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Aquarium Plants Below wholesale WINTER Specials

Winter is Finnaly arriving and its about time for me to clean out over growth from Summer so I am offering my plants at prices you have to see to believe ! I am a private aquarium plant collector and I have an extensive collection Priced from 50 cents You let me know your budget and you will get all the plants you need. Usually, people spend $60 to fill the average tank! You can fill your tank with plants for Crazy Cheap prices I have a range of Rare plants for the serious person priced b

Mount Nasura, WA


nano tanks and fish tanks and aquariums

Cosmic studios in Scarborough have just imported a large range of Nano tanks aquariums and terrariums. Ideal for guppies and Siamese fighting fish molded glass over driftwood .Each fish tank is unique and is made from recycled glass and wood .Prices start at $29. Ideal for terrariums or aquariums .come in for a browse hundreds to choose from (we try for the unusual).Free guppies with each tank sold 164 Scarborough beach rd. Scarborough (2 kms from the beach ) Monday - Saturday 9 - 5pm.

Scarborough, WA


Completely Plant your Aquarium with Plants below wholesale prices

Mail order plants or pick up Aquatic plant grower offers plant pack selections for beginner to advanced keepers Completly Fill your tanks! Overfill with plants & wood/ rocks Starting from a crazy: $20 for a 61cm aquauarium $50 for 122cm aquarium $80 for 180cm aquariums packs include : Foreground plants such as Liliopsis / water rose Midground plants include Swords and various bunch plants Background Plants Include Valis both giant and narrow, Ambulia,& other stem plants Loads of fr

Mount Nasura, WA


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