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Asian red tail catfish pair tropical fish

25cm henibagrus pair female about to pop only for the experienced aquarist with extra large tanks $450 the pair Tropical Paradise Aquarium New Address: 7/ 56 to 70 Canberra st At St johns village, St johns park Ph: *****6088 Currently opening 7 days a week We range Africans cichlids American cichlids Tropicals Gold fish & koi Shrimps Marine fish & corals And fresh water plants also a Wide range of foods and accessories

St Johns Park, NSW


The best algae eating shrimps|Darwin Algae Eater Shrimp,pick up today

Darwin Algae Eater Shrimp Order ONLINE or pick up local today Online order at : The Darwin Algae Eating Shrimp is an undescribed species of shrimp that was, until recently, classified as Caridina longisrostris. However, upon scientific revision it was concluded that the species was more closely related to C. sp. NTnilotica. The species has been collected in numerou

Canley Heights, NSW



Nerite Snail the best algae eater in Planted Tank Purchase at our website at : Sulawesi Rabbit Snails (Tylomelania sp.) are one of the rarest snails in the aquarium hobby. Also known as Elephant Snails, their natural habitat is in Indonesia and they are only rarely seen in the United States. The "Rabbit" name likely comes from their rabbit-like faces and drooping a

Canley Heights, NSW


Darwin Algae Eater Shrimp for Aquarium

Darwin Algae Eater Shrimp - Famous ALgae Eater in Aquascaping / Aquarium or pick up TODAY BIG SALE !!! 1 pc for 3 $ 5 pcs for 14.5$ 10pcs for 27.5$ 20pcs for 49.95$ The Darwin Algae Eating Shrimp is an undescribed species of shrimp that was, until recently, classified as Caridina longisrostris. However, upon scientific revision it was concluded that the species was more closely related to C. sp. NTnilotica. Th

Canley Heights, NSW


Bonsai Driftwood Tree for aquarium sale 20% off now!

Beautiful bonsai driftwoods for the aquarium are for sale now from 59.96$ Was 74.95$ at Exotic Aquaristic. Get this unique and beautiful handcrafted bonsai driftwood today at : or Pick up today at Canley Heights We also selling Christmas Moss, Mini Taiwan Moss, and other rare Moss at Exotic Aquaristic: Size : 15x20cm ( HxL) Bonsai driftwoods are handcrafted by skilled artists. C

Canley Heights, NSW



New Designs of Bonsai tree for Aquascaping Visit our website at: Visit our Catalogue: -Size : 25x30cm ( HxL) / From 1-4 ( kg ) 119.99$ on Sale from 149.99 -Size : 30-40cm ( HxL) / From 1-4 ( kg ) 159.96$ on Sale from 199.95 Limited Stock Only ! Get this unique and beautiful handcrafted bonsai driftwood today at :

Canley Heights, NSW


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Large fish tank Aquarium

If you see the ad, it's stilll available. Comes with hood, stand and also a sump tank at the bottom. Tank is 1.8m x 0.56m x 0.48 Will include plants, baby tears, Val, and other plants from my growout tanks. Contact me via Gumtree messenger.

Hinchinbrook, NSW


1.05 Metre Fish Tank Aquarium NEON 215L Light, Filter, Pump, Cabinet

BRAND NEW, IN BOX - ALMOST SOLD OUT!! A fantastic, large aquarium setup. One metre in length, with crystal-clear rounded glass, an aluminium hood, and a cabinet to suit, you won’t get a better aquarium at this price! * Model: Neon 215 * Capacity: 215 Litres * Dimensions (cm): 105 (W) x 62 (H) x 45 (D) * Colour: Brown * Crystal-clear, scratch-resistant, automobile-grade glass with rounded front corners for seamless viewing * 1 x White & Blue LED light and 1 x Tricolour (RBW) LED light

Blacktown, NSW


28L Glass Fish Tank Aquarium NEON 28 Litre w/ Light, Filter, Pump, Air

BRAND NEW, IN BOX; PLENTY OF STOCK! A well-constructed small aquarium setup that would make a great home for a betta or a few small fish varieties, such as guppies, mollies, tetras, and dwarf species, or as a breeding tank for shrimp. It is a great starter for the interested youngster or novice, with minimal investment in terms of upfront cost and on-going maintenance; a cheap and easy way to experience the joy of fish keeping. * Model: Neon 28 * Capacity: 28 Litres * Dimensions (cm): 38

Blacktown, NSW


Fish Tank Aquarium Neon 92L Litre w Light, Filter, Pump, Air & Cabinet

BRAND NEW, IN BOX This is a taller fish tank with a semi-circular column-like appearance, providing seamless viewing. * Model: Neon 92 * Capacity: 92 Litres * Dimensions (cm): 58 (W) x 75.5 (H) x 36 (D) * Colour: Black/White * Crystal-clear, scratch-resistant, automobile-grade glass with round front pane for seamless viewing * LED light with blue and white colours for brilliant illumination * Efficient (16W, 900 L/hr), low-noise internal pump with adjustable venturi air intake for id

Blacktown, NSW



BUY FIVE OF THE SAME FISH, GET A SIXTH FISH FREE! Buy 5 x $3.95 Comets, get a 6th $3.95 Comet Free! Buy 5 x White Clouds, get a 6th White Cloud Free! Buy 5 x Neon Tetras, get a 6th Neon Tetra Free! etc... Danios are $3.95 each. White Clouds are $3.95 each. Neon Tetras are $3.95 each – large size! Cardinal Tetras are $4.95 each. Rummy Nose Tetras are $4.95 each – large size! Guppies are $5.95 each – great size and colour! Mollies, Platies & Swordtails are $5.95 each ($4.95 for small s

Blacktown, NSW


Aquatic Aquarium Plants, Tissue Culture Pots, Driftwood Creations

We stock a large range of aquatic plants, including tissue culture pots. Buy 3 potted plants valued at $7.95 each and pay only $20. Anubias on driftwood: $20, $29.50, $34.50 (depending on size). Tissue Culture Pots - $14.50: Monte Carlo HC Cuba Riccia fluitans Alternanthera reineckii Cyperus helferi Various 5 cm Pots: Anubias - $16.50 Cryptocoryne - $14.50 Swords - $12.50 Blue Stricta - $11.25 $7.95 5cm Pots (Buy 3 for $20): Ambulia Wisteria Purple Waffle Cardamine Broa

Blacktown, NSW


1.5cm baby common bristlenose cat fish

*** if you see this , still available *** Welcome to phone or message for quick reply on Please view my other adds next to my name I have available Selling fast from 300 dawn to 4 Baby common and albino bristlenose catfish lovely healthy fish growing fast Free small piece of Christmas moss and frozen food goes in bag. Some may be long fin as I do have a albino long fin father too small to tell just yet. Mixed sizes between 1.5cm to 2cm Please use your ruler to see if the size sui

Dharruk, NSW


🔥Hundreds of Fancy guppies SALE ⚡

We have beautiful colourful guppies fish for sale. They are of the highest quality with vibrant colours guppy fish. They are great in community tropical tanks and are extremely easy to look after and bred. We Stock Males and Female all in stock 8 different male colours 4 different female colours Usually $4 each and 6 for $20 Now 7 for $20 (only $2.85 each) * promotional special deal 12 for $30 ($2.50 each) We also stock platies and imported guppies. Check out our other

Homebush West, NSW


🇦🇺 Eel Tail Tandanus Australian Native catfish for sale🇦🇺

Zen Aquarium Australian Native Tandanus Eel Tail Catfish Australian Tandanus Catfish for sale. These guys are perfect in large ponds, fish tanks and are loved for aquaponic set ups, Easy maintenance fish which are very hardy. They can be kept with other Australian Natives, koi fish and large comet type goldfish. They can grow up 40cm in length. - Size Small: 8-10cm ( lots in stock) - Price: $18 each - 2 for $30 . . -Size medium: 12-15cm -Price: $25 each

Homebush West, NSW


Electric Yellow Colony (aprox 40 fish)

I am selling my large colony of around 40-50 electric yellows. There are 5-6 males and the rest are females. The females breed regularly carrying around 20-30 fry on average. All fish are large in size, including both males and females. Most fish are a nice and a bright yellow colour with no grey or brown discolouration. This is a great fish to breed for beginners due to their simplicity and hardiness. I also have a 3 tier breeding rack for sale too. It consists of 3 x 3 foot tanks, with one

Schofields, NSW


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