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Buying a car?

  • Car research

    When buying a car, it's best to start out by creating a list of must have features then do your homework and narrow down a list of suitable options. Once narrowed down do some research on the remaining options; Gumtree offers some helpful reviews and detailed information for some of the top selling Australian make & models. Also, reference the Gumtree blog automotive section which will be updated with the latest advice and car buying tips during the purchase process. With the average length of vehicle ownership being almost 5 years now it's importance to do as much research as possible for this long term investment. This preparedness will lead to a sense of confidence and security during the car buying process.
  • How much should you pay?

    Finding out the average price you should pay for a used or new car can be a real puzzle. By leveraging the Gumtree car valuation tool you can get an idea about how much you should be paying for a given year, make and model. Always be sure to factor in mileage and the condition of the vehicle, beyond normal wear and tear, when deciphering the value of the automobile.
  • Where to find a car?

    After you have done your research and valuation to narrow down the options for your ideal vehicle, start browsing Gumtree which has thousands of cars listed for sale. Gumtree has a large variety of new and used cars to filter through from both dealers and private parties. Private sellers don't legally have to provide proof of clear title of a car, so it makes sense to get a full background check of a car before committing to purchase. Make sure to check the legal situation in your state or territory, including how to make sure there's no money owed on the car before buying from a private seller. You can also use the Gumtree dealer directory to find dealership inventory in your area. Car dealerships legally offer a three-month warranty on all sold vehicles for additional peace of mind.
  • Tips and buying a car

    It's always a good idea to have a mechanic check out the car to make sure there are no mechanical problems before committing to buy. You can always attempt to negotiate down the price or the vehicle if the problems are easy to fix. You should always allow a fair bit of time to inspect and test-drive the car in daylight. You should never feel pressured into a car purchase so take your time during the process.

    You don't have to fall in love with the first car you see, do your research and go on test drives until you find the right one for you.