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Spiny stick insect eggs 🌿

50 X Spiny Stick Insect Eggs for sale. More than one available! NO BABIES OR ADULTS CURRENTLY FOR SALE. Come in container for hatching process. All you need to do is keep the paper towel moist; usually by spraying with water daily. Remove any eggs that go moldy. They have been fertilized by a male so should be hatching in 4-6 months! (Closer to 3-5 months as they started laying them a while ago). They will hatch either male or female. Included is; a takeaway container with paper towel and

Jimboomba, QLD

8 hours ago

Spiny Leaf Stick Insect - Newborns for Sale - Easy to maintain

Spiny leaf stick insect are fun pets to keep. They are an australian native animal, and eat eucalyptus leaves. What you will recieve: (x) amount of stick insects, plastic tub to carrry them home and sheet with information on how too look after them. Before coming to pick them up you should have a suitable terrarium for the stick insects, and a spray bottle (each day mist the leaves, the insects get their water by licking off the water). The insects are around the size of a 10c peice when they e

Concord, NSW

24 hours ago

Spiny Leaf Stick Insects for sale

Juvenile Spiny Leaf Stick Insects make amazing pets and are easy to keep. Super easy to look after and easily handled. Please send a text message if you are interested.

Graceville, QLD


Young Cyclone Larry Stick Insects (approx 12 available)

Young stick insects for sale. $5 each Ver easy to take care of. They eat gum tree leaves and need to spritz with water each day. Pick up from Woody Point

Woody Point, QLD


Inverterbrate insect spider scorpion centipede stick insect

We have a range of inverterbrate insect spider scorpion centipede as pet. Some require wildlife licence to keep. We have different varieties and new stock comes in regularly. To inspect Pet country 18 250 kingston rd slacks creek. we open 7 days 9 to 5pm Phone: (07) *****9992

Woodridge, QLD


4 spiny leaf stick insects, enclosure, leaves, vase and spray bottle

4 spiny leaf insects for sale in their large 40cmx40cmx60cm pop up mesh enclosure. Comes with a vase, spray bottle, a care sheet and fresh eucalyptus leaves. Easy to care for as they only require a misting of water once or twice a day and fresh eucalyptus leaves.

Butler, WA


Spiny Leaf STICK INSECTS for sale Lara

I have quite a few spiny leaf stick insect juveniles for sale. They vary in age and size. They are $5.00 each or 5 for $20. They are fantastic pets for small children and adults alike as they are very low maintenance and don't bite. They only require a suitable enclosure and then gum leaves to eat and a daily misting of water. Cash on pickup from Lara 3212. Feel free to message me with any further enquires.

Lara, VIC


Stick insects

Three month old stick insects. Four of different sizes. Easy to keep - just fresh eucalyptus leaves every couple of days and a daily spray of water. Terrarium not for sale. $10 each or make an offer for all 4

Chittaway Bay, NSW


Spiney Leaf Stick insects for sale

Spiney leaf stick insects for sale. Mostly females $5 each Pick up diamond creek (3089)

Diamond Creek, VIC


spiny leaf (stick) insects 4 sale, $4 or 3 for $10, robust juveniles

spiny leaf insects for sale... $4 each or 3 for $10... hatched over the last six weeks... healthy and happy. Hatched from fertilised eggs, so more robust, and a mix of males and females. See photo of one of the adolescents (and a few others in the background), that are the right form, size and maturity to come into your home. There are more babies coming to maturity also. We have four larger boys for sale, 3 months old. One of them is pictured. Their sister Uno got sick of being outnumbe

Wahroonga, NSW


spiney leaf stick insects

These Lil guys are the coolest pets, very easy to keep, cost nothing to feed and their POOP DON'T STINK!!! 😂 Ideal for kids and classrooms, they are incredibly awesome!! Hatchlings are up to 6 weeks old (1 to 2 inch) $5 each or 5 for $20 Jouveniles up to 3 months old (2 to 4 inch) $8 each Adult males $10 each

Bonogin, QLD


Spiny Leaf Stick Insects

Spiny Leaf Stick insects. Free to good home. Have many, too many for our cage. Most are six months old or more and are medium and adult size. These stick insects are easy to care for, just give them gum leaves once a week. You will need a cage, though since these are large you won't need to worry about them getting through small gaps.

Mornington, VIC


Crowned stick insects

Crowned stick insects Nymphs sub adults and adults available males and females Great starter pet, great classroom pet, just a great pet in general! Easy to care for just require gum leaves every couple of days and change out of the bottom. Of the cage every 3-5 weeks. Simple! Nymphs: $3 each Sub adults: $5 each Adults: $10 each Deal buy 3 nymphs get one FREE Deal buy 3 sub adults get one FREE Pick up Frankston

Frankston, VIC


Spiny leaf stick insects for sale

Nymph Spiny Leaf Insects for sale These are easy to care for pets for all ages. All they need is gum leaves and a water misting once day or couple of days. They are currently 2cm long as shown in first photo and can grow up to 15cm long as shown in second photo. I have both male and females. Again great low maintenance pets for $5 each.

West Lakes Shore, SA


STICK INSECTS, pickup Campbelltown area

PICKUP ONLY PLEASE BRING A CONTAINER with air holes when collecting juveniles or adults, see info below. SPINY STICK INSECTS (macleay’s spectre) EASY CARE, great for kids. Small/Medium Juveniles- not available Large Juveniles- not available Female Adults- limited available Male Adults- available (males price upon request) - BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINER with small air holes for pickup, Eg. Something like a shoebox covered in small hole netting or similar.

Kearns, NSW


Spiny stick insects for sale

$2 each or 4 for $5 Great for kids! Watch them grow and shed! Easy to care for just pop a branch of gum or peppermint leaves in and spray with water a couple of times a day. No mess, no bad smells.

South Fremantle, WA


Spiny Leaf stick insects. $5 each

Good size so more likely to survive Sizes from 2cm to 5cm + They need fresh eucalyptus leafs with water sprayed onto the leafs daily Great easy pet showing various life cycles

Kensington, WA



At Fish Haven we have lots of Scorpions, Tarantulas, centipedes and leaf and stick Insects in stock and ready to go with all their accessories, foods, enviro worlds and packages available to house them. SCORPIONS Flinders Ranges $15sm, $25med, $35lg, $45xlg & $55xxlg (Gravid) Dessert Sand Scorpions(Armatus)$25-$35 Yashenkoi $25-$35 Rainforest Scorpions $45 Lychas Marbles $10-$15 Black Rocks $25-$35 Rubipres Centipedes $25 Tarantula Slings$50-$60 PHLOGIUS HIRSUTUS PHLOGIUS NUNN (LGST SPECIES IN

Para Hills West, SA


Cyclone Larry stick insect nymphs & Spiny leaf eggs

So far there is 500 eggs for the Spiny Leaf species. All eggs have been laid late 2020- early 2021 Eggs take approximately 4-12 months to hatch Cyclone Larry stick insects available. They eat gum leaves and need misting twice a day. Once they’ve reached adulthood and have laid eggs their hatch rate is out of this world! All eggs will hatch under any circumstance, just take care of them and they’ll be hatched in 2 months! Last three slides are Cyclone Larry’s. Insect prices range from $5-35

Greenvale, VIC


Stick insects

MacCleay Spectre - Spiny Leaf stick insects. All females. Various sizes up to 4-5 cms Make great pets and are easy to look after. Eat gum leaves. Spray leaves with water every day. Great for kids to see the lifecyle of these creatures. Moult 5 times during their life, and lay eggs at around 18 months.

Croydon, VIC


Spiny Leaf Insects (Stick Insects)

** Text message preferred: ** Great educational experience for the kids. These are gentle, easy to care for pets. $5 - $20 per insect, packages available (see below for pricing) Great example of an invertebrate life cycle. Needs: • Fresh Eucalyptus leaves in a vase of water (changed when they dry out) • Water spray bottle (leaves need to be sprayed daily for humidity) Spiny leaf insects go through a moulting/shedding process 5-6 times until they reach maturity, gro

Armadale, WA


Stick Insect Mantis Butterfly Pop-up Mesh Cage Enclosures

 30x30x30 pop-up mesh enclosure/cage perfect for keeping insects, mantis, butterflies etc. Brand new, black frame with white mesh. Frame is a flexible wire construction allowing cage to be collapsed and packed flat when not in use making it incredibly versilitile. A must-have for beginners looking to start keeping insects and also for experienced insect keepers alike! $20 each, 50 available. Can post Australia-wide or can pick up from St Lucia, Brisbane.

St Lucia, QLD


Spiney leaf stick insects

Approximately 50 available Males and females Some which hatched around August are large and maturing ranging down to newly hatched nymphs. $5 each, no discounts.

Success, WA


Stick Insects

Pink winged stick insects- approx 4 months old ($20) and Dwarf Crowned nymphs ($10) Pick up only

Terrigal, NSW


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