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Found bunny in my back yard

Found adorable bunny in my back yard,I’m around burton area if yours please contact me ASAP AS WE ARE ALL HAVE ALLERGIES,although We’re taking amazing care the cutie,fed water playing,we adore the bunny,just sad that I know it’s wants to go home as it going to go out from our yard ,but I won’t allow it too as there’s cars dogs,and cats that can hurt it! The bunny been staying inside a bunny’s hutch as I used to have a bunny.I won’t leave as it’s too cold out side !! if anyone has lost their bun

Burton, SA


Found Torrens Park, one missing!

Found last week on fife Ave. Text your name to claim! 😉😁

Torrens Park, SA


Wanted: Cordless Drill

Found on road in Flagstaff Hill, Aberfoyle Park area. Whoever lost it will know this tool as it is used for a specific purpose. If you identify make & use I will make arrangements to return it.

Aberfoyle Park, SA


Lost Sausage dog to a little old lady

Dutchhound Sausage dog answers to Tootsie Whitelodge Rd Paradise near OBhan Interchange Paradise River Toprrens North Paradise Owner is little old 87 lady friend

Paradise, SA


22 rifle shooting medal

22 rifle shooting medal dated 1932. Was given to my mother when she first met her father in law, because he liked her so much. She wore it for the rest of her life. After she died, I have been wearing it. It's silver, brass, and copper. I'm devastated it's gone. The chain around my neck broke. I lost it either in Modbury, Modbury heights, Elizabeth cash converters, or Salisbury Park. I am happy to give a reward for getting it back!!!

Waterloo Corner, SA


Lost Gold Money Clip with my initials DSCM, Will pay REWARD

I lost a Gold money clip either at Henley Beach or in Adelaide. It was a wedding gift from over 40 years ago, I will pay at least its weight in gold - no questions asked. It has initials D.S.C.M on front. Has sentimental value, so invaluable.

Magill, SA


lost iphone salisbury

lost iphone around salisbury north cash reward has blue cover

Salisbury, SA


Lost duck

Missing muscovey young duck in Para hills.

Para Hills, SA


Watch found

Found a watch in Surrey Downs on Tuesday 6th of April if you have lost a watch in Surrey Downs area tell me some details of what you have lost.

Surrey Downs, SA


Audi i Car keys Found Milne Road corner

Audi flip key found corner of milne Rd and Golden Grove Rd. Let me know what's on key and it's yours

Tea Tree Gully, SA


STOLEN! Nishiki Eliminator Bike

someone stole my bike in the woodville west area if you have any information please let me know

Woodville West, SA



FOUND >>> TRADIE SHIRT HI-VIS (BLACKSMITH BRAND - SIZE MEDIUM). ALSO HAS CASH IN POCKET! Found in Kilkenny area on Tuesday morning, 19th Jan 2021. Any questions contact . Item is located in Kilkenny SA.

Kilkenny, SA



Stolen!!!!! My "Jill Dixon" solid bronze statue has been stolen from within my Home, on Stradbroke Rd, Newton, in Adelaide (amongst many other designer items not listed) between approximately the hour of 9-10pm Friday night, the 27th October 2017. 35-40 kgs in weight. It Was No.1 of 4 .....made by Jill Dixon. It's 90cm high. If anyone hears of one going cheap or trying to pass it on, or even if you inadvertently purchased, please....make contact with me or call crime stoppers

Newton, SA



My "Jill Dixon" solid bronze statue has been stolen from within my Home, on Stradbroke Rd, Newton, in Adelaide (amongst many other designer items not listed here) between approximately the hour of 9 & 10pm Friday night, the 27th October 2017. 35-40 kgs in weight. It Was No.1 of only 4 ever made by "Jill Dixon". She's 90cm high. If anyone hears of one going cheap or trying to pass it on at an Antique shop or wherever! even if you have mistakenly bought her from these thug

Newton, SA


Jigsaw piece!

I purchased a 1000 pieces puzzle in Adelaide and this piece isn’t part of it. I decided having completed my puzzle that I’d be really upset to have one piece missing. So I hope I can relocate my spare piece to complete someone’s puzzle!

Burnside, SA


(STOLEN) Holden vs Commodore

Hey everyone my white Holden vs Commodore was stolen from rose street in theberton if found please let me know the car means alot to me an would be greatly appreciated if some one had any information on the car Number plate is S776AWP please keep a look out for it if you see the can contact me and or the police about it

Clearview, SA


Lost Yamaha remote control

Same as in picture but has a surfboard key ring Lost at woodlane reserve on 28-1-19

Clearview, SA


STOLEN: Triumph ST1050 Sprint, CASH REWARD

Stolen from Willunga in a house burglary between 24/8 and 4/9. Any info to Sapol (quote SAP2000199787) $1000 reward for info leading to a successful prosecution. (B**tards stole the kids' savings & their pitbike too so don't hold back on these scum) A genuine, completely standard and well loved Trumper. Very low kms (17,XXX) for year (2006). Had her since 2010. Very careful, proud and mature owner, as can be seen by the absence of wear on the ed the tryes and pristine footpeg ends, leve

McLaren Vale, SA


Wanted: ❤️LOST PET GALAH❤️

WE have lost our pet galah - ROY❤️ He has been missing since the 7th August and I am still hopeful of his return. DO you know of anyone who has recently found a galah and may be wanting to keep it as they can't find the owner's due to not knowing about the many social media websites available for lost pets. If this is the case please could you let them know that our boy ROY and many other peoples galahs need to get home to their rightful owners as they are sadly missed

West Lakes, SA


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