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Luxury cars

The Best Luxury Cars for Every Driver

Luxury cars deliver a unique driving experience and there are more options than ever for every lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for luxury on your everyday commute or something super-special for the weekends, here are our picks for luxury cars for every driver. Luxury every day: The best luxury sedans and SUVs Add some glamour to […]

27 May 2021
3 mins read
20 luxury cars under $80k

Looking at a BMW or Merc and wondering if you could afford one of these beauties? You’re in luck,  you don’t have to break the bank with new car prices, find the luxury car you want, closer to your price range. We’ve searched Gumtree Cars and found some awesome secondhand luxury cars going at a […]

20 Apr 2018
5 mins read
Fancy cars that avoid luxury car tax

Luxury cars cost us more than other places in the world, mainly because these cars are built in places like Germany and Italy. The main reason for luxury cars being more expensive in Australia than other countries is that we as Aussies have to pay a large Federal Government luxury car tax on new cars […]

16 Aug 2017
4 mins read
What luxury cars can you get for $30,000?

If you have your heart set on a luxury car and don’t want to drop $100k plus on a new ride – you’re reading the right article. We tend to spend more time in our cars now. Some explore the countryside on driving holidays or have longer commutes to work. No matter what the reason, today’s […]

24 Jul 2017
2 mins read
Arrive in style, with a luxury car under $50k!

If you are looking for a Toyota Hilux or a camper trailer, than this blog post may not be for you. But if you’re looking for a luxury car under $50k, read on. Picture yourself cruising to and from work in a 3 Series BMW, suddenly the stresses of the day drift away when you […]

13 Nov 2016
2 mins read
Australia’s most expensive luxury cars

An expensive luxury car is like a beautiful piece of artwork; look but don’t touch. However, there’s no harm in imagining what could be, if you did have the cash. There are two cars that I would like to single out: 2016 Bentley Continental GT Speed 2014 Lamborghini Huracan 724 If you’re dreaming of prestige, elegance and […]

11 Nov 2016
2 mins read
Top luxury cars sold on Gumtree

Long time Gummies know that you can always search Gumtree to find a bargain car. It might be your first car as you start out in your career or an inexpensive spare as your family grows. But you might not know that you can also find top luxury cars sold on Gumtree. We tend to spend more time […]

22 Jun 2016
2 mins read

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Affordable cars

10 Best Looking Cheap Cars: Affordable Cars That Are Good Looking

Beauty. It’s allegedly in the eye of the beholder, but even then, there seem to be a few rules of thumb regarding the best looking cars around. As with any aspirational object that has a permanent shape, cars are always judged on their looks. And while it might not matter to some folks, others find […]

31 Jul 2022
7 mins read
Best Used Cars Under $5,000 Australia: How to Buy a Cheap & Reliable Car

What’s the best used car under $5000 Australia wide? Glad you asked, because that’s precisely what a lot of people are asking right now. Maybe you want a super-cheap used car just to make getting around on weekends easier. Maybe you’re keen to avoid public transport in the new Covid-normal world we find ourselves in. […]

07 Jul 2022
6 mins read
Best Family Car for All Types of Australian Families (Big, Small, Young, Pet Owners & More)

Family cars: They’re the workhorses of the car world. Maybe not the Clydesdales that do all the heavy lifting, but they’re definitely not show-ponies, either. And they’re not just for Sunday rides; family cars earn their living. When you think about it, the family car is not only a tradition in countries like Australia, everyday […]

27 Jun 2022
8 mins read
Best Cheap Cars: Top 12 Reliable Used Cars Under $10,000

Finding a good used car is both an exciting and daunting experience. Get it right, score a bargain that lasts for years and is great to drive and you’ll be telling the story for years. Get it wrong and it’s heartache all the way. Australians are spoilt for choice when buying new, which means there […]

05 May 2022
10 mins read
The Best Cars for Families, Large or Small

Looking for the best family car that’s just right for your clan? There are plenty of options to choose from. Today’s popular picks for families favour sportier SUVs, practical five-door hatches and multi-talented 4WD dual-cab utes. If you’re after something more traditional, you’ll still find some great classic sedans on the market. Take a look […]

05 May 2021
3 mins read