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Rodi water ( Reverse Osmosis De-Ionized water) is purified filtered water that contains no pathogens, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals etc ( see chart) which is the most beneficial and pure water source used by many aquarists for freshwater fish (such as discus) and particularly shrimp keeping. This water is very useful for keeping healthy shrimp and for specific shrimp that require pristine measured water parameters like caridina shrimp such as ( blue bolt, crs, pinto, king Kong's, wine red, s

Brunswick, VIC

18 hours ago

White Lips ADULT BREEDING SIZE Cichlids SPECIAL - from $99

Melbourne Tropical Fish Dandenong - UNBEATABLE PRICES TROPICAL FISH LIST SPECIALS - THIS WEEK ONLY ADOLFI CORY - $ 14 PANDA CORY - $ 5 DISCUS $ 59 MALAWI HAWK JUV - $ 19.95 PETRICOLOA CATFISH - $ 15 CARDINAL TETRA $ 3 GOLDFISH LARGE $ 10 Factory 2, 41-43 Sinclair Road Dandenong VIC 3175 Open Everyday Weekdays - 11am to 5pm Weekends - 10am to 5pm You can also look us up on Face Book Melbourne Tropical Fish Aquarium Dandenong T

Dandenong, VIC

20 hours ago


Aquarium Plants from $ 5 - Melbourne Tropical Fish Dandenong 2, 41-43 Sinclair Road Dandenong VIC 3175 Specials on Specialist Aquarium Soil - Fluval Stratum See instore for details Fluval Stratum now in stock 4kg, 8kg Fluval Stratum originates from the mineral-rich foothills of the Mount Aso volcano in Japan. Stratum encourages vibrant luxurious aquatic plant growth, its porous structure enabling rigorous colonization of nitrifying bacteria, it helps support a slightly acidic pH, and

Dandenong, VIC

20 hours ago

Discus Fish - Exotic Beautiful Strains - Melbourne Tropical Fish

Exotic Discus Fish - Pure Strains from $59 Melbourne Tropical Fish Dandenong - UNBEATABLE PRICES Factory 2, 41-43 Sinclair Road Dandenong VIC 3175 Open Everyday Weekdays - 11am to 5pm Weekends - 10am to 5pm You can also look us up on Face Book Melbourne Tropical Fish Aquarium Dandenong

Dandenong, VIC

20 hours ago

Angel fish fry

They growing realy fast 5cm now the more you buy the cheaper it is $11 each . many different colours size , as big as 20 cent coin also have some adults Also have 4 Discus 1x large rare brown colour 1x Blue 2x Orange medium size No emails calls and msg only

Greystanes, NSW

23 hours ago

NEW LIVING Discus fish - NA discus and Lim Pei Hao

*** *** Come and see us this weekend NA DISCUS ARE BACK IN AUSTRALIA . See list below Also Lim Pei Hao discus have arrived DISCUS LIST - accept PayPal, credit card . Apple Pay , cash Some strains very limited Hi There *** NEW DISCUS LIST - New New shipment of NA discus and Lim Pei Hao Discus will be for sale this Saturday *** NA DISCUS LIST **** 8cm White Butterfly $150 - sold out Penang Eruptions $150 - 1 only Blue snakeskin scorpion $150 - 2 only 13-14cm Red melon $240 - back i

Salter Point, WA


4foot fish tank for sale

4foot fish tank with one 9cm discus and other small fish wood plant with eheim filter. 400 dollars ono

Parmelia, WA


EXOTIC FISH SALE - Melbourne Tropical Fish

Boesmani Rainbow Fish $ 45 Polleni Cichlid $ 29 Festae Cichlid Petricola Catfish $15 Platy 5 for $ 20 Sword Tail 5 for $ 20 Bristle Nose Catfish Large $ 45 Exotic Discus Large DISPLAY size $ 400 2FT Aquariums with cover Glass $55 Melbourne Tropical Fish Dandenong - UNBEATABLE PRICES Factory 2, 41-43 Sinclair Road Dandenong VIC 3175 Open Everyday Weekdays - 11am to 5pm Weekends - 10am to 5pm You can also look us up on Face Book Melbourne Tropical Fish Aquari

Dandenong, VIC


tetra, discus

I got few tropical fish sale for downsize tank Hengel Rasbora,Ember tetra $4/each 10 for $35 min order 5 Glowlight tetra large $5/each Discus butterfly 12cm $140 Discus Fiji red large 16cm $280 take two $400

Nunawading, VIC


Discus fish for sale.

2 discus for sale: pic1. Maze leopard (11cm) $115 pic2. Leopard snakeskin (12cm) $125 or $220 for both. local pick-up.

Highett, VIC


Aquarium with fish

Aquarium with 14 Mellon Discus, 2 Bristlenose catfish and 6 tetras for sale. Discus are between 8 and 12mnths old and are about to colour up. Google mellon Discus to see what they look like matured. Comes with Fluval filter and 3mnth old fluval Plant spectrum led light worth $400. comes with plants and driftrwood. Tank size 78cmX32cmx35cm deep No hold, No swaps,Not negotiable

Shearwater, TAS



Beautiful fish, only selling because not getting along well with our angels :( rare discus type - needs a good home. In very good health, just a few nips on her fins from the others.

Forresters Beach, NSW


apistogramma trifasciata female

Female apistogramma trifasciata around 4-5cm Great little community fish living with discus and tetras. Breeding size and had laid multiple batches of eggs when I still had the male.

Cleveland, QLD


Discus & Loaches - Australia wide shipping

Current stock list from We have a wide range of live fish for sale including plecos, tropical, cichlids, exotics, fighting fish and guppies. Discounts automatically applied for bulk buys. GST included in price. Blue Turquoise Discus 12cm - $137.50, 5 for $660 Blue Turquoise Discus 15cm - $187, 5 for $907.50 High Body Red Melon 4-5cm - $110, 5 for $522.50 Red Eagle Discus 7-8cm - $82.50, 5 for $401.50, 10 for $770 Red Eagle Discus 12-13cm - $110, 5 for $539, 10 for

Coledale, NSW


DISCUS SPECIAL 8cm $70 10cm $90

Discus 8cm $70. 10cm $90 Available Yellow Melon Super Red Melon Rob's Aquarium Malaga Specialise in fresh water fish Cichlids, tropical, catfish, betta ect.... Aquarium tanks Opening hours Tuesday-Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm Saturday & Sunday 9:30am - 5pm Monday: Closed (open on public holidays) We are located Unit 5/1890 Beach rd Malaga******1282

Malaga, WA


Adult silver dollar fish

6x adult silver dollars All 12-15cms 5 female 1 male Showing lots of breeding signs $30 each 3 for $70 6 for $120 have adult discus available 13-16cm Breeding pair for $400 (Lots of wrigglers being hatched) Singles for $120 Also have baby uaru and a 3 foot tank available

Collie, WA


9-10cm Red melons and Yellow melons Discus fish

Hi everyone I have some more amazing red and yellow melons just arrived ready for sale Please see the pictures of the actual discus for sale . Very limited numbers $90 each or $85each when you buy four or more Can also send with Virgin across Australia Thanks again

Salter Point, WA


Discus Fish

Blood Pigeon Discus fish for sale. Approx. 8-10cm

Mornington, VIC


Premium Discus fish (Pick up only)

Unfortunately no longer take care of these guys due to other commitments. Up for sale is some super heathy and high quality discus. Mostly from Oz Discus and some from Geelong discus Wormed on a regular basis. Fed on freeze dried Australian black worms, beef heart, Hikari vibra bites.Raised in Sydney tap water. Serious buyers only Photo 1 – IP Flora SS Female (~15cm) -$350 Photo 2 – IP Red Jaguar Male (~15cm) - $300 Photo 3 – Lee Chee Fong Sakura LSS Female (~14cm) - $350 P

Merrylands West, NSW


Hikari cichlid food

Best food for cichlid Great for daily diet for cichlid and larger tropical fish Hikari Sinking Cichlid Gold Mini 342g Discus Pellet Tropical Fish Food Aquarium (blue packet)- 25$ Hikari Cichlid Gold Mini Floating Colour Enhance Tropical Fish Food Pellets 250g( red packet)- 22$ Cheaper than in the shops. No holdings only few more left.

Baldivis, WA


OAFI Discus Healthy Local & Imported Fish from 4-5cm $39

Marbolo Red, Red &white, Red Pigeon, Yellow Pigeon, Solid Yellow, Solid Red, Solid Blue, Diamond Blue, Snow White, Sunset Red, Purple Pigeon, Hackle, Mosaic, Red Snake , Blue Snake, Pigeon Snake, Spotted Snake, Cobalt Blue, White Butterfly, Leopard ... Small to large. 176 Warrigal Rd Oakleigh Vic Open 6days, Wednesday Closed, Weekday 12to5pm Weekend 10to5pm

Oakleigh, VIC


Fish Tank with amazing Discus Fish

1 x 150 L fish tank great condition. Comes with all 7 discus fish, black gravel, in-tank filter a few plants 2 algae eaters. Only selling due to upgrade and some aggressive fish can’t be mixed with discus. Gorgeous young discus fish various sizes. Discus are playful and each with their own personalities. No bonded pairs yet. 3 blues 1 orange 2 yellows All fish are pictured individually. Ghost knives and driftwood not for sale. No ridiculous offers. Make a reasonable offer and let’s have a c

Perth, WA


Discus for Quick Sale

Hi Fisher Lovers, I am so sad that I must sell my tank set-ups and fish due to an emergent international travel for couple months. As I will leave very soon, I will do about 50% off for discus sale. Discus for quick Sale: Picture 1 & 2: Two Germany imported discus cross-wild blood mixed and wild looking. Breeder: Alex Piwowarski - about 18cm - paid $450 each Selling for $250 each. Picture 3: One wild F1 discus paid $200 selling for $100 Picture 4 & 5 & 6: Three common d

Rhodes, NSW



Reluctant discus fish sale due to bullying from other fish. Is in separate tank away from other fish. Three-year-old. Very good health. PICK UP ONLY!! CARNEGIE

Carnegie, VIC


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