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FREE Furniture For Pickup

Hi there, Here we have some FREE funiture for anybody that's want to have them. There are three pices of funiture avaliable as displayed in the pictures. You need to have a ute or a trailer to pick up the funiture. Just so we are fair for everybody that want's to have the funiture, thease are the rules for the pickup: 1). First person arriving for the pickup get to choose what they want first. 2). There is no "reserving for later pick up", what you can pick up at on

Perth, WA

2 hours ago

Wanted: Looking for elle hopkins

If anyone got details of her please get in contact Thank you

Perth, WA


Wanted: Looking for panel beater for cashie

Looking for a panel beater to grub out, sand and ain’t rust spots in my Coaster.

Perth, WA


Make friends with Japanese, Chinese or Korean

Hi. Have you recently arrived and new to Perth ? Do you want to know about Australian Culture and information about Perth. I would like to assist peoples with speaking English and I’m happy to show around in Perth. This is Only for Working Holiday/ Backpacker or Student VISA. I’m not looking for language Exchange and I like to make friends and prefer female korean, Japanese, or Chinese 🇰🇷🇯🇵🇨🇳🇭🇰🇹🇼 I want to know about culture and share our experience in life. Let’s have coffee/meals

Perth, WA


Keys found

2 keys on a key ring with blue tag Found just now @ 8.46 am Friday 26th March 2021. Whitfords avenue

Perth, WA


Free - Well-being Life Coach

Are you feeling a little stuck? Everyone feels that way at some time in their life....Are you aware that we are supposed to live a limitless life of creativity filled with joy, love, beauty and peace? What would your life look like if you were creatively choosing what you do with your life every day? I am offering free 30 mins sessions over the phone or via message to help you discover your next steps on the journey...Sometimes all we need is a conversation with a knd and compassionate coach t

Perth, WA


Perth Self-learning Group - Certified Cloud Security Professional

Starting on Saturday 3 October 2020 (10:00AM - 1:00PM AWST/ Perth Time) The CCSP or Certified Cloud Security Professional certification is an advanced cloud certification made available by ISC2. Are you interested to sit the ISC2 CCSP exam in the next few months? Would you like to be part of a self study group consisting of individual who have a lot of experience in various areas of the domains that will be tested. The proposal is to have collaborative learning in person if you are in Perth

Perth, WA


Augmented Learning for primary school kids - Edison Robot Lessons

Augmented Learning Initiative is pleased to help school kids reach their full potential by filling the time and skills gap faces by parents and teachers in these challenging times. Augmented Learning Initiative leverages the enthusiasm, skills of university students to teach various subjects - it is a symbiotic relationship as the students need a sustained way to raise money and are excited to use their skills to help the community. What subjects are we currently offering: Teaching robotics u

Perth, WA


FREE - Join our Tech Group on Applied Fast Computational Platforms

I am looking for like minded people to form a group to have fun building a computational platform and then using it for various things. Progress update (17/07/2020): - rtx 2080 Ti GPU (looking for one) - gtx 1050 GPU purchased - intel i5 and intel i7-8700 purchased - 650w power supply purchased - 2 mother boards, 8gx2 and 4g memory purchased - (still need 2 boxes, cooling fans, then the design of the cluster to be done) The group will share skills and specialities, teach each other and then w

Perth, WA


Japanese FREE lessons for beginners in Perth Northbridge

Beginner class starting 20 June (Term 3) We are introducing a Japanese course running over 6 weeks. As we did with our other language courses, we would like to offer free classes for the first 3 weeks. That way you get to see the value of your learning experience before paying for the remaining 3 weeks. Our Japanese teachers adopt a variety of methods to encourage you to apply Japanese in class such as the “Immersion Direct Methods" where the content and the conversations are in Japanese

Perth, WA


Professional Resume Service

Resume Restoration Required? Selection Criteria Strengthening Needed? I am a professional resume writer with a background in Legal and HR along with extensive experience within the Australian Public Sector. For assistance with professional resumes, cover letters and addressing government selection criteria contact me ASAP

Perth, WA


Resume and Selection Criteria Assistance

I am a professional resume and government selection criteria writer, having assisted clients all over Australia for over 8 years with a proven success rate. I assist with resumes, cover letters and selection criteria at very reasonable rates and provide exceptional work.

Perth, WA


Gamsat Essay Tutor and Essay Marking Service $60 hr

I am an experienced GAMSAT tutor (6 years) available for Section 2 essay writing tutoring via Skype or phone - or an essay marking service via email - which means convenient tutoring and feedback on your essays wherever you are in Australia - no wasted time travelling to tutoring sessions. My hourly rate is $60 and I can do tutoring sessions with you on weekdays, evenings or Saturdays... whatever suits you best. I have a strong track record of students achieving great results after tutoring

Perth, WA


Kids learn coding using Scratch - FREE FIRST CLASS

This course is to open the door for kids to learn coding using a visual coding language. - this is a great way for kids to learn about the basics of programming and simple problem solving using computers. In each class, kids will have own computer and coding equipment and a teacher to take them through the paces. The classes are kept small, maximum of 6 students so that the kids get maximum attention when learning and going through the exercises. - this introductory course is 1.5 hours per we

Perth, WA


Mandarin For Kids (Now Online Learning)

Mandarin is now being taught in schools in Australia, so don’t let your kid be left behind. We have good experience teaching kids at our centre or at your home if you prefer. Our centre has some of the best teaching equipment around, come and have a look. Aims of Course: This course aims to introduce kids to basics of Mandarin to enable you child to start communicating and build essential vocabulary as a foundation. Contents: The elementary class course is mainly for beginners of Mandarin,

Perth, WA


Elementary Mandarin - For Absolute Beginners

Course No: CM214-01-2015-C Aims of Course: This course aims to enable people who do not have or have some basic knowledge of Mandarin to be able to use Mandarin properly for daily communication through Mandarin teaching. Contents: The elementary class course is mainly for beginners of Mandarin, teaching basic pinyin (tones, initials, finals, pinyin, transliteration) and mastering some basic life terms and simple sentence pattern exercises. After learning, you can read Pinyin and simple g

Perth, WA


Learn Python Coding For Absolute Beginners

DO YOU WANT TO START CODING IN PYTHON? You have thought about learning python but not sure how to start? You are an absolute beginner and need someone to guide from the start. Python is one of the hot coding languages with high adoption in academia, business and research including for Artificial Intelligence. It is also one of the fun languages to learn and in a few weeks you will be able to start your own projects. GO ON AND REGISTER YOUR INTEREST - We kick off a fresh round of classes in Fe

Perth, WA


Touch Typing Course For Everyone - Learn To Type Fast And Accurately

ARE YOU SLOW AT TYPING? Do you get frustrated that you cannot type fast? Perhaps you use one or two fingers to type while looking at the keyboard instead of the screen. We get it - you always take too long to finish but that can all change when you learn to touch type. Touch typing is a basic skill for the 21st century, unfortunately it’s no longer taught in most schools. Most develop idiosyncratic, personalised hunt-and-peck methods. Many do not touch type, or type without looking at the key

Perth, WA


Hands-on Robotics Through Projects (Perth) - Start Now

This is for a groups of people particularly students together with an experienced facilitator to work on a long term project with agreed outcomes. The project can be whatever the group decides to work on, and with a set budget. Project members will contribute in their area of strength and pick up new skills as they go along. Project Options We have a number of project themes - Social robots where we apply robotics to bridge some human need. We have multiple humanoid robots to play around with

Perth, WA


Coding and robotics for kids - start early for a bright future

GIVE YOUR KIDS AN EARLY ADVANTAGE We all know of the importance of coding in the early years of education. While STEM (or STEAM) initiatives go a long way to preparing kids for future jobs and education in the 21st century, the student-to-teacher ratio is usually not optimal to get the best out of students. Furthermore, students have unlimited creativity whereas the knowledge of most teachers who are usually not trained in IT quickly peak well before where students dare to explore. THE NEED IS

Perth, WA


Touch Typing Course For Kids - Essential Skill For Schools & Computers

ARE YOUR KIDS SLOW AT TYPING? Perhaps your kids have started using computers but only use a finger or two to type while looking at the keyboard instead of the screen. Did you know that this is the best time to introduce them to touch typing which they will learn very quickly so that they can move on to bigger and better things with computers. Touch typing is a basic skill for the 21st century, unfortunately it’s no longer taught in most schools. But how are kids typing? Most develop idiosync

Perth, WA


Learn Robotics and Coding - for ages 6 - 14 years

Would you like your kids to learn something new and fun? Perhaps your kids have shown interest in computers and automated machines and you would like them to unleash their inner creativity and curiosity in the technology space. Well, you will be happy to know that we are starting a new set of classes for kids in robotics. Here is the brief: How long is the class? The classes are 90 minutes. That gives you enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee and to chat with your friends at nearby coffee shop

Perth, WA


Wanted: STOLEN---STOLEN LOOK FOR double small WHEELS ,colours easily changed


Perth, WA


Microsoft Excel For Beginners

Do you want to master Microsoft Excel and be the go to person? Do you sometimes get frustrated that you don’t know exactly what to do in Microsoft Excel? If you answered yes to the above, then you are in luck when you take this beginner course we are offering: - Brush up and master simple formulas during this course Dive deep into the latest Microsoft Excel environment with regards to formulas so you become more productive, efficient, and achieve a much sought after skillset. - Master top 25

Perth, WA


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