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For The Cheapest Rates And Reliable Service Call 8518 4989

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Melbourne VIC
Gummie since 2013
  • - Cheapest moving rates in Melbourne! World Class Service. Insured up to $5 million public liability
  • - 2 tonne van (1 man) - $70 p⁄h weekday - $80 weekend 3 tonne truck $110 p⁄h weekday 2 men 130 p⁄h w⁄e
  • - 4 Tonne Truck - $120 p⁄h weekday - $140 p⁄h weekend 5 tonne truck $130 p⁄h weekday $150 p⁄h w⁄e
  • - 7 Tonne Truck - $180 p⁄h weekday (3 men) $210 per hour weekend $250 p⁄h public holidays

Hours of Operation:

  • We will work for you whenever you need us!


We offer a professional service at the cheapest rates. Give us a call today on 8518 4989 for our special Gum Tree removal rates

2 Tonne Van - $70 per hour (weekday pricing) 1 man

- $80 per hour (weekend pricing) 1 man

- $100 per hour (public holiday) 1 man

3 Tonne Truck - $110 per hour (weekday) 2 men

- $130 per hour (weekend) 2 men

- $150 per hour (public holiday) 2 men

4 Tonne Truck - $120 per hour (weekday) 2 men

- $140 per hour (weekend) 2 men

- $160 per hour (public holiday) 2 men

5 Tonne Truck - $130 per hour (weekday) 2 men

- $150 per hour (weekend) 2 men

- $170 per hour (public holiday) 2 men

7 Tonne Truck - $180 per hour (weekday) 3 men

- $210 per hour (weekend) 3 men

- $250 per hour (public holiday) 3 men

3 Tonne Truck Special - Monday to Wednesday - Contact us for details

We have helped over 3500 satisfied customers move since 2012

Full public liability up to $5 million gives you peace of mind.

Our prices are the best in Melbourne - we dare you to find a better rate.

Our trucks are clean and new and all equipped with hydraulic lifters - to get the job done safer and faster - providing you with peace of mind that your possessions will be looked after - while saving you money.

Highest quality service from a young, professional and courteous team.

We are always available to take your call or enquiry - and will NEVER make you wait - whether it's on the phone, or when you move house. We are here to help you and make your move as easy for you as possible.

So call us now on 8518 4989 - and we will get you moving!

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Gummie since 2013
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