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I love helping people secure their most suitable jobs so they have a sense of achievement. But why should you spend money on your resume and why should you choose me? That’s because: - I can help you formulate an effective job hunting strategy. I know how to put you in the best possible light to make you stand out. For you to get the first impression right during a job application process so you can negotiate abetter wage/salary later on! Remem

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Looking for geology or mining work

Hello, We are couple looking for work in the mining business. Inken, female, 24, bachelor of science in geology. Tristen, male, 27, bachelor of science in embedded systems engineering. We are hardworking, socila, fun and have a good sense of humor. Very good english skills both verbally and in writing. Work experience: Tristen: Experience in general mechanics and electronics. Other experience: Grape picking/pruning, Apple picking/pruning, Cattle

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Hard working German looking for Work

You've got a project taking a few days up to several weeks to finish? Widespread skills, hard work and an eye for detail are more important to you than qualifications? Jens brings experience in: - Mining in Australia (Marble Quarry) - Drilling - Handling Bobcats and Trucks - Driving offroad - Highly diverse tasks on a german farm - General Labour work - Work in Warehouses - Removals - Renovation <p

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