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Rear Wheel Drive

Overview of the Ford Falcon

The Falcon is a full-size car that has enjoyed a 50-year reign as one of the market's favourite family vehicles. Its popularity has waned somewhat in recent years, but nonetheless, it remains one of the most solid and reliable cars around, selling over 3 million units worldwide. Models currently on the new-car market include the sedan and 4x4, while the large, solid base of the Falcon made it a past favourite for panel vans, estates, and coupes. Original models dating back to the 1960s can still be found in various states of care and repair, alongside a further six generations sporting a variety of styles. Some would say that the Falcon's styling has lost its spark somewhat in recent years, lacking the freshness and bold lines of its earlier 20th-century counterpart, and certainly sales of new models have waned, but this is more likely due to a preference for smaller cars in the face of the rising costs of fuel than because of the Falcon's specific inability to please.



  • Perfect for long runs but equally nippy around town; there is a reason the Ford Falcon is a popular fleet car
  • Ideal family car
  • Low running costs, and fuel economy is better than average
  • If you are looking for cool styling, the Ford Falcon is not the answer
  • This is not a destination car, but then neither is its price
This is general information and should not be relied on as purchasing advice.
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