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TopFISH: L333; Peppermint; German Blue & Bolivian Rams; Blue Eyed; Plecos

✅ BEST quality PLECOS; BEST Quality Rams and Orange Head Tapajos in Australia all raised in Sydney Water 💧 ***JUST IN*** L333 King Tiger Pleco (Juveniles) 5-6 cm $150 each COMMON BRISTLENOSE PLECOS 5-7cm $35 SUPER RED BRISTLENOSE PLECO 4cm $30 each PEPPERMINT BRISTLENOSE PLECO 3-4cm $40 each - OUT OF STOCK 8-10cm $120 each (Males Only) SUPER RED CALICO BRISTLENOSE PLECO 2-3cm $20 each 3-4cm $30 each L144 - BLUE EYED LEMON PLECO 2-3cm $20 each - RESTOCKING SOON 3-4cm $30 each - RESTOCKIN

Glenfield, NSW


TopPLECOS, BRISTLENOSE IN AQUARIUM TANK, L144, peppermint, albino, calico

  • Pleco

-PICK UP and CHECK OUT our items at our SHOP at Unit 15, 2-8 Daniel St, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164 or get it to ship to your door by purchasing at our website Micro Aquatic Shop You can call us at (02) *****3037 for more convenience. ✅ Please read, these fish we sell them separately and price of these are from $16.99 and various depend on the different items ---> Check with us to know the current price ✅САRE GUIDELINES: Аs with оther рleсоs, it is well knоwn fоr its аlgаe eаti

Wetherill Park, NSW


TopSale! PRL Crystal, Cherry shrimps, plants and more

-CRYSTAL RED SHRIMP- PRL Crystal Red Shrimp $10 each (SS grade, Hiroshima no entry. TDS 135, GH 6, KH 1, PH 6.0-6.4, kept in Sydney tap water) -RED SHRIMP- High Grade Red Cherry Shrimp $3 each -YELLOW SHRIMP- 24K Yellow Cherry Shrimp $3 each (currently unavailable) -BLUE SHRIMP- Blue Dream Cherry Shrimp $7 each -GREEN SHRIMP- Low to Mid grade Green Jade $3 each -ORANGE SHRIMP- Sunkist $5 each -CULL SHRIMP- Mixed color $1 each Further discount available for bulk purchase (>20 S

Ermington, NSW


TopFish Tank & Black Stand

  • Algae Eaters

- Aqua One 52 Litre Fish Tank in excellent condition - Sturdy Fish Tank Stand (Black) - Paid over $500 for whole set up 2 years ago excluding the fish, plant and other accessories - plenty of accessories to clean the tank including; brand new packet of filter cartridges Plastic manual pump to extract water out Net for fish Brand new packet of guppy food half packet of guppy food and bristle nose food - Awesome Fish 🐠 that come in the tank are; 3 Bristle noses (they are breeders!) 2 male gu

Dee Why, NSW


TopAquarium Products Biggest Range In Melbourne. 2 Stores

Are you looking for Aquarium Supplies & Products? You're in luck. We are Melbourne's One Stop Shop for everything Fish. We've got everything you need from essentials like Water Treatments, Heating & Filtration through to your decor like ornaments and substrate. Visit Waterlife Aquarium 2/2 Shaft Court, Hoppers Crossing******8880 and Shop 58 Mountain Gate Shopping Centre Ferntree Gully******3344. If you prefer to shop online visit our store here. P

Hoppers Crossing, VIC


TopHigh Grade Cherry/ Native Shrimps and Fancy Guppy in Wetherill Park

PICK UP and CHECK OUT our items at our SHOP at Unit 15, 2-8 Daniel St, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164 or get it to ship to your door by purchasing at our website Micro Aquatic Shop You can call us at (02) *****3037 for more convenience. Micro Aquatic Shop is the proud provider of Australia's most comprehensive freshwater shrimp tank or aquatic solutions. Buying from us would probably be the best decision you will ever make, and here are a few reasons why that is the case. We provide a fully

Wetherill Park, NSW


Variety of fish (Cichlids ) $10

  • Cichlids

Reduce stock in the tank What ever you see from $10- $80 !!! NOTE IT , NOT FOR SALE!!! Saratoga & peacock bass

Canley Heights, NSW

0 minutes ago

Argentea fish American cichlid fish tank

  • S. American Cichlids

Hi I have an argentea cichlid around 250mm

Loganholme, QLD

2 hours ago

Ocellaris Clownfish-Captive

Two fish available, approx. 4 cm in length, orange with black and white striped markings. Tank bred, healthy and robust. Have owned for around 18 months and can have up to 6 year lifespan. Image is approximate, markings may vary. Local pickup only.

Moorebank, NSW

4 hours ago


3-4cm alenquer tiger pleco $45 5-6cm $80 each Great colors. Min buy 6 or more required. Serious buyers only. These are ordered in via next day shipping so price is firm and they must be pre paid to be ordered for you. Pick up Brunswick or next day courier shipping available

Brunswick, VIC

8 hours ago


Juvenile golden yellows, approx 6-8mm. These produce very nice golden yellows not cheap, discoloured fluro yellow. Will be ready next week. Pre order as I only have about 15 available to whoever wants to grab them before they go. Pick up Brunswick or post next Monday. Must be paid to be taken off Gumtree, I won't hold without immediate payment.

Brunswick, VIC

9 hours ago

Fish Tank ornament - helicopter

Large fish tank ornament, crashed helicopter 750mm long by 250mm high by 250mm wide. Ideal for a big tank, plenty of holes and gaps for the fish to swim through.

Mindarie, WA

13 hours ago

Tame Fish for sale!!!???

Hey up for sale is one female sword tail with huge personality loves black worms and will nibble fingers $10 also a pair of killifish who are super interesting they have three eyes and take live foods be it fish or mealworms to things like spiders and scorpions $20 for two finally I have four giant danios perfect for a pond or fish tank these guys will chase your fingers for hours probably the only tame fish I’ve ever seen and love whole mealworms $60 for the four these guys all live together i

New Town, TAS

14 hours ago

Marine fish bundle

Urgent sale due to needing space. The below all for $200, whoever can pick up first takes them. - medium size Red Sea Desjardini Sailfin Tang - medium size reef safe male Lamarck Angelfish with beautiful streamers - medium size Blonde Naso Lipstick Tang - small female Birdnose Wrasse All beautiful, superior quality, tank hardened, loves prepared foods including Ocean Nutrition Formula Two flake food as well as New Life Spectrum pellets. Pick up only. . . . . . . . . . . . . #ree

Parramatta, NSW

14 hours ago

Discus Fish for Sale!

  • Tropical Fish

Closing tank unfortunately due to moving overseas. Selling all Discus and Plecos. Pick up in Castle Hill after 3rd September. Prices negotiable if take multiple (IF WANT TO TAKE ALL $1000!!!), but listed as follows: Image 1. 12-13cm $250 Image 2. 12cm $120 Image 3. 12-13cm $250 Image 4. 15-16cm $100 Image 5. 12-13cm $100 Image 6. 12-13cm $250 Image 7. 12cm $50 Image 8. 18cm $200 Image 9. 12-13cm $250 Image 10. 12cm $80

Castle Hill, NSW

14 hours ago

Fish tank, 130litre

Complete with stand 130litres Rocks, heater and gravel included Black stand has bit water damage but presents ok . Selling cheap no leaks Collect Noraville 😊

Noraville, NSW

15 hours ago

Female Betta Sorority plus neons, tetras, goby

  • Bettas

Community of fish for sale Sorority of 5 female bettas 2 are galaxy koi halfmoon plakat females 2 are sisters of the above two, but are pure white 1 blue veil tail female (not related to the other 4) Handful of neon tetras 1 harlequin rasbora 1 tiger endler guppy male 1 bumblebee goby All these fish get on swimmingly. Would like them all to go together Their 4ft tank is also available. Heavily planted, aquasoil substrate, black stand, light, 2 filters, plant fertiliser liqu

Logan Village, QLD

15 hours ago

2 x Discus Fish Male & Female | Fancy Guppies | Plants

  • Guppies

** 2 Discus fish for sale About 12cm in size About 2 years old Blue Diamond is a male. Other one is a female. Keep in 28C temperature. Done warm treatment monthly. Prefer to sell to an experienced hobbyist who has a big tank and knows how to keep discus as they are NOT beginner fish. Selling them as I decided to start a nano fish tank. $375 for both Price negotiable ————————————————— ** Fancy Guppies Males $3 each Females $2 each ** Aquarium plants available too

Campbelltown, SA

16 hours ago

Starter fish tank

Small Fishtank also comes with a lid good for lounge or Childs room comes with some artificial plants heater and filter for tropical fish also comes with fish divider just in case fish have babies or pregnant or wanna divide temporarily

Warnbro, WA

16 hours ago

For sale

  • Goldfish

12 beautiful gold fish Needing a good home 150.00 Or with the tank 450.00 ono Only interested in selling if genuinely want the fish and will care for them

Albury, NSW

16 hours ago

Large turtle tank / fish tank

Includes fish tank, cabinet and accessories. Custom built fish tank with in built turtle dock. Fish tank originally bought for $3000. The 800L tank is massive and in great condition, only used for a year, with only light scuffing, but may require a clean as there is some moss around the back of the tank. There is a sump system in the cabinet below allowing for better water flow. Accessories includes (photos 3-10): Drift wood x2, Rocks x13, Heater, 4 heat lamps, large led light that covers the

Newtown, NSW

17 hours ago

Fish tank, fish & accessories (Sold pending pickup)

Approx 50ltr tank, 1 x sucker fish, 1 x german blue ram, 1 x guppy, 7 x neons. All ornaments and accessories included in price.

Ngunnawal, ACT

17 hours ago

Ramshorn Snails bronze leopard juvenile for fish tank aquarium

Bronze leopard juvenile ramshorn snails for fish tank aquarium Prices Below • Rapid breeders • Great algae cleaners • Good for starter aquariums • Eats leftover food • Eats decaying plant matter • Grows to a maximum 4cm averaging at 2.5cm • Temperature can range from 16°c to 26°c Prices: - 1 = $2.50 - 3 = $5 - 10 = $15 - 20 = $20 Please feel free to message me for any questions!

Frenchs Forest, NSW

18 hours ago

Endler guppies urgent sale

  • Guppies

There are 12 female guppies and 7 male guppies take all of them for $40. These fish are quite easy to care for and eat nearly anything as they are omnivores. They require a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius and a pH of 7. You don’t need a flashy tank for these guppies but they do require live plants to hide in.

Newtown, NSW

18 hours ago

90L curved glass fish tank and accessories

Includes fish tank, cabinet and accessories. Aqua one 620 90L Fish tank bought for $400 has an inbuilt led light and filter with filter medium. (See photos 2-4). The tank is generously sized and in good condition, only used for a year,with only light scuffing, but may require a clean as there is some sand and salt around the back of the tank. 90L Fish tank dimensions: Length 58cm Height 52cm filter Width 35cm Accessories includes (photos 5-9): Drift wood x1, Rocks x2, Heater, tweezers, net, f

Newtown, NSW

18 hours ago

Fish tank for sale

123cm x 44cm including cabinet and 12 tropical fish ready to go all included 🐠🐟🐠

Wellington Mill, WA

20 hours ago

Complete 4 Foot Aquarium Setup with Fish

  • African Cichlids

Make me an offer! Worth well over $2500. Complete 4 Foot Aquarium Setup with the following: - 2020 build 4 foot tank - Overlfow box to sump - 2 foot Sump with media - Jecob sump pump with digital controller - Flueval 300w Heater - Moveable return jet with non return valve - High capacity air pump and stones Best of the best LED lights with wifi control - Eheim auto feeder - Several several kilos of Texas holy rock - sturdy custom stand Happy to discuss!

Redwood Park, SA

21 hours ago

XL Bristle-Nose Catfish (Pleco) (2)

  • Catfish

I have 2 x XL Bristle-Nose Catfish for sale About 15 cm in size 3-4 years old, well grown (think they are both males, but not 100% sure, both have prominent bristles on their noses) Currently living in with Swordtail Fish & Large Siamese Algae Eaters (to which I’ll be trying to sell as well), they are fairly peaceful and show no aggression towards other fish (they do love to spend most of they’re time in a hollow part of a driftwood plant, so I don’t get to see much of them, hence the photos)

Warragul, VIC

21 hours ago

Fish tank for sale

Used fish tank in perfect condition, suitable for five plus guppy size fish Comes with all the bits, conditioner,plants,fish food the works Cost 360 when new New sold asap Mandurah area

Mandurah, WA

21 hours ago

Large Siamese Algae Eater Fish (2)

  • Tropical Fish

I have 2 x LARGE Siamese Algae Eater Fish for sale About 15-20cm in size 3-4 years old, well grown (not sure if male / female) Currently living in with Swordtail Fish & XL Bristle-nose Catfish (to which I’ll be trying to sell as well), they are peaceful and show no sign of any aggression towards other fish (including the tiny baby swordtails that get born) I just feel that they are getting a bit too large for my tank now (I have a 2 foot tank, nearly 100L) $40 for both (Must be sold together

Warragul, VIC

21 hours ago

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