiable

Cadell, SA


Lombardoi Cichlid (Maylandia lombardoi)

Lombardoi Cichlid (Maylandia lombardoi) large

Holden Hill, SA


Escargot Snail Shells for fish tank/aquarium

Empty Premium Jumbo Large 12 pieces These can be used for fish tank shell dwellers cichlids Or For perfect presentation of snails in garlic & herb butter, each jumbo shell will hold one large snail with plenty of room for garlic butter. To reuse again & again, simply wash in hot soapy water. Brand new never been used

Port Noarlunga, SA


White Convict Cichlids

Selling a batch of our white convicts. Wanting to sell the whole batch together, there’s at least 20 fish. Some are only just 5cms while some big boys are up to 11cms. Selling the whole batch for $40, that’s $2 a fish. You can sell them separately yourself and make money but I want to get rid of them all together. No separating. Pick up in Murray Bridge, may be able to meet in Mt Barker at a pre arranged time

Murray Bridge, SA


Electric Yellow Cichlids

Selling some of our baby electric yellows. They are between the sizes of 5-7cms. Came from beautiful parents, these babies have beautiful colouring, just hard to get a good picture. Selling for $10 each. Pick up in Murray Bridge. Fish will be bagged up and ready for collection at the front door. Also have some of our bigger baby bristlenose catfish for sale, their pictures are the last few. They’re 5cms. $10 each, only a couple bigger ones left. The rest are 3-4 cms for $5 each.

Murray Bridge, SA


🐟 Convict Cichlids babies 🐟

Convict babies 8 weeks old Parents King Jillian & Sonia I've tried to take pics of babies lol shaky hands soz ... Their loving their brine shrimp & micro worms , also eating very finely crushed fish flakes & beta food too . Approx 40 babies available - some beautiful stripes & colouring coming thru , approx 2 cm $4.00 each See pic updates Pick up Murray Bridge or I could deliver . Cheers Mel

Murray Bridge, SA


African Cichlid for sale display in very good size

Acei yellow tail $50 Electric yellow $50 Bengo yellow $40 Bengo orange $40 Venues $50 Hongi $40 Cober blue $50 Dragon blood $35 CRIMSON TIDE $25

Adelaide CBD, SA


Micro worm culture for Fish fry Shrimps

Micro worm culture - starter or established culture Fish fry Shrimps Never run out of live food again for your fish! can be renew endlessly Very healthy for all fish small enough to feed axolotl babies - betta fry - guppy fry - rainbow Cichlids fry etc I have a starter $3.50 (pic 2&3) a teaspoon of micro worms , oatmeal & food medium , to help to transport - just add to your oatmeal medium . pick up or I could deliver local or postage is $2.20 I have a established culture $6.00 (pic 1 ) mi

Murray Bridge, SA


Lyretail Cidchilds (also known as Princess Cichlids)

We have a range of lyretail fry between 1 - 2cm (some maybe slightly bigger). Both parents are prolific breeders so we have approximately 70 fry of assorted sizes to choose from starting from $5 & no more than $10 for larger ones.

Davoren Park, SA


Aquarium rocks for sale

Aquarium slate rocks for sale . Used for cichlids hideout. It can be used to decorate or built caves to fish hideout. Around 30 kg. Negotiable.

Salisbury, SA


Queensland Grouper - Bumblebee Grouper

They are all healthy And are eating carnivore floating pellet and frozen bait fish. They are roughly 4-6 cm long and thriving.These fish are On the Australian threatened species list and cannot be taken from the wild all my stock are bred at the Cairns Fisheries Center. Fresh water $199 each or 5 for $799 Full salt water $100 each or 10 for $799 For further information message Peacock Bass Stingray cichlid Arowana Discus Oscar Murray cod Grouper Super white Black Dimond bichir Pu

Adelaide CBD, SA


African cichlid

I have different colour of cichlid and all peacock You can see it pictures And have some tropheus duboisi African cichlid 15$ to 30$ 5cm to 8cm Duboisi. 40$ size 7cm to 8cm

Burton, SA


Wanted: Looking for Display quality African Cichlid Males

Willing to pay too dollar for good quality males.

Woodville West, SA


Ngara Flametail Cichlids

These are truely stunning fish. Fry 3cm $15 each. Many other Cichlids available from $6 each.

Underdale, SA


Aquarium maintenance services

Aquarium Maintenance All freshwater systems of all sizes! From beginner to advanced, I can be of assistance. $55/hr Systems: :Hardwater(Rift Valley cichlids, brackish etc) : Softwater (Apistogramma, other dwarfs, betta’s, chocolate gouramis etc) : Planted aquariums : Mixed community : Central/South American cichlids (Big ol yanks) : Breeder set ups (Holiday relief)- 200 tanks at most. (Rates will be worked out with clients) : Ponds : Oddball exotics(Aro’s, rays, bichir e

Adelaide CBD, SA


Red Empress Cichlid Fry to Adults other varieties available also

Prices: 3cm $6 4cm $10 4.5cm $15 5cm $20 5.5cm $25 6cm $30. Additional $5 for 1/2 cm and only males purchased an extra $5

Underdale, SA


Many varieties of Tropical fish from 3cm

I have many varieties of Cichlids fish available from Fry to Adult. Prices start @ $6 cm and priced on size and variety. Please advise which species you are interested in and size in message as availability changes depending on demand. List of current fish available to purchase: Benga Peacocks from 3cm to Adults priced on size Demasoni available in a few months Dragon Bloods from 6 cm. Not many available. Electric Yellow. From 3 cm @ $10 Ngara Flametail Register interest on waiting list only f

Underdale, SA


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