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Worms for Rapid Compost & Fermented Worm Juice Fertiliser

Our worms are LOCALLY produced not shipped a great distance unwatered for who knows how long We have a special STARTER pack of worms for just $20, supa value farms starting from just $15 without worms or $35 including worms ready to eat your scraps They are fat, happy, healthy & 100% alive FRESH from the "Big FARM" ... 1000 which is a good population for any existing farm or our family-sized ones made from locally sourced recycled materials cost just $40 We can supply t

Parrearra, QLD


Worm fertiliser/worm tea/worm juice - special price on 10 litres

Gardeners of Adelaide please note - Fresh organic worm juice - also known as black liquid gold - direct from my healthy worm farms. Fabulous for your garden soil and plants. Full of beneficial goodies. Sokd concentrated so you need to dilute 1:10. $2 per litre. Pickup Novar Gardens. Please bring your own containers. Minimum is 5 litres = $10 - or save money and purchase the special - buy 10 litres for $15.00!

Glenelg, SA


Worms for worm farms - 250g or approx 1000 for $45

Healthy well fed worms always available and ready to go into a worm farm to produce magic worm juice & soil conditioner for your garden - liquid gold!. All they require is to be kept cool, moist, & fed. Most of your fruit and vegetable scraps can be fed to the worms, thereby reducing land fill and methane gases. Advice given so you can be successful & not lose them in extreme weather. Please note - These worms live in worm farms - Not suitable as fishing worms! Pick up only from Glen

Glenelg, SA


1000 worms for composting, vermicomposting, farms, fishing, pet feed

** WORMS ARE STILL AVAILABLE – PICK UP FROM REDFERN ** Start your worm farm off, replenish an existing farm or add to garden beds or worm towers. Reduce your green food waste and turn it into valuable garden nutrients with these busy hardworking and hungry little friends. Truly sustainability and supplied in a recycled container perfect for transporting. With approx 1000 of healthy reds and tropical worms to recycle your green waste. Pick up from inner city Redfern conveniently located

Redfern, NSW


Compost worms. Fullarton, Mt Barker or Salisbury

200g of freshly harvested tiger /red wriggler worms (approx 800-1000 worms) for $45 Pick up is available most days in Mount Barker. Pick up at Fullarton or Salisbury on certain days (and with advance notice) Styrofoam boxes (with bedding) to store them in for long fishing trips: $5 extra I can also post them anywhere in Australia (express $15) Always purchase your worms in pure worm weight as you will then know what you are buying as you dont want to be getting lots of compost and very little

Mount Barker, SA


Compost worm red wigglers worm farm

You are getting 125g red wigglers(Eisenia fetida)( approx 500 worms). Worms are weighted with no bedding nor casting (pure worms). Bedding will be added after weighting. I don't sell castings for the price of worms. These red wigglers are one of the best breed in Australia. Free worm farming advise if you like to know. 250g( approx 1000 worms) for $45 If you order more than 4000 worms, we can talk about it, otherwise it's fixed. Post to Australia for $14( 1 business day Au post express

Hurstville, NSW


Worm Tower - Inground Worm Farm

Our worm towers are a simple and effective way to take any garden bed from average yield to gloriously abundant. Simple to install and use, the Worm Tower/Composter is the perfect addition to any in-ground or raised garden bed, garden planter or any garden situation with enough depth Fully stocked with worms & bedding they are just $55 Ring Michael or email SunnyCoastLocallyMade@gmail. These are in-garden worm farms that allow the worms and their nutrients to interact

Parrearra, QLD


Worm whizz liquid fertilizer - Liquid Gold for your garden!

Vermiculture liquid fertilizer from healthy worm farm (known as "Worm Whizz"). Liquid Gold for your garden! I have several 2L milk containers full, $5 each or bring your own container $3 per Litre. Dilute with 1 part worm whizz with 10 parts water to create the perfect liquid fertilizer and apply to plants, grass, seedlings and help create a N-P-K ritch soil. Tip: I use at least a litre when planting out fruit trees - dig a hole at least 2x larger than the pot and pour in the worm wh

South Lake, WA


Worm Juice Fertiliser - Fermented with Nutrients

Worm Juice which has been fermented with various nutrient & mineral sources to create a solution packed with an extra load of beneficial bacteria & plant food We Deliver to Your Door* or Pickup Available Michael Makes 20 to 40 litres of liquid fertiliser from one 2 Litre Bottle I Litres & 1.5 Litres also Available Contact Michael or We also have Compost Worms, Worm Farms & Worm Cas

Parrearra, QLD


Compost Super Rich Black & Nutrient Packed

This is the very best stuff money can Buy, only a limited amount available becuase of time involved in its production Ideal Time to get it in the Ground to have your bacterial rich in Spring We have a developed a super enriching composting method that delivers an extra load of nutrients to your garden & therefore to any food you grow Or extra bloom to you flowers We supercharge the compost with Fermented Worm Juice Fertiliser to ensure there is a great population of beneficial bac

Parrearra, QLD


Worm Casting (worm poo, worm manure, vermicompost)

Worm Casting (worm poo, worm manure, vermicompost) harvested from my worm farm. Worm casting is world's best organic soil amendment. Worms are great recyclers, consuming organic waste and converting them into natures finest soil conditioner. Worm casting contains beneficial bacterial and other organisms essential for healthy soil and plants. It contains minerals and trace elements that are easily absorbed by plants. It is a plant superfood that aid plant growth and help fight off disease! It

Riverton, WA


Worms - Lots

Get a whole bucket of acive-live red composting worms. Guaranteed to get your home farm kicked off. Freee advice on setting up and getting success with converting your waste into worm compost. A range of farmns also available.

Aldinga, SA



Grown-up COMPOST WORMS $10 / pack : Comes with about 250 worms SPECIAL DEAL Buy 3 packs ( $30 ) : Will get about 1,000 worms ( good amount to start successful worm farm ) 2,000 worms / $55 NOTE : Worms will be packed with some castings WORM TEA : 3 Litres / $5 10 Litres / $10 ( bring own container/s ) Please order 2 days in advance to give me time for brewing. NOTE : Dilute with up to 10 times water before using Worm castings..... $2 / Litre ( please check a

Bundall, QLD


Worms for wormfarm or compost

Approximately 500 worms, a mix of red wiggler, blue and tiger worms. They come big and small so probably not suitable for fishing. New to worm farming? Happy to answer any questions on pick up. The picture was taken of an actual order, just to give you an impression what the amount looks like I also make worm farms out of recycled materials if that is if interest.

Preston, VIC


Compost red wriggler worm farms. Organic, complete with instructions

My kids love compost worms and make complete worm farms to sell to everyone! They are cheaper than bunnings worm farms and have heaps of added extras, including a guarantee for your worms! The kids show you how to look after your worms and give written instructions and will replace your worms if you run into trouble! Benefits of buying on of the kids worm farms: - reduce land fill by reusing used buckets from industry, rather than producing more plastic ! - reduce landfill and greenhous

Peregian Beach, QLD


Earthworms (Red Wiggler) for composting & worm farms

Red Wiggler earthworms for composting & worm farms i.e. nature's decomposers. Feed on organic kitschen waste. Create natural fertiliser ('worm juice'). Locally produced at our home. Populate quickly. More info about earthworms on Internet. 30 worms for $15. Pick-up only. Contact Eugene

Rochedale, QLD


Worm Tea / Worm Juice

Extra worm tea from my worm farm. I can’t use it all, and would love for it to be put to good use! Note this is a continuous ad, and so message me to check on how much I have. $2/litre or $3/2 litres. Please message me on Gumtree if you are interested.

Phillip, ACT


Compost Coffee Chaff Mulch Worm Food

Compost additive natural coffee chaff $10 a bag worm food great for worm Farms gardens mulch potting mix totally natural also coffee sacks for your worms Pick up Altona meadows Call Steve

Altona Meadows, VIC


Mushroom Compost - 25 Liters - Other Options Available

Mushroom Compost in a by-product from the mushroom farm once they have been harvested. A mixture of organic materials that has a rich, dark appearance making it an attractive compost choice. Mushroom Compost will improve the texture and structure of your soil, encourage the growth of beneficial micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi) in the soil, improve soil drainage and prevent the soil surface from compacting which will encourage worms to generally "crumble" the soil and consequently

Greenwood, WA


Worm Farm Compost Worms Worm Juice Fertiliser*

We make a variety of Worm Farms using all locally source recycled mnaterials They vary in price bginning from a Starter Farm at $30 Our most popular model is the Double Bucket Farm as illustrated by the first picture made from two recycled plastic buckets (basic model without the insect screening) at just $70 including 1000 worms, the worms alone often sell in retail shops for $55, so ours is a great bargain Also available are compost worms fresh from the "\Big Farm" 100% al

Parrearra, QLD


Compost worms-125 g ( about 1,250 worms) - Red Wigglers

Stop wondering for a 100% organic fertiliser for your 🌱veggie garden! 🌾MAKE YOUR 100% ORGANIC FERTILISER NOW! 🌻 Our compost worms will turn your kitchen and farm organic wastes into a 🥇SUPER NATURAL FERTILISER🥇! There is nothing man-made supersedes worm compost🏆 Who we are? We are worm breeders😎, and have been for the last 10 years. We are Green-minded ( ie we’d like to conserve Mother Nature ) and we’re concerned about all the millions of tons of kitchen organic waste that goes into

Moorebank, NSW


Compost worms for worm farm

This is the perfect weather to start your own worm farm Approximately 1000 worms (200g) of compost worms from an established and well running worm farm. Pick up from Henley Beach please sms me on to arrange a time

Henley Beach, SA



Earthworm for your garden or worm farm. Only $20 per 500 grams box. Pick up Hurstville area.

Hurstville, NSW


Red Wiggler Compost Worms-1000 approx in Microbiome with Worm Eggs

Red wiggler Compost Worms $20 Comes in Cardboard Box (that can also be used as worm Bedding)-see Photos Approximately 1000 Worms with Eggs in its Compost Microbiome A good enough amount for starting a worm farm/compost bin, to recycle your household scraps -see Photos Experienced worm farmer I'm not on Gum Tree everyday,so feel free to text me on Pick up only-Brunswick-Melbourne-Victoria Thx!

Brunswick, VIC


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