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Fish rehoming

rehoming oscar, Jack dempsey 10cm , plecos 8-15cm one albeno jack dempsey is falling victim to the 30 cm oscar and missing scales oscar needs to be in with bigger fish Sailfin 35cm very big may be available these fish need suitable tanks

Hobart Region, TAS


L134 Peckoltia Compta sub-adults

I have 7 L134 leopard Frog plecos for sale. they are 5-6.5cm. Take them all for $500. Local pickup only Wantirna

Wantirna, VIC


Super Red Bristlenose Shortfin

Super Red Bristlenose Catfish / Pleco Great aquarium cleaning fish Size: 3.5-4cm $10 each OR 11 for $100 Pick up Cairnlea Fish will be bagged ready to go Cash on pick up

Cairnlea, VIC


3 foot fish tank plus accessories

3 foot fish tank Comes with 400watt heater jager brand 2 ziz media filters 1 sponge filter 1 piece of slate COA-60 air pump with 8 outlets 2 ink birds (temp control) Driftwood and caves. L204 adult plecos Kribensis fish over 25 fish Everything you see in the pics PLEASE MESSAGE FOR MORE DETAILS Pick up regents park 4118 ASAP

Regents Park, QLD


Complete 6 foot set up

Selling our 6 foot tank set up. Just don’t have the time anymore and it is taking up room Has a great Aqua One Nautilus 1100 filter on it. Have never had any issues with it. Has 10kgs of Texas holy rock (only 5kg pictured in the tank) Heater Numerous ornaments/rocks/caves etc Currently holds 2 very large plecos (30-40cm), a breeding trio of bristlenoses and a handful of mollies, platies, guppies etc

Chiltern, VIC


Pleco / Catfish Caves - Ezycaves

EZY STACKER PRO KIT Pleco caves for catfish & plecos Removable for ends $85 = 6 x Caves 1 x Stacker Cash on pick up Pick up St Albans

Cairnlea, VIC


Indian Almond Leaves 12pcs $10

12pcs $10 26pcs $20 Pickup Truganina or add extra for postage. No chemical or any other things 100% Organic, Healthy & Clean Leaves Leaves size 15cm-22cm Advantages of Almond Leaf in Aquarium Natural Water Conditioner. Natural addition of Trace Minerals Natural Anti-Inflammatory Prevents and Cures diseases in Fish Natural Food Source Natural Decorative Natural Hiding Spot and play thing for Fishes Natural Healing Agent Induces breeding in Betta Fish

Point Cook, VIC


6 foot fish tank

6 foot fish tank (6 x 2 x 2) All accessories included Canister filter Fluval FX5 fish (7 stripe Frontosas), can be sold separately from tank. pleco catfish can be sold separately from tank.

Albany, WA



Best in class Hoovermatic underwater glass cleaners. Keep your internal aquarium glass clean and free of algae growth. Albino cross Peppermint speckled bristle nose plecos. Sucker mouths. algae eaters, herbivore, omnivore. Beginners. Easy care. Low maintenance. 5cm to 6cm length at present. Growth up to 7cm to 12cm length. Placid mannerism. Compatibility with all types in community setups. Great to watch, Interesting interactions with others. Bring your own container. $10 each. OR : 5 for $40.

Trinity Beach, QLD


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