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big fish tank - worth over $1100

Giant 160L fish tank, only 4 months old send me an offer! 4 very healthy gold fish ranchus juveniles between 4-6cm, all with perfect spinal structures, most with double anal fins if you want better pictures of the fish, pm me 1 pearlescale also incredibly healthy and quite big filter set up: two sponge filters and one giant hang on back filter 3 plants - seen better days, the fish loves chewing on them tank size: 91x38x45cm tools: automatic water pump tongs turkey baster premium goldfis

Subiaco, WA

8 hours ago

Fish Tank / Aquarium

1420mm wide, 750mm tall, 285mm deep. 10mm glass all round. First to collect can have it.

Maddington, WA

11 hours ago

Fish tank + accessories

*PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE* - 20L fish tank - tank heater - filter - 6x plastic plants - artificial rock - betta pellets (fighting fish food) - aquarium rocks - small net - cleaning tube - tank light - tank thermometer

Booragoon, WA

11 hours ago

Complete plants for aquarium

Complete aquarium plants package for a hole tank including Christmas moss. Not all of the moss is being sold just one big portion. All plants apart from a portion is being sold so everything apart from 2 massive portions are being sold. Pick up Armadale

Armadale, WA

13 hours ago

Aquarium fish tank driftwood - 3 pieces

Aquarium fish tank driftwood - 3 pieces

Bedford, WA

15 hours ago

Java moss ( aquarium plant)

Generous clumps of Java moss. Pick up in West Perth during the evening

Northbridge, WA


Aquarium Filter Fish Tank External Canister Water Pump 1850L/H

1850L/H | 3 Stage Filtration | UV Light Use a multi-level approach to filtration and filter your tank water with our Aquarium Filter. This external filter is designed to be positioned outside of the tank and draw water into the filter through an inlet tube and return the water via an outlet tube. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums sized up to 350 litres, this type of external filter avoids the need for an unsightly filter inside the tank. It runs on 35W power for energy-effi

Roleystone, WA




Attadale, WA


Aquarium Battle Ship - 2 piece - 2 foot long

Collection from Alkimos Beach : There are times in your life that you are desperate for a big ship. I know, I’ve been there. If you want to wipe this ship off my hands, you’d find its great in a big aquarium. This is no floater, it’s made from resin and will sink, in fact it will be flush with the bottom of your tank. These things are not cheap, over $140 in fact, because they are big. I’ve gone for a less “battleship” look and more “SS Alkimos”…. In a smaller tank with no fish currently. I’ve

Alkimos, WA


Opticlear Aquarium

Aqua one opticlear 45cmx27cmx30cm, comes with light, filter, Eheim heater and ADA Colorado sand, can throw in some java fern trident and cherry shrimp

Sorrento, WA


For Sale Assorted Bare Fish Tank Aquariums

*** Please Read Full Ad Description Before Contacting *** For Sale Assorted Bare Fish Tank Aquariums No leaks all hold water. Tank with Lid 36Lx22Wx26H $20 Tank Black Rim 40Lx26Wx28H $20 Glass Clear Tank Has Been Re-Sealed 45Lx25Wx31H $20 New Unused Glass Tank 40Lx20Wx30H. Comes with Glass Covers Still in Packaging As Pictured Selling $50 Aqua One Black Rim 41Lx25Wx31H $20 Glass Tank Silver Rim 38Lx26Wx29H $20 White Tank with Lid $20 Small Cube Tank 20Lx20Wx26H $40 Large Blue Planet 50Lx30W

Banjup, WA



Works fine just don’t have tropical anymore

Wanneroo, WA


Nemo aquarium LED light 18W

As per pics. Works perfect! Can post for cost. Please advise postcode?

Byford, WA


Vallisneria aquarium plant

12 plus vallis aquarium plants for $5

Beldon, WA


For Sale Assorted Fish Tank Aquarium Items, LED Lights Heaters Sponge

*** Please Read Full Ad Description Before Contacting *** For Sale Assorted Fish Tank Aquarium Items, LED Lights Heaters Sponge Filters Guppy Tanks. Dophin Mini Lip On Led light $10 NEW LED Bar White Light 18cm $15 LED Bar Light Multi Colour App Control 18cm$20 Aqua One 150/200watt $20each Aqua One 25/100watt $15each New/Used Sponge Filters. Square Sponge Filters 20cm $20each Round Sponge Filters 12cm 4 for $20. Guppy Fry Savers New in Box Aqua One Mid Float $10 New in Box 2 in 1 Floating H

Banjup, WA


Aquarium Bonsai tree with Christmas moss attached

Aquarium Bonsai Tree with Christmas Moss attached. The tree is made of driftwood and is designed to look like a real bonsai tree. It comes with Christmas moss attach and measures in at 20cm Length x 25cm Height, this bonsai tree is perfect for aquariums of different sizes. It is easy to care for and will thrive in the right conditions. Delivery not available Located in Eglinton

Eglinton, WA


Aquarium 6x2x2.5

Aquarium 6x2x2.5 12mm glass 800 litre . cabinet hood and 6 foot fluro lights excellent condition 3d rock background

Perth Region, WA


Fire Aqua 4 foot 500L Marine or Freshwater Aquarium

Display dimensions: 1200 x 600D x 600H Cabinet dimensions: 1200 x 600D x 1100H 500L Aquarium, cabinet, sump and all plumbing included. First photo was from 2 months ago when it was set up to show the potential this beauty has!! $450 ono

Landsdale, WA


All in one TB MODEL Fish Tank & Cabinet

All in one Fish tank with cabinet. Available in Black or White Sizes 3ft $950 4ft $1250 5ft $1500 Featuring Glass tank with gloss top border Cover with LED lights Gloss Cabinets Sump system

Malaga, WA


91cm 150L Blue Planet aquarium fish tank NEW

NEW Blue Planet 91x38x45cm 150L fish tank with glass lids. Ideal breeding or display tank. Tank is in original packaging, abandoned project so you save ~$50 on shop price.

Tapping, WA


Aquarium pumps

Both in working order. 11.10+003 230v Shott IPX 8 100-800 litres per hour height 1.4m and Vitapet crystal clear filter700 /700 litres per hour height 1.2 meters with internal power filter 240v IPX 8

Scarborough, WA


Aquarium and accessories

Tank and accessories. No leaks. Good condition but needs a clean and varnish or paint. Filter heater light(needs new globe) ornaments rocks and fish food. Pick up Belmont area.

Perth, WA


Red Sea Max Nano G2 XL Aquarium

Brand new in the box Red Sea Max Nano G2 XL marine aquarium. Have decided to go with freshwater instead. Purchased only 3 weeks ago from Veba's Aquariums.

Dianella, WA


7 aquariums in one

Too much to list, custom made aquariums, ultra clear glass, led lights, canister filters, african cichlids, south American cichlids, tetras community fish, catfish, plants, plecos list goes on, aquariums on a large solid jarrah cabinet were all the filters are situated underneath the cabinet, measuring at 3000mm long x 650 wide 650mm tall is the cabinet unit alone, I can deliver them and assist you in setting it up for full price, no 2 story building and has to be in metro area, pictures don't

Forrestfield, WA


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