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Dieffenbachia sanguine Mayan Jade - Stunning “Feature” plant!! This is NOT the common variety. A good sized specimen that is well established, healthy, and in excellent condition. Leaves are large and oblong in shape. Has another new central leaf about to open. A true “Jade” Green, with strong Lime Green mottling. A very striking plant. A worthwhile addition to any Collection! First photo is my mother plant and is not for sale. All other photos are of the plant available.

Mooroobool, QLD

12 hours ago

Healthy Palm Tree Creeping Jade Succulent Coleus in Terracotta Pot

Great large sized terracotta pot with base and established plants including a palm tree - very healthy and growing well (new fronds coming) I am not exactly sure but I think it is an Alexander Palm. There are other assorted plants growing around the base of the palm tree. A creeping Jade succulent and a Coleus shrub plus others. The pot measures 31cm in height including the base & the diameter at the top of the pot is 37cm. The total height of the pot and plant is approximately 1 metre. Pick up

Miami, QLD


Jade plant

Also know as money tree. Approx 18cm high. Large glossy leaves, very low maintenance 🪴Pick up Burleigh waters Fridays/ weekends, and most weeknights. With shiny jade-green leaves and thick stems, the jade plant (Crassula ovata) is native to South Africa. It’s tough, easy to grow and, like all succulents, ultra drought-hardy. Its alternative common name of ‘money plant’ (or sometimes ‘money tree’) comes from Asia, where the plant is seen as a good-luck symbol. The theory is that the vibrant gr

Burleigh Waters, QLD



The scientific name of the plant is Epipremnum Aureum. Devil’s Ivy Easy Guide: How to Grow and Care for Devil’s Ivy Hanging, climbing, cascading, trailing. Devil’s ivy can grow beautifully in all directions. I have tcuttings in the large & small leaf versions $10 & $5 ea in lots of 5 .P/P extra.Ask. The plant is tough-as-nails. Even black-thumbed gardeners find it almost impossible to kill. With its heart-shaped satiny leaves and vertical nature, you can use devil’s ivy to jazz up any space

Torbanlea, QLD


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