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Stunning Weeping Cherry / Snow Fountain - Delivery Available

Weeping Cherry / Snow Fountain / Snow Fountains (Prunus subhirtella Snofozam) 50cm pot size Wonderful and highly ornamental grafted standard cherry tree with pendulous branches that gracefully cascade downwards. Usually grafted onto a 1.2m or 1.8m standard. Large, serrated deep green foliage turns yellow and orange in Autumn. A brilliant display of clustered, white flowers in Spring before the new leaves appear. Very popular as feature tree in small gardens, group plantings and in Japanes

Kew, VIC

8 hours ago

ornamental tree seedlings - grevillea robusta/silky oak tree seedlings

$2.5 each bare rooted tubestock size. Will wrap roots up with wet paper for pick-up. If buy more than 5, will be planted together in a pot for you pick up. Main photos are reference how tree and flowers look like when it becomes mature. The last 2 photos are seedlings for sale. Please note there are a few seedlings panted together in a single pot in last two photos, not only one seedling. Contactless Pick up from Werribee. VIC 3030. Fast growing and stately, Native to Australia. The Silky Oa

Melbourne Region, VIC

17 hours ago

Lush and Tall Ornamental Pear - Delivery Available

Ornamental Pear (Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer) 30cm pot size -2.3m plant $143 40cm pot size - 3m plant $231 Ornamental Pears are deciduous trees with glossy green leaves that are highly valued for their spectacular autumn tones, clusters of open, cup-shaped, white flowers in spring and provide shade in the summer months. Any fruit is usually small and hard. Chanticleer is an upright, medium sized tree with a broad pyramid, to rounded shape and horizontal branching. Very attractive glos

Kew, VIC

20 hours ago

Chinese Pistachio Tree - Ornamental Deciduous Tree

Pistacia chinensis Tree's of various sizes available, ranging from 50cm to 2.4mtrs in height in growers pots - price advertised is for tree's approx 1mtr in height Hardy small tree that displays very good autumn colour in Perth. Will tolerate very dry sites as well as pollution. A very good small shade tree. Height: 6-8m Width: 6m Growth Rate: Moderate Foliage: Dark green glossy pinnate leaves turning bright and vivid orange to orange red and crimson in autumn. Establishing

Madeley, WA


PLANTS and POTS Cheap Cheap Cheap

Bentleigh - Mature garden to be demolished. ALL MUST GO! Extremely mature plants going cheap. Prices start at $10.00 Phone 20 giant Agaves starting at 125 cm diameter $10-$20 Agapanthus $10 per LARGE clump Mock Orange Tree $15 4 Aloe Vera starting at 70 cm diameter $15-$10 Cymbidium Orchids $5-$10 Classic White Rose $20 Daisies $2-$5 Clivias $10 per clump Succulents $2-$5 Hanging plants $5 and Large Money Tree/Jade plant in pot $10

Bentleigh, VIC


Grapefruit Tree 8yrs old

Total Height from bottom of pot to the top of Tree is 2.4metres /240cm I planted this Grapefruit Tree from seed over 8 Yrs ago. I recently pruned the lower limbs and thorns to make it safer to handle and move. Grapefruit Trees take the longest time to mature out of all Citrus Trees. This Tree has not flowered yet. Generally they will start flowering after about 8yrs, depending on how many nodes and leaves they have. Pruning the tree means it will take longer to flower. If this tree was to be

Newborough, VIC


Japanese Cherry Blossom – Prunus ‘Falling Snow’ Weeping Cherry

Back in stock! 30cm pot size $132 40cm pot size $198 Graft height around 1.5m (please note this photo is the tree at maturity) The Prunus ‘Falling Snow’ or ‘Snow Fountains’ Weeping Cherry is a spectacular tree, with the perfect cascading form, that in spring is covered in beautiful pure-white blossoms. It makes the perfect specimen tree for smaller gardens, growing just 2 to 3 metres tall, with long, slender branches falling right to the ground. In autumn the leaves turn beautifu

Kew, VIC


Evergreen Clivia Miniata and Caulescens on sale!

All these Clivia are already well settled in the pots(20cm pots). You can keep as it is or plant into your garden straight away! Medium Size Plant: $16 each pot Large Size Plant: $20 each pot Very Large Size plant: $25 each pot ABOUT Clivia: It is a wonderful plant for a part shaded garden, with dark green strappy leaves and flower stalks that bloom in bright vibrant orange clusters all year around, especially during winter and spring. This plant is used best in clump plantings, in a shady p

Cairnlea, VIC


Crabapple (Malus ioensis Plena) Plant

Crabapple (Malus ioensis Plena) 33cm pot size One of the most popular Crabapples on the market. A showy small deciduous tree that can be used in most home gardens, as a street tree and in parks. Grown for the masses of lightly fragrant double flowers that are two toned white / pink. Season interest is increased in autumn with green foliage turning rich orange, dark red and purple. Makes a lovely avenue planting. Grows approx 8m x 5m. Impressive Plants is an on-line nursery. We solely

Kew, VIC


Royal Poinciana seedling - Red Flame

Poinciana - Delonix regia Pick up in Tewantin (Noosa Area) The plant for sale is a seedling shown in picture 2. The other photos are for illustrative purposes only showing a mature flowering plant. Poinciana trees fix nitrogen which make them ideal for a permaculture garden while also looking stunning when out in bloom. They have a wonderful wide but not too dense canopy that can be used to provide part shade over the hot summer. Growth form Royal Poinciana, in good climates, grow

Tewantin, QLD


Mature Trees for sale

Block clearing. Several fruit trees, including 2 KP Mangoes, Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange, Ruby Grapefruit, Dwarf Avocado, Plum tree, Pink Lady Apples and small Mandarin. Also have beautiful Gleditzia,

North Perth, WA


Orange Espalier

Orange Espalier, Washington, Valencia and Blood Orange 25cm 660 x 580 $192 33cm - 800x600 $214 40cm - 1000x800 $341 50cm - 1000x1500 $555 The Washington Navel is the oldest and most popular variety. The fruit is juicy with a sweet delicious flavour. The Washington Navel prefers a rich soil in a sunny position. Valencias are deliciously sweet and juicy, used for juicing as well as eating – the “King of Juice Oranges”. The fruit is medium to large in size and virtually seedless.

Kew, VIC


Lemon Espalier

33cm - 800x600 $214 40cm - 1000x800 $341 50cm - 1000x1500 $555 Three varieties of lemon are available: Eureka, Meyer and Lisbon. The Eureka is the most common lemon variety. With its glossy green leaves and fragrant flowers is the ideal backyard lemon tree producing medium to large yellow, juicy lemons with a rough skin, all year round. The Meyer is a cross between a lemon and an orange. It’s less acidic and is always popular because of its small, round juicy fruit. The Lisbo

Kew, VIC


Potted Fruit and Citrus Trees

25cm pot size - $119 33cm pot size - $149 40cm pot size - $209 50cm pot size - $349 100ltr pot size - $462 We have many different potted citrus trees. The most popular are Lemon Eureka, Lime Tahitian, Mandarin Emperor, Cumquat Calamondin, Orange (Valencia, Navel or Blood). Fruit and citrus trees are a great way to add color and a feeling of life. The first photo is a 33cm Lime Tahitian, standing around 4 foot / 1.3m above the pot. While a very healthy, fruit bearing tree, t

Kew, VIC


Japanese Maple – Acer Palmatum

30cm pot size - $181 40cm pot size - $231 50cm pot size - $295 100cm pot size - $499 Acer Palmatum – Japanese Maple is a stunning small to medium deciduous tree, with foliage being deep green in color turning a purple bronze to deep scarlet with orange and golds during Autumn. A feature tree that will be a asset for any garden. Impressive Plants is an on-line nursery. We solely deliver plants to our Customers. Our Clients love the convenience of delivery and avoiding lifting lar

Kew, VIC


Japanese Maple Acer Palmatum Senkaki

25cm pot - $109 30cm pot - $132 40cm pot - $286 approx 6-8 foot tall (pictured) 50cm pot - $299 approx upwards of 8 feet 60cm pot - $399 Acer Palmatum Senkaki is a deciduous tree, growing to 6 metres. It has light green foliage, turning brilliant yellow with apricot/orange tones in autumn. Young branches and twigs are a fiery coral red in winter. Suitable for small gardens and tubs. Prefers a cooler climate or position in the garden and rich and moist soil. Impressive Plants i

Kew, VIC


Large orange tree 🍊

Large very mature orange tree Lots of fruit Buyer to remove

Palmyra, WA


Orange tree or Valencia sinensis

Valencia Orange Tree Origin Named after the city of Valencia in Spain, Valencia oranges are actually an American fruit hybridized in US soil. William Wolfskill, an American agronomist from Kentucky, hybridized the Valencia orange on his farm in Santa Ana, southern California sometime in mid-19th century. Further improvements were made to Valencia oranges in the mid-20th century when Lena Hughes, a Florida botanist, developed virus-free strains for budwood production. Because of its succes

Ryde Area, NSW


Prunus domestica or the European Plum tree

Prunus domestica or the Common European Plum is a medium sized tree with reddish brown bark and oval to oblong shaped, serrated edged leaves, around 10cms long. Pretty five petalled, white flowers appear in clusters through springtime which mature to small fruits around 8cms long and round to oval shaped. They have firm skins that are covered in a glaucous bloom and almond shaped, stony pits. Fruit colours can vary quite a lot from purple through orange and yellow to green. Plums are o

Ryde Area, NSW



Acoelorrhaphe wrightii, Everglades, Paurotis palm seeds for sale x 10 Loves swampy wet conditions A native of South America, the Paurotis Palm is known as the Everglades Palm because of its natural proliferation throughout the Florida Everglades. Though many palm varieties would languish in this marshy environment, Paurotis Palms prefer to grow in wet conditions. Paurotis grow in densely packed clusters of tall, thin trunks. These are covered in dry root bases and tough palm fibers that le

Torbanlea, QLD


Poinsiana [ Delonix regia]Trees in grow bags for sale

Delonix regia [Royal Poinciana] plants for sale.Up to 60cm tall. Have larger ones as well as seeds for sale. Just ask. Mature Trees For Sale Online - Mature Trees For Sale Online Family: Fabaceae Origin: Poincianas are native to Madagascar Some say it is the most beautiful flowering tree in the world. The common name Poinciana comes from the tree originally being placed in the genus of the same name. It has also been called flamboyant and, along with many other trees, flame tree.

Torbanlea, QLD



DIAMOND LEAF QUEENSLAND PITTOSPORUM SEEDS X 10 Auranticarpa rhombifolia (formerly Pittosporum rhombifolium) is a tree to 25 metres in its natural habitat but usually smaller in cultivation. It has a smooth, grey bark and glossy green foliage with a districtive diamond or rhomboid shape. The leaves are about 75 mm long with toothed margins. Small, white, perfumed flowers occur in terminal clusters in summer and are followed by colourful orange berries (5mm dia) in autumn and winter. The berrie

Torbanlea, QLD


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