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Large Fish tank for sale

I am selling a fish tank that can be filled up to 600ml of water with beautiful and brand new accessories • if interested pls message me Negotiable

Wakeley, NSW


Bonsai Driftwood for aquarium . Ultimate aquarium Decor sale up to 50%

SALE UP to 50% bonsai Driftwood now. The ultimate Aquarium Decor for your aquarium !! -Safe for fishes/ shrimps and other aquatic animals -Used in most of our shrimps tanks and we noticed that the shrimps are more healthy , breed more and water is more stable. Also its provended that driftwood are essential for shrimp and fish tanks . -Create amazing and mysterious scenery forest looks for your aquarium -Amazing and unique decor from nature into your aquarium! - 100% handma

Canley Heights, NSW


130L Fish Tank COMES WITH 2 fish

130L fish tank up for sale. Comes with: - air pump - heater - 2 types of filters (the hang on filter not seen in pic has a faulty fan but you can still take it and have it fixed, currently using 4 pump filters which work perfectly fine) - 2 part sunken ship decoration valued at $150 - THE TANK COMES WITH TWO FISH ALREADY INSIDE , a Chinese algae eater and an electric yellow, they will not be sold without the tank and please don’t remove from tank as they have grown to size of the tank (CAN BE S

Fairfield West, NSW


Fish tank 6ft 2ft 2ft

Reason I’m selling my tank is for up grade. I just replaced a new sum for the tank around 3weeks old. Still in good condition. No leak, minor scratch at the bottom. I have ranchu and ryukin goldfish for sales And a lot items that need to go. Brand new sump never been use over 106cm long $400

Fairfield, NSW


Custom tank shutdown, regretful sale everything listed available

Custom fish tank Shutdown, everything available as listed. Have equipment and can assist with relocation, at extra cost. FISH TANK Tank 7ft x 2.5ft x 2ft $1800 Cascading Sump 4ft $440 Stainless Steel stand $2000 Coral Sand Gravel $150 Aquarium rocks $200 Twin heaters (ehiem) $160 Large diaphram air pump $90 Twin air lines $40 Total = $4880 (less 30%) Net total =$3416 FISH Arowana 80cm $2500 Silver Shark $100 Silver dollars $30 each x 5 = $150 German rusty $25 each x 2

Canley Vale, NSW


One in a million Silver Arowana 80cm

He's a 1 in a million Silver Arowana as he never touches any of the other fish. Awesome in a display tank as he can be housed with many other smaller fish, which is extremely rare for an Arowana. Very healthy, only slight dropeye in one eye (to be expected with aros). Fed with prawns and arowana pellets. Temperment like a puppy. Had him since an 8 cm baby for about 7 years. Regretful sale as we are moving. Have all the gear to help with relocation at extra cost.

Canley Vale, NSW


best algae eater in aquarium | Nerite Snails | Pick up local NOW

Nerite Snail the best algae eater in Planted Tank Price sale from 24.99 $ --> 14.99$ BUY ONLINE OR PICK UP TODAY Visit : Description Not Sold in Stores! Due to the popularity of our Nerite Snail, it may sell out. As of Today we do have a limited supply The benefit of Nerite Snails ✔️ They form your aquarium cleaning crew ✔️ Keeps the glass and

Canley Heights, NSW


Mix Size Colors Shrimp | Pack of 20 Shrimps

Mix Size Colours Shrimp Description Mix Size Colours Shrimp are a great beginner aquarium shrimp and they have amazing coloration. They are one of the hardiest shrimp we keep in the shrimp room. Mix Size Colours come in a variety of sizes and colors with some being more adaptable to aquarium life than others. It is also important to note that some species of shrimp are best kept in tanks without fish because some fish prey on shrimp and other small invertebrates. If you can find a pairing

Canley Heights, NSW


Mix Size Colours Shrimp

Description Mix Size Colours Shrimp are a great beginner aquarium shrimp and they have amazing coloration. They are one of the hardiest shrimp we keep in the shrimp room. Mix Size Colours come in a variety of sizes and colors with some being more adaptable to aquarium life than others. It is also important to note that some species of shrimp are best kept in tanks without fish because some fish prey on shrimp and other small invertebrates. If you can find a pairing that works well, however

Canley Heights, NSW


Nature style Driftwood tree on Volcanic Rock for Aquarium, New in AU

New Designs of Bonsai tree only at Micro Aquatic Shop -Size: 10 x 15-20cm ( HxL) -NEW AND MORE DRAMATIC DESIGNS *No moss attached, only the Driftwood tree alone, each piece will be slightly different in shape Sale from 45$- 37.45$ - Only limited time Buy online now at : Or pick up today The benefit of Bonsai Driftwood: -100% Natural Wood -No Chemical -Create beautiful centr

Canley Heights, NSW


Darwin Algae Eater Shrimp for Aquarium

Darwin Algae Eater Shrimp - Famous ALgae Eater in Aquascaping / Aquarium or pick up TODAY BIG SALE !!! 1 pc for 3 $ 5 pcs for 14.5$ 10pcs for 27.5$ 20pcs for 49.95$ The Darwin Algae Eating Shrimp is an undescribed species of shrimp that was, until recently, classified as Caridina longisrostris. However, upon scientific revision it was concluded that the species was more closely related to C. sp. NTnilotica. Th

Canley Heights, NSW


Bonsai Driftwood Tree for aquarium sale 20% off now!

Beautiful bonsai driftwoods for the aquarium are for sale now from 59.96$ Was 74.95$ at Exotic Aquaristic. Get this unique and beautiful handcrafted bonsai driftwood today at : or Pick up today at Canley Heights We also selling Christmas Moss, Mini Taiwan Moss, and other rare Moss at Exotic Aquaristic: Size : 15x20cm ( HxL) Bonsai driftwoods are handcrafted by skilled artists. C

Canley Heights, NSW



New Designs of Bonsai tree for Aquascaping Visit our website at: Visit our Catalogue: -Size : 25x30cm ( HxL) / From 1-4 ( kg ) 119.99$ on Sale from 149.99 -Size : 30-40cm ( HxL) / From 1-4 ( kg ) 159.96$ on Sale from 199.95 Limited Stock Only ! Get this unique and beautiful handcrafted bonsai driftwood today at :

Canley Heights, NSW


Looking for an ultimate decoration for your Aquarium?

Bonsai Driftwood is now a trend. Decorate your aquarium now with Bonsai Driftwood. Size : 15x20cm ( HxL ) Bonsai driftwoods are handcrafted by our skilled artists. Created from treated driftwood native to South East Asia, then sculpted and treated driftwood make a beautiful accessory for aquascaping, terrariums and paludariums. These unique decorations elevate regular fish/shrimps/plants tanks, making them more than just homes for your fish/shrimps. 100% safe for fish, shrimp Benef

Canley Heights, NSW


Realistic Bonsai Driftwood Trees exclusive only at Exoaquaristic

Bonsai Driftwood for sale, great for Aquascaping - Safe for fish, shrimps Size: 7cm Height *Bonus: Free Christmas moss will be attached onto the Bonsai Tree using Moss Glue as below images. ( If you refer the Bonsai Tree only, kindly let us a note ) Visit: for more awesome driftwood arts for your Aquarium. Amazing discount if purchase 3 or 6 Pieces. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Realistic Bonsai t

Canley Heights, NSW


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‘2ft curved fish tank for sale’ ! Selling cheap !

Beautiful fish tank for sale, need it gone, its a 2ft, comes with accessories, Heater, filter, air pump, LED lights, also has guppies and mollies, but if u don’t want the fish included, happy to take em out, also has a large fake coral rock, with pebbles, only the accessories worth over 200$ on the own,without the fish tank, price is now 100$, need it gone soon, if u are interested please let me know by sms or call, cheers

Liverpool, NSW


African cichlids

For sale Dragon blood peacock cichlids and electric yellows 2 sets of each, so sizes vary depending on the age but they are approximately 4cm They are very bright and colourful. $5 each fish and can do discounts on group buys. Mother of dragon bloods is for sale as well, unfortunately she only has one eye. Electric yellow mother has already sold. Also selling a few larger cichlids approximately 10-12 cm from my show tank. Will include some pics $30 each Any inquiries please don’t hesitate to

Liverpool, NSW


Axolotl - JadeAxolotls: advice, breeder & rescue

🐉🌱Jade Axolotls🌱🐉 Please contact us for anything axolotl (ambystoma mexicanum) related! This includes: ✨Advice - tank cycling, sick animals, gender checks, anything you need to know! Just ask! ✨Breeding- after a particular morph? Unsure if you want to breed? Want to know more? Accidental eggs? ✨For Sale- we have a range of colours and ages available now and in the near future. ✨Rescues- life changed? Need to rehome? Bites? Sick animal? We are always happy to help! ✨We also do h

Liverpool, NSW


Fish tank for sale ( including fishes)

Selling the entire fish tank Fishes included in it Also includes any fishes inquires and extra box of stuff for fishes

Hoxton Park, NSW


Aquarium fish tank ornaments rocks

Aquarium fish tank ornaments rocks A kilo of rock Aquarium fish tank ornaments rocks 1) If the ad is still here, it means it is STILL available for sale, I will take it down once the item is sold. 2) I will NOT respond to emails under no circumstances, I will DELETE them, ONLY contact via SMS or CALL

Prestons, NSW


Rotala Pink $1ea stem

Beautiful Rotala Pink (could be another type of pink/reddish rotala variety) stem cuttings for sale. $1 per stem (about 10cm or longer) Lots to sell and can do them in bunches. Buy more and i can work out a discount Grown under moderate lighting, with co2 and fertiliser See my other ads for more plants i’m selling Fish tank, aquarium, aquascape, aquatic plant

Wentworthville, NSW


Aqua one 400 complete

Hi selling my complete aqua one 400 set up. Tank is in excellent condition complete with sump light gear medications test kits sponges fry tanks fish dividers can also throw in (x2) 3 foot tanks. (Tanks only) air pumps several of them sponge filters several of them plants etc etc etc i a tone of accessories. Holey rock concha shells caves. You can not even count how much money i have spent. Fish are included in the sale about 35 fish in total all breeding.. bristlenose Electric yellow Dragon bl

Bass Hill, NSW


Fish tank set up for sale closing down sale

Everything must go Shutting down my set up So need it gone ASAP Grab a bargain today 5 fish tank 4 canister filter Including approximately 40 fish as seen in the picture Price for 1 fish tank

Blacktown, NSW


Aquaone 120 aquascape competition fishtank

Absolutely regrettable sale. No expense spared completion grade planted aquarium. This is my pride and joy that two me several months to scape. Spent $150 alone on the epoxy putty to put this together. The set up includes Aquaone 120 Marine fish tank Fluval plant 3.0 lighting Weipro PH controller with two calibration solution Inline C02 diffuser with solenoid and two C02 cannisters Aquaone UV steriliser Upgraded sump with marine pure bio balls Over $350 worth of aquatic plants and mosses Over

Blacktown, NSW


Fish Tank Sand and Basalt Rock

Have some leftover pool filter sand and basalt rock for sale. Basalt rock was in my fish tank, so is aquarium safe! Was perfect for cichlids but will suit any fish such as tropicals, cold water etc. Price: - 30kg pool filter (not used in tank - very clean): $30 - 14kg basalt rock: $30 - Both: $50 Pick up from Parramatta. Strictly no holds.

Parramatta, NSW


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