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African cichlids for sale start from $10 depending on size and breed

  • African Cichlids

African cichlids and American cichlids for sale : electric yellows, electric blues mbunas , peacocks, princess cichlids , flowerhorn and many more I have display fish as well. Starting from $10 depending on sizes and breeds 1- display blue dolphin cichlids 2-display mbuna 3-display obs 4-electric yellow 5- electric blue 6-American cichlids 7- flowerhorn cichlids 8-princes cichlids 9-black face cichlids 10-fry flowerhorn 11-peackoock 12-pleco sucking fish 13- gubby

Lalor, VIC


Bristlenose Plecos & Guppies - OVERLOADED AGAIN

  • Pleco

Special sale on Bristlenose Plecos!! NEW OFFER: 5 minutes of me scooping Plecos for you. As many as I can get you for $50. How's that? There is no chance you won't be getting your money's worth and you'll be doing me a favour reducing the population in the tank which has blown out again. Bristlenose Plecos! all shapes and sizes. From less than 2 cm to 8 cms long! There's a bunch of bigger ones! Happy for larger orders. More than $50 for medium sized Plecos at the shops. Not with Plecos-a-pl

Belgrave Heights, VIC


Sale!!Discus $35~Angel fish $12~ Beta $6, Shrimp $4~ ,plants$3~

  • Catfish

Fish and Shrimp. Sale!! Discus Pic 1,2,4,6$120 get 4 for discount$ 400 Pic 3,5,7,8 $90 get 4 for discount $ 330 Pic9. $350 Young discus home bred 5-6 cm $35 get 4 for discount $100 No discount for buying less than 4 fish. Angel fish 7-8 cm. $12 get 4 for discount $40 Angel fish baby 1-3cm. $2 each minimum buy 10 Platinum Rice Fish $8 each (Sold out) more variation to come .... Red Cherry shrimp sakura grade or higher $ 5each, x10 for $40 Sold out Crystal red shrimp $7, x10 for $50(sold out) B

Werribee, VIC


Two fish tanks with stand

Two 4 foot fish tanks, comes with rocks in both tanks, 300watt heater lights above tank included, one globe is uv. air pump and air filters for both tanks. will clean up for you.

Arthurs Seat, VIC


Aquarium fish tank starter Set

Elite Hush 10 Power Filter for 20 to 40 litre aquarium. Some water stains on underside. Fully functional. Vitapet Senior pH test kit, barely used. API Tap water conditioner, dechlorinates aquarium water, 118 ml, barely used. Ultra Gravel Vac – self start, designed to separate & remove debris from aquarium gravel. Some water stains on tub Fish net, black plastic coated, 25cm handle, 7 cm square net. 2 Petplay Tropical Fish Flakes with Spirulina. 1 is unopened, other barely used, 100g

Warrandyte, VIC


【Best Quality】🐟Premium Pond Fish/Australian native fish

【Best Quality】🐟Premium Pond Fish/Australian native fish Important Fish Care: When you receive your fish open the foam box and remove the heavy duty plastic bag containing the fish, do not untie the bag until you are ready to release them. Float the bag on the top of the pond/tank water for approx 10 mins or until the water inside is about the same temperature. Open the plastic bag by untying or cutting it carefully. Gradually mix the pond/tank water with the bag water

Melbourne CBD, VIC


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