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FISH Corydoras Panda & Sterbai

Corydoras Panda and Sterbai Heaps of babies and you adults. Corydoras are great for cleaning up the bottom substrate. They have a huge personality and get along with every other fish. Its best to have a minimum of 3 for there company. Sizes ranging from 10 mm to 30 mm Sterbai $10 Panda $10 Tags Tropical Fish Cory Corydoras Panda Sterbai

Narre Warren North, VIC

8 hours ago

Aqua one 90L fish tank, cabinet & fish!

  • Guppies

Over 100 Guppies and several catfish! In great condition - Aqua style 620 one curved glass aquarium Includes all the fish (over 100 guppies, an albino Corydora catfish and a few Pleco catfish that keep the tank clean) Comes with everything you see in photo, 90L tank, fish, cabinet, heater, filter, live plants, rocks, gravel, reef wood, UV light. What you see is what you get! Pick up Scoresby.

$200NegotiableWas $600
Scoresby, VIC

10 hours ago

Aquariums and Stands reduced to clear

I have several 2, 3 and 4 ft aquarium with stands at a reduced to clear price. Can be purchased separately also. Heaps of smaller/Nano aquarium, heaters, sml submersible filters, decorations, fish, bristlenose, bronze corydoras, Apple snails and more. MY APOLOGIES, BUT NO CALLS TO THIS NUMBER PLS, TEXT ONLY

Carrum Downs, VIC

13 hours ago


GOLD MYSTERY APPLE SNAILS Small, Medium From $1 to $2 Discount for bulk RAMSHORN SNAILS - Sml 10 for $5 ON SALE FOR A SHORT TIME COMMON BRISTLENOSE CATFISH *3cm -$6ea. ***NOW $4 ea *4cm - $8ea *** NOW $6ea *5cm - $12ea ***NOW $10 *6cm - $18 *** NOW $15 *7-8cm - $30. ***NOW $20 *8-9cm - $40. ***NOW $25 BRONZE CORYDORAS - 2-3cm $7ea or 5 for $30 - NOW 6 for $20 BROCHIS SPLENDENS- 2-3cm $10 ea or 5 for $40 FEW LEFT Brand new aquarium stands 2ft and 3ft from $60, just a few in stock or custom

Carrum Downs, VIC

13 hours ago


--> Please read, these fishes we sell them separately and price of these are from $14.95 ✅ There are a variety of collection: - Pygmy Cory Catfish - Orange Venezuelan Cory Catfish - Corydoras Panda - Corydoras Sterbai (Sterba's Cory) - Corydora Peppered Catfish - Corydoras Adolfoi - etc ✅ Some are good algae eaters, and some are good at “cleaning up” leftover food and detritus from the bottom of your tank. ✅ They are very peaceful catfish and can be kept with other peaceful fish.

Wetherill Park, NSW

15 hours ago

Albino Corydora Catfish, cherry shrimp, subwassertang (seaweed moss)

  • Catfish

Albino Corys, Corydora Mix size 3cm to 5 1/2cms Tropical , schooling fish Peaceful, non territorial, easy care eats bottom leftover food Will not damage plants $3.75 each Red Cherry Shrimps $1.50 each Subwassertang moss (freshwater seaweed) $5.5 - approximately 4 cm dia golf ball size approx drained weight 8 gms) or $50 for 100 gms (drained weight)

Wyndham Vale, VIC


Tiger shrimp

Tangerine Tiger Shrimp they're good tank cleaners and they look great in the tank easy to look after Less common breed, can be hard to come by/rare $6 each or 6 for $30 and 10 for $50 Spend $50 and I'll always throw in extra shrimp/plants Albino corydoras available soon ( not mature enough atm ) Pick up from the vines area Byo container Will swap tiger shrimp for red cherry shrimp. 1 tiger = 5 red cherry

Belhus, WA


CW009 Corydoras

Green laser corydoras. $110 each Pickup Northlakes 4509 Can deliver for extra

North Lakes, QLD


L270 Chocolate Zebra Pleco & guppies, corys, shrimp, BN plecos

  • Pleco

L270 Chocolate Zebra pleco fry (3-4cm - unsexed) for sale $50each - fixed price Pick up only - no shipping [larger sizes in photos not for sale] common brown bristlenose fry - $3 [3cm] discount for 10 albino bristlenose fry - $6 [3cm] Cherry Shrimp [yellow $3 each / red $1 each] Guppies random colours $4 male / $3 female EACH [5 males and 5 females offer $30] Peppered Corydoras $4 each minimum order $20 [any combination of fish / shrimp] Melbourne northern suburbs, near Ep

Mernda, VIC


Bronze Corydoras Available Now at Sydney City Aquarium!

We have Bronze Corydoras Available now in store only at Sydney City Aquarium! Bronze Corydoras $15 Come visit us now ! LOCATED IN THE HEART OF SYDNEY LEVEL 2 , 541 KENT STREET , SYDNEY NSW 2000 Follow us on Facebook And Instagram @SydneyCityAquarium

Sydney City, NSW


Tropical aquarium discus fish, bettas, tetras, plecos, frozen foods

Tropical Aquarium 102 nudged rd Hamilton OPEN weekend specials and opening times Saturday 21st10am - 5pm Sunday 22nd 10am - 5pm Clown loach 5cm $11.00 Apistogramma super red $25 Silver tip tetra $3.50 Red phantom tetra $3.30 Pristella tetra $3.50 Glass blood fin tetra $3.00 Tinfoil barbs $5 Long fin rosy barbs $5each Assorted tiger barbs $5 each Bettas from $10 each Assorted Gold fish $5 each 10cm+ tiger Oscar $25each White clouds $2.00 Or by appointment

Hamilton, QLD



🍁 INDIAN ALMOND LEAVES 🍁 🍂TERMINILIA CATAPPA 🍂 Used in the aid of aquarium fish (shrimp, Betta, Gourami, catfish, corydoras, baby discus, gouramis, killifish, angelfish, South American dwarf cichlids, killi fish, Apistogramma, and black water tetras) How they work in aquarium - provide reduced pH, Blackwater ("black water extract") environment, releasing organic compounds such as humic acids, flavanoids (quercetin and kamferol) and tannins (s. a. punicalin, punicalagin and tercat

Coopers Plains, QLD


Assorted tropical fish

  • Cichlids

Up for sale is the following 1x goldfish $10 1x large Congo tetra $10 3x small geophagus braziliensis $25ea or $50 for the trio 1x large redline torpedo barb $50 negotiable 1x small tinfoil barb $30 1x 10cm Chinese algae eater $15 1x frontosa 20cm breeding trio $250 negotiable 6x large 5cm sterbai corydoras $35ea or $180 for the lot Super red bristlenose catfish $20ea Any questions, just ask Pick up gungahlin or delivery for an extra cost

Gungahlin, ACT


Sterbai, Orange Venezuelan, Peppered, Bronze Cory Catfish Corydoras

  • Catfish

Sterbai Cory Catfish 3cm ( photo 1 &2 ) $12.00 each or 6 @ 60.00 Orange Venezuelan Cory Catfish 3cm ( photo 3-5)$12.00 each or 6 @ 60.00 ( photo 4 is the adult, photo 5 is juvenile which we are selling now ) Peppered Cory Catfish 3cm-4cm (photo 6) $9.00 each or 6 @ $30.00 Bronze Cory Catfish 3cm-4cm ( photo 7 )$9.00 each or 6 @ $30.00 Albino Bristlenose Pleco 3cm ( photo 6) $5.00 each We also have high-quality Endler guppy, fancy guppy and Galaxy, Koi, Nemo Bettas. You ca

Menai, NSW


Endlers guppies and Fancy guppies

  • Guppies

Santa Maria Endler Guppy ( photo 1 &2 ) - 1 male @ $5.00, 1 pair @ $15.00 French Blue Star Endler Guppy ( photo 3 &4 ) - 1 male @ $5.00, 1 pair @ $15.00 Emerald Endler Guppy ( photo 5 ) - 1 male @ $5.00, 1 pair @ $15.00 Blue Moscow Guppy ( photo 6 ) - 1 male @ $15.00. 1 pair @ $35.00 Blue grass ( photo 7 ) , Purple grass ( photo 8) & 24k gold guppy ( photo 9) coming soon. All of our guppies are pure strain, I have been carefully filtered two generations at our aquarium. W

Menai, NSW


High Quality Galaxy, Koi, Nemo Bettas fish for sale

  • Bettas

High-Quality Galaxy, Koi, Nemo Bettas fish for sale, 100s of male and female are available, just need some more time to take individually. For the betta fish purchasing. The purchase will be of the betta fish shown in these pictures. Please let me know which one you are interested in. We also have high-quality Endler guppy, fancy guppy, corydoras and plecos. Santa Maria Endler Guppy - 1 male @ $5.00, 1 pair @ $15.00 French Blue Star Endler Guppy - 1 male @ $5.00, 1 pair @ $15.00 E

Menai, NSW


F1 Gold Lazer Corydoras

Gold Lazer corydoras, parents were from wild caught import line, multibuy pricing available please message me

Maribyrnong, VIC


Complete Freshwater Aquarium - CADE Pro 900 S2

Complete Aquarium Setup I have had the tank for less than a year. It is currently setup as a freshwater tank but would normally be used as a saltwater tank. Prefer to sell as a whole package. If you have any queries or require any further information please let me know. The CADE Pro Reef 900 S2 has been expertly crafted to enable the aquarist to build a truly personalised Reef Aquarium system without limitation. It combines functional design and unique sophistication. Link: https://www.c

Hurstville, NSW



GOLDFISH Comet $4 or 5 for $18 Shubunkin $4 or 5 for $18 Black Moor $5.50 Fantail $5.50 Ranchu $13 Small Oranda $10 Ryukin $10 Pearlscale $16 CICHLID Bolivian Ram $14 or 2 for $24 Blue Ram $15 or 2 for $27.50 SOLD Gold Head Electric Blue Balloon Ram $30 Apisto Cacatuoides "Orange Flash" $35 Apisto Cacatuoides "Super Red" $45 Apisto Aggassizi “Gold Fire” $60 Neon Blue Acara $18 or 2 for $33 Blue Dolphin $17.50 or 4 for $60 Albino Dolphin $12 or 2 for $22

Bundamba, QLD


Wanted: Aquarium accessories wanted. Fish rescue

Hi there my name is Daniel and I have been doing my fish rescue for a few years it all started when I saw a lake getting drained and noticed so many goldfish and I knew they would have been someone's pet at some stage but possibly got to big or they didn't want to take care of them anymore If ur looking for ur fish to have a forever home as reason being unable to care for them or life is not goin the way u planed. Please feel free to send me a message and I’ll be happy to get back to u .please

Doveton, VIC


Complete Aquarium 86 litres

Aquascaped aquarium in excellent condition. It comes with fish, plants, hardscape, tank stand and extras. This is a well established set up, and comes with everything you need including a filter, lights, heater and more (fertiliser, food, net etc). Lights are smart, so you can change brightness, colour temperature and set up a schedule. Stocking list is: Dwarf Spotted rasbora (Boraras Maculatas) Pygmy Cory (Corydoras Pygmaeus) Cherry Shrimp Darwin algae shrimp caridina shrimp The aquatic pla

City Beach, WA


Fish Tank with fish

Complete setup as pictured. 3ft AquaOne tank on black stand. Includes light, gravel, 2 sponge filters, 1 air filter, 2 air pumps , water heater, ornaments, food and 9 fish. Fish include 4 Albino Corydoras, 2 Black Moores (small and large), 2 large Orandas, 1 large Fantail

Aldinga Beach, SA


Tropical fish for sale Cory’s $4

  • Tropical Fish

Corydoras peppered x4 Corydoras albino x3 SOLD Siamese algae eater x1 SOLD Bolivarian ram cichlid x1 SOLD Platy x1 All 7 Cory’s $25 or $4ea Tags: driftwood, guppy, plants, tetra, pleco

Conder, ACT


4ft Aqua One Aquarium Complete Setup

Aqua One 4ft aquarium 180 litres for sale. Includes everything in pics. Tank, stand, light, two Aqua One heaters 200w and 150w, two Aqua One sponge filters, Eheim 400 air pump. Also includes driftwood, Amazon sword plants, Java moss, anubias nana on driftwood etc. Test kit, gravel vac etc. included too. Corydoras including Sterbai, Adolfoi, habrosus, Pygmaeus and peppers. Otocinclus and various tetras. Pickup Vincentia 2540

Vincentia, NSW


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