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The second hand economy is a multi-billion dollar sub-industry which helps reduce waste from landfill and brings communities together. Any time you sell, swap, buy or donate a used item, you're part of the second hand economy.

of Aussies have
unwanted items in
their homes
Aussies have approximately
unwanted or unused items per household
Savvy Aussies stand to make
per household from their unwanted items
Aussies could earn a share of the
$34 billion
second hand economy
In the last year
1.3 million
Aussies sold online for
the first time

The main
items are:

Clothing, shoes
& accessories
Music, DVDs and
Games & toys

Aussies take part in the second hand economy by:

Selling Online
Selling at a garage sale
Buying second hand
Donating to charity
Giving to friends and family

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The money you make from selling your unwanted items can go towards creating financial freedom for yourself.”

— Canna Campbell, Money Expert
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“Buying second hand is a great way to create a unique look for your home that can't be found anywhere else - and it helps the environment!”

Kyal and Kara Demmrich
Former Blockheads & interior designers

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“Cashing in on your old tech and buying second hand is an easy way to help upgrade to the latest gadgets.”

Trevor Long
Technology & gadget guru

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“Buying second hand is the easiest path to getting the car of your dreams.”

Chaz Mostert
V8 Supercar driver

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