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Murray Cod for Aquarium, Dam, Pond, Aquaponics

Iconic Australian Native Fish Suitable for Aquaponics, Aquariums, Ponds or Dams Size (min) and price range: 15cm @ $10 each 20cm @ $20 each 25cm @ $25 each 30cm @ $30 each Other sizes available Contact to discuss SMS preferred and I will contact you to discuss your needs and options

Riddells Creek, VIC


Mosquito fish and waterplants for sale

  • Guppies

Bring a busket and take the waterplants and fish: Mosqutio fish: they from outside pond so no necessarily need a heater and it’s $1 for each waterplants: It’s $5 for 2 bags ( you can choose different types) including Frogbit, Mosquito fern,waterweeds. located hoppers crossing phone or PM

Hoppers Crossing, VIC


Elodea water plants

  • Platties

Elodea water plants for sale, in a bunch of 6 plants. Elodea is an ideal aquarium plant that will aerate the water, as well as provide food for some types of fish. Suitable for both tropical and cold water tanks and ponds. This water plant has small white flowers and grows quickly. We also sell Great Pond Snails for $2 DISCOUNT FISH FOOD: TROPICAL FLAKES AND VEGE WAFERS $5 for 50gm. For further information, contact Darrell on

Whittlesea, VIC


Swordtails for sale

  • Swordtails

Hello I have for sale silver swordtails, in various ages. I have 3 adult males. $3 each 4 pregnant females. $3 each And lots of juveniles. $1 each Or you buy a pair, an adult Male and female for $4.00. Or you can have 10 various aged/gendered swordtails for $10. The females are about to give birth any day now, so if you wanted swordtails fry get in quick. I also have pure cherry and mixed shrimp in various colours for sale starting at $1.00 for culls and mixed $4 dollars for good standard cher

McMahons Creek, VIC


$2 Comet GoldFish - Melbourne Tropical Fish - SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE

  • Comet Goldfish

$2 Comet GoldFish 5cm S A L E - Melbourne Tropical Fish These goldfish comets are amazing colour and size and would make for an excellent addition to a fish tank or garden pond. If this is your first time, that you are considering buying a gold fish as a pet, dorp in and visit us, we would love to advise you and help you with your new pet. We also have a range of small aquariums as well as filters and accessories so that you have a perfect home for your gold fish. We are open 7 days a week

Dandenong, VIC


L144 lemon blue eyes longfins super red guppies bristlenose Plecos

L144 lemon blue eyes longfins --size3cm $40 each, 3 for $100 L144 lemon blue eyes shortfins (parents are long fins) --size3cm $10 each --size4-5cm $15 each Super red longfins --size3cm $70 each, 5 for $300 --size4-5cm $80 each Super Red shortfins --size3cm $10 each --size4-5cm$15each Albino Cory breeding colony 10 fish - $120 breeding regularly Albino Cory catfish size2cm --6 for $20 Grass guppies red blue pupple random pick, $15 per pair Pleco cave and hiding bricks available Tags trop

Blackburn, VIC



  • Goldfish

Goldfish, assorted colours, 10-12cm $3.50 each.. 36 fish available. Large goldfish breeders - gold, white or silver - 15-18cm - $15 each. 7 fish available. Water Plants - Water Lilies pink or yellow $25 per pot, elodea $1 per string, Valisneria $3 per pot. Pick up only, Cranbourne Vic 3977.

Cranbourne, VIC


Pond goldfish plus some tropical fish for sale

  • Comet Goldfish

Lots of goldfish ranging from small $5 to medium 2 for $12 then larger $10 or $12 fish available. Also available platties malibu sunset and sunset available $4,Bristlenose catfish common and albino $5small $7 medium, $10 large(around 7-8Cm) Pick up Melton West

Melton West, VIC


Pond fish Japanese rice fish ricefish cold water fish goldfish

Japanese rice fish ricefish medaka 4 colours available $8 each, 10 for $70 4 Japanese pond fish size15-19cm, 2 small size6cm, must go together--SOLD Pick up at Blackburn

Blackburn, VIC


Eel-tailed Catfish and Large Goldfish

  • Catfish

Eel tailed catfish Fingerlings. Great for warm or cold water Perfect for aquaponics, aquariums, ponds or dams. Healthy strong fish Around 60 mm long. $10 each or 20 for $160. Gold fish for $20 each. Very attractive large fish Great for ponds or tanks Black goldfish - SOLD Cash only please. Please contact me through texts or calls on: zero 4 nine 07 81 five 68

Geelong Region, VIC


Pond & Aquarium fish - Tropical & Coldwater - with Free Expert Advice!

Please phone the store on******2056 for more information rather than use messaging. Our shop is Nautilus Aquarium, 3 / 544 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Carrum Downs, Victoria. Gorgeous tropical aquarium fish, coldwater fish and pond fish available at Nautilus Aquarium Carrum Downs. New fish in every week. Typical stock includes fascinating fish from the Amazon basin, African and American ciclids, Angels, Tetras, Geophagus, Gouramis, Silver sharks, Bristlenose, L. Cats, stunning Siamese fighters, M

Carrum Downs, VIC


Super Red lemon blue eyes longfins shortfins bristlenose Pleco catfish

L144 lemon blue eyes longfins --size3cm $40 each, 3 for $100 L144 lemon blue eyes shortfins (parents are long fins) --size3cm $10 each --size4-5cm $15 each Super red longfins --size3cm $80 each, 5 for $300 --size4-5cm $100 each Super Red shortfins --size3cm $10 each --size4-5cm$15each Albino Cory breeding colony 10 fish - $120 breeding regularly Albino Cory catfish size2cm --6 for $20 Grass guppies red blue pupple $15 per pair, random pick up Pleco cave and hiding bricks available Tags

Blackburn, VIC


White Cloud Minnow - cold water fish

  • Minnow

Melbourne Tropical Fish Dandenong - UNBEATABLE PRICES Factory 2, 41-43 Sinclair Road Dandenong VIC 3175 Online Live Fish Door to Door Delivery is Now AVAILABLE in Victoria. Weekdays - 10am to 5pm Weekends - 10am to 5pm You can also look us up on Face Book Melbourne Tropical Fish Aquarium Dandenong AFTERPAY Available in-store Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in our store A small number of native populations of the White Cloud Mountain Minnow have been discovered in i

Dandenong, VIC


Saratoga redhooks tinfoil barbs bala shark & 8ft pondoscar

  • Cichlids

$1800 FOR ALL FISH, THAT'S 5K WORTH FROM THE AQUARIUM STORE IF PURCHASED WITH 8X4X3 POND $2800 FOR ALL Various large tropical freshwater fish available: Saratoga 50cm $500 XL redhooks pair $300 XL tinfoil $100 each XL bala shark $100 Medium tinfoil $40 each Striped dollars $50 Large dollars $50 Small spotted dollars $25 Leparijis $40 each Oscars $50 Juvenile giant kissing gourami $50 45cm ghost knife $100 These prices are for bulk buys ONLY - will sell red hook pair and Saratoga separately, oth

Nyora, VIC



Garden fishes! 📥🇯🇵

  • Goldfish

The cheapest Koi’fishes are available everyweek in Melbourne 🌎 I have many different varieties of koi and sizes TRADING TIME: Monday-Friday 9am - 9pm Saturday-Sunday anytime just give me the time! I do delivery in Melbourne if the order over $300 and include shipping fee from $10-50 depending by your area. Small size 7cm $30 each is not available now Med size 10-35cm $75-300 each Large size will be available sometime (only high quality fishes) Please ask for more info Filter sock $10 each

Dandenong, VIC


Medaka Japanese rice fish ricefish pond fish no heater needed goldfish

Medaka Japanese rice fish ricefish No heater needed 4 colours available Orange/gold Tiger Platinum/blue Pearl cream white Size1.5-2cm juvenile size, some already start breeding $8 each, 10 for $70 Can post

Blackburn, VIC


Goldfish - young Thai Oranda, Ryukin and pond fish - for sale

  • Goldfish

baby thai oranda. (pic 1 & 2 are how parent looks like, pic 3 is the baby fish) 5 weeks old, around 3cm long. feeding on 0.5mm fish food. Kept in outdoor pond. (no heater required) will suit for both indoor tank or outdoor pond. $25 for 10 Min. pond fish pic 4: Amazing colour. has been raise up in outdoor tank since born. strong fish, every active and eat well. used to hand feed. will come to your hands when you feeding them. high quality Young Ryukin - long tail (adult looks like pic 5 & 6

Doncaster East, VIC


Goldfish Rescue/ Goldfish Wanted

  • Goldfish

Do you have a goldfish pond or a tank that you can no longer look after? I have a lot of space for goldfish and would be happy to take them in. If you have a bunch to rehome, can give you some cash in return. I've been handling/ keeping Goldfish for many years and I've got the equipment to pick them up and transport safely. Feel free to message me. #goldfish #Comets #fantails #fancygoldfish

Hampton Park, VIC


✈Budget Imported High Grade Thai Oranda Orchid tail/Ranchu/Koi

  • Koi Koi available as well. ✈Budget Imported High Grade Thai Oranda Orchid tail★★★★★ 🐟Premium Pond Fish from Quality 🇯🇵 🎌 Lines🐟 /Koi 14-16CM,No small size lion head Oranda 12-13cm Calico Pearlscale Oranda 9-10CM Jumbo Butterfly Tail Oranda 15CM-18CM Cow Ranchu Tri-colour Ranchu 8-13CM Wakin 12-14CM Bubble eyes Oranda 10-11CM (Text me)Posting video for our requested customers!!! Feel free to contact me anytime, I prefer text mess

Melbourne Region, VIC


Wanted: Wanted. Any cold water fish / Gold fish

I have a large outdoor pond and looking for any unwanted cold fresh water fish Gold fish. The photos in this advert is my pond. Depending on where you are I can collect from you if you wish.

Taylors Lakes, VIC


【A grade Best Quality 】 Top Imported Ranchu & Koi

  • Koi 🐟Premium Pond Fish from Quality 🇯🇵 🎌 Lines🐟 /Koi 【Best Quality】A grade Top Imported Calico Ranchu & Tircolor Ranchu Posting video for our requested customers!!! From:$18 Feel free to contact me anytime, I prefer text message. Mobile: We offer postage all over Australia ; Gold fish 5-6 day Safe in the bag; DOA GUARANTEE PM for more detail 🙂

Dandenong North, VIC


【Best Quality】🐟Premium Pond Fish/Australian native fish

【Best Quality】🐟Premium Pond Fish/Australian native fish Important Fish Care: When you receive your fish open the foam box and remove the heavy duty plastic bag containing the fish, do not untie the bag until you are ready to release them. Float the bag on the top of the pond/tank water for approx 10 mins or until the water inside is about the same temperature. Open the plastic bag by untying or cutting it carefully. Gradually mix the pond/tank water with the bag water

Melbourne CBD, VIC


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