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2 Roosters available

2 x large healthy roosters available.

Litchfield Area, NT

6 hours ago

Brahman x droughtmaster cow & heifer

Tess & Montana to discuss - Pets only Tess has produced 2 beautiful calves since being with us. She can be hand fed and loves a scratch. Montana was hand reared and is an absolute sweetie. She will come when called and loves a cuddle. Sad sale, PM for more info.

Humpty Doo, NT


3 yr old bull

Do not want 2 bulls keeping younger one

Litchfield Area, NT


Goats in Alice

Mixed breeds: Boare x miniature Nigerian

Alice Springs, NT


Fertile duck eggs from Cayuga duck, Pekin duck & chicken, Baby Pigeon

  • Breeder

I have a range of birds and fertile eggs for sale. Eggs can be sent Australia-wide in eggs-safe cartoons by post. Prices and items as listed below: 1 dozen Fertile Cayuga Duck eggs $60 ( $ 5 each egg, min 4 eggs are needed to order). Pure breed Fertile Pekin duck eggs $60 for one dozen ($ 5 each egg, min 5 eggs are needed to order). 1 dozen fertile chicken eggs ( Continuously producing): $35 per doz. Hens are Commercial Layer, Leghorn, Indian Game fowl, Japanese Bantam, mixed RIR, and Leghorn

Driver, NT


Large White Pig for Sale

Large breeding sow for sale. Has had a number of good size litters. Healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and grain.

Acacia Hills, NT


Fat cow up for sale

Fat cow for the freezer

Lambells Lagoon, NT


Brahman bull

3 year old Brahman bull - quite and easy to handle, proven breeder. $1300

Acacia Hills, NT


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